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Cats Wearing Hats

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These are some cute cats wearing hats!

Solar Jobs Growing at 10 Times the National Average

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Solar jobs provide hope for millions of Americans and veterans currently out of work at all skill levels, education, and experience.

‘Virulent’ Pig Virus to Boost Price of Bacon: AFBF’s Stallman

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By Laura Curtis and Alan Bjerga | April 22, 2014 10:43AM ET (Bloomberg) — “It will have an impact on the pork supply and have...

Boston Doctors Fight Obesity with Prescribe-a-Bike Program

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To help reduce obesity in low-income neighborhoods, doctors in Boston are writing bike share prescriptions as an alternative to traditional medication.

“Extreme levels” of Herbicide Roundup Found in Food

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A new study led by scientists from the Arctic University of Norway has detected “extreme levels” of Roundup, the agricultural herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, in genetically engineered soy.

Terreform, Inc. Proposes Covering NYC With Vertical Gardens & Urban Farms to Become Self-Sufficient Terreform New York City Steady State

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In response to global urban population, Terreform, Inc. has come up with a plan called New York City Steady State (NYCSS) ,which would create a urban farming system that would render the city self-sufficient.

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We're awarding two (2) $20,000 grants and fifteen (15) $10,000 grants. Submit an entry on behalf of your organization!

Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill Passed In Vermont Senate, Could Be Nation's First

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By Carey Gillam and Lisa BaertleinApril 16 (Reuters) - The Vermont Senate passed a bill onWednesday that would make the state the first in the UnitedStates to enact mandatory labeling of foods made withgenetically modified crops...

How long have elephants got left?

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Time is running out faster than you may think.You can help. Take the pledge to say no to ivory and spread the word.

Lexicon of Sustainability: Foraging on Vimeo

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Our earliest descendants were hunter/gatherers who foraged for their food, were in tune with their surroundings, and ate with the seasons.After foraging was essentially…

I could build Instagram in a week

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I could build Instagram in a week. How many times have you heard someone say "I could build [insert hot startup name here] in a week"? I hear it all the time. But, I have yet to see one of these

Popular LAUSD science teacher on being suspended due to controversial experiments

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A high school science teacher at Grand Arts High School in Los Angeles was suspended from the classroom in February, after two of his science fair students turned in projects deemed dangerous by the administrators.

Monsanto GM Soy Is Scarier Than You Think

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A new study on genetically modified soybeans finds that the herbicide Roundup is making its way into our food.

Scientists are using mushrooms to get gold out of your old phone

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'Shrooms make it easier to recover precious metals from electronic waste. Hey, is that a dragon eating a rainbow?

11 Animals Being Jerks

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Here's one i'm sure all of us can relate to, teasing our friends.

Organic Pest Control: What Works, What Doesn’t

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Our organic pest control tips can help you determine the best methods for managing the worst garden pests in your region.

Chipotle continues to refine the science of burrito velocity

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Another year, another breakthrough in Chipotle's blinding burrito-making speed. Over the first three months of 2014, the US Mexican-food chain saw an average increase of seven transactions per hour at both peak lunch and dinner hours—12 to 1pm and 6 to 7pm, respectively. On Fridays, one of its ...

Grow Your Own on the App Store on iTunes

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Get Grow Your Own on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

Would YOU be underwater if the polar caps melted? Map reveals what our planet would look like if sea levels rose by 260ft

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Martin Vargic, an amateur graphic designer from Slovakia, created the map to show the planet with sea levels around 260ft (79m) higher than they are today.

Earth Day Nature Selfies are totally silly and that’s why you should take one

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It's Earth Day. Let’s go outside and have some fun.

20 Organized Kitchens from Real Cooks Organization Inspiration from The Kitchn

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The best way to start spring cleaning is with a little organization inspiration. If you've been less than motivated lately to tackle your kitchen's crumbs and clutter, you're probably still suffering from the winter doldrums. (Hey, it’s perfectly understandable.) But nothing takes us out of a cleaning funk ...

Lucky Peach

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food magazine.

A Love Letter To Literature: Reading Gabo In 'The Paris Review'

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez died Thursday. It would be hard to overstate the importance of his novels, but author Gustavo Arellano recommends getting to know him in a different medium.

Vermont Senate Votes 26-2 for GMO Labeling

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Vermont one step closer to becoming first state to enact such a law Burlington Free Press by Terri Hallenbeck MONTPELIER — The Senate gave a decisive 26-2 vote Tuesday for a bill that would require labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, a strong indication that Vermont ...

Plant Breeders Launch 'Open Source' Seed Program

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A group of plant breeders, activists and scientists have begun an open source sharing seed program that flies in the face of Monsanto patents.

The secret life of Rust Belt beekeepers

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In Buffalo and Pittsburgh, urban beekeepers are taking sustainable food production into their own hands -- sometimes in secret.