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Why Google’s secret lab gave up on space elevators, hoverboards, and teleportation

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Google X, Google's private research laboratory, puts billions of dollars into moonshot projects with long odds that have the potential to change the world. Ongoing examples include Google Glass, driverless cars, and glucose-monitoring contact lenses. More important than how the lab comes up with ideas, is how it ...

This GIF Shows the Meteoric Rise of Boys' Names Ending in 'N'

favicon The Atlantic
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The hegemony of "Ryan" and "Aidan," as seen through Social Security Administration data

Seriously, increasing housing supply increases affordability

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Think developers only want to build luxury projects rather than affordable ones? It doesn't really matter, since even high end development makes housing markets more affordable.

Population Bracketology

favicon U.S. Census
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Try the Population Bracketology game from @uscensusbureau! Weekly data visualization from the U.S. Census Bureau compares populations for US states and metro areas.

Inside Fed Statement Lurks Hint on Rates

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The Fed has struggled to explain its plan to keep short-term rates below what it sees as appropriate for a normal economy even after the unemployment rate and inflation revert to typical levels.

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

favicon TechCrunch
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The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today's Silicon Valley. This was..

Robots, robots everywhere

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So the long project on robots I have been working on for a while has now come to fruition. The special report in the Economist, called Immigrants from the Future, starts here with an overview that ...

‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’, by Thomas Piketty

favicon Financial Times
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Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty, translated by Thomas Goldhammer, Harvard University Press RRP£29.95/Belknap Press RRP$39.95, 696 pages French economist Thomas Piketty has written an extraordinarily important book. Open-minded

Why Wu-Tang Will Release Just One Copy Of Its Secret Album

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138 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
Wu-Tang's aim is to use the album as a springboard for the reconsideration of music as art, hoping that the approach will help restore recorded music to a place alongside visual art--and change the music business in the process.


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