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Urgency Grows in Panama as Dam Building Continues

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“It’s been two months,” Ngöbe indigenous leader Weni Bagama told me this week, describing the Ngöbe indigenous community members who are camping alongside the banks of the Tabasará River.They are there in protest of the Barro Blanco dam, ...

World's Biggest Coal Company, World's Biggest PR Firm Pair Up To Promote Coal For Poor People

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WASHINGTON -– Peabody Energy Corp., the world's largest private-sector coal company, launched a public relations and advertising campaign last month extolling the virtues of coal energy for poor people.A Peabody press release announcing t...

Japan Whaling Future in Doubt After Court Ruling

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The future of whaling in Japan was thrown into doubt after the International Court of Justice ruled Monday that the nation's annual hunt in the Antarctic was not really for scientific purposes — as Tokyo had claimed — and ordered it halted.The ruling was a major victory for ...

Hundreds evacuated after Wash. gas plant explosion

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Firefighters evacuated hundreds of people in Plymouth, Washington after an explosion at a natural gas plant, NBC affiliate KNDU reported.

This sad map shows where lions used to live (red) and where they remain today (blue)

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A king without a kingdom...

Makers of d-CON Sue California Over Regulations on Super-Toxic Rat Poison

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Anticoagulant rodenticides interfere with blood clotting, resulting in uncontrollable bleeding that leads to death

IPCC 2014: U.N. climate change report warns of dire consequences.

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In a new U.N. report released on Monday morning (Japan time) scientists come to a stark conclusion: Unless the world changes course immediately and dramatically, the fundamental systems that support human civilization are at risk. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s new report—which is seven years in the ...

One Step Forward, One Back for America's Rainforest

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For the Tongass National Forest, last week brought a long-overdue agency action that helped offset an unfortunate court decision. The Tongass stretches 500 miles by 100 miles through the islands of Alaska's southeast panhandle.In a day you can walk from its cold North Paci...

5 Sky Events This Week: Full Lunar Eclipse and Lord of the Rings

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This is a big week even for the most amateur of sky-watchers, with a rare full lunar eclipse and Mars getting as close as it ever does to Earth. Moon shadow play. The moon will appear to be orange-red late Monday night and early Tuesday morning as it ...

Please eat the dandelions: 9 edible garden weeds

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Instead of trying to get rid of those lawn and garden weeds, harvest them for free homegrown meals.

Carbon dioxide levels cross major threshold

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There is now more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than has been observed in all of recorded human history.

Two 15-Foot Oarfish Surface Off Mexican Coast, Elusive ‘Sea Serpents’ Caught On Camera [VIDEO]

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A group of kayakers in Mexico came across two, 15-foot oarfish, and caught the whole encounter on video.

What a Ban on Fracking in Denton Could Mean For the Rest of Texas

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Come elections in November, the city of Denton could be split between two very different futures.The Denton Drilling Awareness Group (DAG) recently got enough signatures on a petition to place an ordinance banning fracking within city limits on local ballots. Though other communities in Texas have passed restrictions ...

UK smog: David Cameron accused of misunderstanding air pollution crisis

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European commission spokesman says PM's remarks that conditions are due to Saharan dust are 'more than disappointing'

California Farmers Look to Oil Industry for Water

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As water supplies tighten for California farmers, some are looking to an unlikely new source: a water recycling project in one of the state's oldest oil fields.

Nine fisheries are responsible for half of drowned whales and wasteful fish bycatch

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Oceana reports that just nine major fisheries account for roughly half the world's bycatch, the deadly capture of billions of pounds of non-target species.

Ohio cracks down on fracking over earthquake worries

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Ohio is set to slap the oil and gas industry with more regulations, due to an alleged link between hydraulic fracturing near fault lines and increased earthquakes.The Ohio Department of Natural Re

America the Beautiful?

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Country music legend Willie Nelson is joining the fight in Congress to protect Appalachian communities from the impacts of the devastating mining practice of...

More Investors Pull Out of Maligned Pebble Mine

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International mining firm Rio Tinto yesterday became the second out of three remaining investors to pull its funding from a much-maligned and controversial proposed gold and copper mine in wild and scenic Alaska, the Pebble Mine. Last September, Anglo American, a London-base...

How green is the internet? Greenpeace ranks the big online players from best to worst

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As marvellous an invention as the internet is, it can be made better by reducing the amount of pollution generated from running it.

Explosive Crude By Rail Trains Roll Into Main Street America

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Is crude by rail coming to a town near me? For weeks, I’ve been asking myself that question as I kept hearing about the skyrocketing number of trains that are transporting crude oil throughout the U.S. to east and west coast export facilities. And I’m not alone. ...

Delta smelt: 9th Circuit decision protects people as much as fish

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Trip Van Noppen and Barbara Barrigan-Parilla cheer the appeals court ruling on the side of science-based regulation for the endangered Sacramento-San Joachin River Delta.

Man saves 375 lbs black bear from drowning (with photos and video)

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Rescuing a 375 lbs Male Black BearFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologist Adam Warwick just couldn't let the bear drown, so he took off his shirt and dive after it. The 375 lbs black bear had been spotted in a residential area,

Canine conservationists help scientists around the world

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Dogs are helping conservation scientists protect endangered species, fight invasive species and monitor toxins.

What Has Been Causing These Historic Droughts?

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In a world where a forest the size of Germany is leveled and burned every year... where formerly fertile farmlands have been reduced to desert...where biblical-sized drought has caused communities to crumble and pushed nations into war... humankind must either join the fight...

In another blow to Pebble Mine, Rio Tinto pulls out

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Mining giant Rio Tinto has pulled out of Alaska's Pebble Mine, dealing another blow to the project.

Amid showdown with energy-rich Russia, calls rise in Europe to start fracking

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Engaged in a showdown with Russia, leaders push shale gas as a path to energy independence.


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