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Never Waste Produce Again! Your Guide to the Shelf Life of Produce

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We have made this list of common produce items and how long they stay fresh and delicious in hopes that you’ll never have to throw produce away again.

Can New England Source Half Its Food Locally by 2060?

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Aggressive, region-wide initiatives seek to strengthen the area's local food system.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Eggs

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Whether the chicken or the egg came first, eggs probably win the "most versatile ingredient" competition hands down. Found in everything from sauces and custards to their own headlining items, like omelets and egg nog, eggs offer up "egg-cellent" dining entertainment from dawn to dusk.

Subway bread will be yoga mat chemical-free by next week

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That's not necessarily a reason to go eat Subway, though

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Ramps

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The humble ramp (aka the wild leek, aka ramson) has enjoyed a cult-like following for decades. Their fleeting appearance around the spring equinox sends people into a tizzy and is cause for online alerts when they arrive at New York City's Union Square Greenmarket. Much ado about a wild onion? Maaybe.

Jane Says: Your Groceries Can Make a Difference for Farmworkers

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The choices you make at the store can help improve working conditions in the fields.

A horrifying disease is threatening to destroy the world’s bananas

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The U.N. is warning of the "massive destruction" of the world's banana crop

Edible Institute 2014

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#Edible2014 is proudly presented by Edible Communities and Edible Manhattan Mark Bittman • Anna Lappé • Tom Philpott • Gary Paul Nabhan • Jane Black • Danielle Nierenberg • Danielle Gould • Sam Fromartz • Joan Gussow • Brian Halweil • and many more from our food and ...

Could Creating a Methane-Free Cow Help Stop Climate Change?

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The bovines produce the gas when they fart and burp, and it has 20 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide.

Years of Living Dangerously Premieres

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Judging from episode one of Showtime's new Years of Living Dangerously documentary series, we're in for a visually stunning, compelling and fascinating ride as climate change is discussed in the most human terms possible. It's riveting, truly must-see viewing. Here are some highlights and fun tidbits from the premiere!

Hydroponic farm in Brooklyn serves up fresh veggies for food bank

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CAMBA’s food pantry feeds 5,000 hungry Brooklyn residents, with help from a very local farm.

NFL player tackles sustainable beef off the field

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Linebacker Will Witherspoon is spreading the message of happy, healthy cows to athletes and congressmembers alike.

Could You Handle Being In A Cage This Small For 4 Minutes? How About 4 Years?

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How can people do this to other living things?

Meatless Monday Jennifer Abadi LooksBackward & Forwardwith MM Passover

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For talented chef, teacher and cookbook author Jennifer Abadi, leading a class often comes down to following the lead. Abadi, the author of A Fistful of Lentils and the blog Too Good to Passover, takes her cues from a growing group of eager students at her door. “I ...

Think You Know How To Cook Eggs? Chances Are You're Doing It Wrong

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Food writer Michael Ruhlman has a new cookbook that's an homage to eggs. And where do Americans so often go wrong? Ruhlman says we usually overcook even the simplest dish of scrambled eggs.

This is what happens when you FOIA the ingredients in school chicken nuggets

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It turns out, they're not just made of chicken

EU to approve insects for chicken and pig feedstock

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Protein from insects is expected to be approved by the EU for use as feed for pigs and chickens over the next six months, according to a leading expert and advisor on edible insects to the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organisation.

Gassy Cows Are Warming The Planet, And They're Here To Stay

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Methane from livestock accounts for a huge portion of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, according to a UN report. But reducing global meat consumption isn't necessarily the answer to the problem.

Organic Gardening: 10 Tips to Success

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Once you know the basic tenets of this practice, organic vegetable gardening is simple. And the payoff is enormous: no toxic chemicals, no waste, better for the environment as a whole, and not to mention a crop full of natural, delicious vegetables....

Everyone's a Health Nut on Monday

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New research shows that people are more health-conscious at the start of each new week, so health advocates are encouraging everyone to harness the psychological power of Mondays.

How Organic Food Is Breaking Down All Class Boundaries

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One of the most harmful myths about poor people is that they could care less about what they eat.

Trial of GM plants to help fight heart disease given go-ahead

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Scientists to grow a crop of camelina plants genetically modified to produce fish oils that could be used in health supplements

Supply And Demand: Changing The Economics of Antibiotic-free Meat

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Using the drugs solely to treat illnesses -- and not to aid production -- is a special practice, but it should not be. Rather, it must be standard....

Wal-Mart takes on Whole Foods with new line of cheap, organic food

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The company says it will offer organic products at conventional prices

Egg Carton Labels: Everything You Need to Know

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If you've been wondering what all those terms printed on egg cartons mean, this should clear things up.

Plant Breeders Release First 'Open Source Seeds'

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Scientists and food activists are launching a campaign to promote seeds that can be freely shared, rather than protected through patents and licenses. They call it the Open Source Seed Initiative.