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At-risk cities hold solutions to climate change: UN report

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Smart choices by cities such as Miami in planning and investment could hold key to cutting emissions, IPCC draft says

UN climate change report on how to cut emissions

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its report on how the world can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Fred Krupp on the benefits of monitoring resource use

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The head of the Environmental Defense Fund describes how the rise of big data and sensing technologies could improve the bottom line for companies and the environment. A McKinsey Quarterly article.

Next big idea in forest conservation? Empowering everyone to watch over forests

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Nigel Sizer has worked on the forefront of global forest issues for decades. Currently, he is the Global Director of the World Resource Institute's (WRI) Forests Program, whose projects include the Global Forest Watch, the Forest Legality Alliance, and the Global Restoration Initiative. These programs work with governments,

UN Climate Report Charts Ways to Halt Global Warming

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Time is running out to undertake technological and economic fixes to halt dangerous global warming, warns an international report.

UNEP Live: Building an Information Powerhouse

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Can a new kind of website transform how environmental data are collected and shared? The creators of UNEP Live think it just might.

What Can Scientists Say about Ethics and Economics of Combating Climate Change?

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Ethics and costs are contentious issues tackled by the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report

Years Of Living Dangerously: Is This The New Trend?

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11 Reasons the UN Should Make Cities the Focus of Its Forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals

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Cities stand at the very center of each and every one of the biggest challenges the world now faces. 

IPCC, U.N. climate report: "Fundamental decarbonization" won't wreck the economy.

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So far, climate change is following the plot of an epic disaster movie. In the last few years, giant megafires have burned out of control, we’ve been hit with superstorms, our fields have wilted, and there’s barely any ice left at the North Pole. Despite all we think ...

Canadian economy will lose billions to climate change: report

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By 2050, as much as $43 billion could be sapped from the Canadian economy because of natural disasters

Climate change & energy daily

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Climate change & energy daily, by World Resources Inst: Pulled from the latest tweets on global warming, climate change, and energy production and use - from WRI twitterlists.

The Fracking Industry Faces Its Climate Demon

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To preserve its climate credentials, the natural-gas industry has to tame a tricky menace: methane.

“We still have a window of opportunity”: How to avoid global environmental catastrophe

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The next two decades are crucial for reversing current trends, an expert tells Salon

How much would it cost to keep climate change in check?

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its new report on Sunday laying out the staggering realities of the impact of climate change. The UN's expert panel said that increases in CO2, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels, pushed global temperatures up by an average of 2.

Car, Truck and Airplane Pollution Set to Drive Climate Change

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Greenhouse gases from transportation may become one of the greatest drivers of human-induced climate change, according to a draft of the forthcoming U.N. fifth assessment report on mitigation of climate change

Water stress magnifies impacts of U.S. droughts

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When drought strikes a water-stressed region, it devastates agriculture and the economy. Raising awareness is the first step toward water security.