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More Hispanics, blacks enrolling in college, but lag in bachelor’s degrees

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From 1996 to 2012, college enrollment among Hispanics ages 18 to 24 more than tripled (240% increase), outpacing increases among blacks (72%) and whites (12%).

Who's Down with TPP?

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Support for Obama's signature trade deals is high -- but that doesn't mean getting them done will come easy.

Obama visits Asia amid regional concerns about China

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President Obama's visit to Asia this week comes at a time when many American allies are concerned about China's and receptive to more U.S. support.

Who’s Not Online and Why

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15% of American adults do not use the internet at all, and another 9% of adults use the internet but not at home.

Which Cities Sleep in, and Which Get to Work Early

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I’m not a morning person, so I appreciate living in New York. The workday here starts later than in any other American city, and about half an hour later than in the U.S. as a whole. A decade or so...

Why is the teen birth rate falling?

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The teen birth rate has been on a steep decline since the early 1990s. What's behind the trend?

Climate Change: Key Data Points from Pew Research

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The American public routinely ranks dealing with global warming low on its list of priorities for the president and Congress.

1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing. Here’s where they live

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Donât take your toilet for granted.

Worldwide, Many See Belief in God as Essential to Morality

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Survey Report Many people around the world think it is necessary to believe in God to be a moral person, according to surveys in 40 countries by the Pew

Facebook Launches a Newswire to Surface More Breaking News

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9 hours ago 9 hours ago
Facebook launched FB Newswire as part of the company's quest to bring more news consumption to the platform.

8 Key Takeaways about Social Media and News

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News has a place in social media – but on some sites more than others

New Data in Social Science Research

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A daily roundup of fresh data from scholars, governments, think tanks, pollsters and other social science researchers.

Papal saints: Once a given, now extremely rare

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During Catholicism’s first 500 years, 52 of the first 55 popes became saints. In the last 1,000 years, just seven popes have been made saints.

Among Hispanics, immigrants more likely to be stay-at-home moms and to believe that’s best for kids

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Views among Hispanics born in the U.S. mirror those of all Americans—about six-in-ten believe that kids are better off if a parent stays home to focus on the family. But a far larger majority—85%--of foreign-born Hispanics say that children are better off if a parent is at home.

Most See Inequality Growing, but Partisans Differ over Solutions

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Survey Report There is broad public agreement that economic inequality has grown over the past decade. But as President Obama prepares for Tuesday’s State of t

The Next America

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Demographic transformations are dramas in slow motion. America is in the midst of two right now. Our population is becoming majority non-white at the same time a record share is going gray.

More High School Grads Decide College Isn’t Worth It

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As the U.S. economy improves, more high school graduates are choosing work over college. Just under 66 percent of the class of 2013 was enrolled in college last fall, the lowest share of new gradua...

Religious Diversity Around The World

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A new report measures religious diversity by the percentage of each country's population in eight categories — Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, the unaffiliated, folk religionists and members of other religions.

5 facts about the NRA and guns in America

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26 minutes ago 26 minutes ago
The National Rifle Association, one of the most politically powerful advocacy groups in the U.S., begins its annual convention today in Indianapolis. Here are 5 key facts in public opinion about the NRA.

What’s morally acceptable? It depends on where in the world you live

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A Pew Research survey asked people in 40 countries what behaviors they considered to be morally acceptable, unacceptable or not posing a moral issue.

Majority in U.S. backs trade treaty Obama is likely to discuss on Japan trip

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A majority of Americans back the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade treaty (TTP) that Obama is likely to discuss when he meets Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Americans keen on space exploration, less so on paying for it

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1 day ago 1 day ago
Americans are consistently more likely to say that the U.S. spends too much on space exploration than too little.