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The 2 Very Different Migrations Driving Growth in U.S. Cities

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New York and L.A. are losing more Americans than they're gaining, but the flood of immigrants more than makes up for it.

Robert Moses Vs. Jane Jacobs: The Opera

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The show will grapple with the fundamental question of what a city should be.

Why Ridesharing Is a Way Bigger Deal for Suburban Seniors Than Urban Millennials

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Peer-to-peer ride companies like Lyft and UberX can expand limited transportation options for the elderly.

Twin Cities benefiting from change in where technology startup money is flowing

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The latest shift is a migration of venture capital for technology startups from suburbia to downtowns.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Need From Their Cities

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Every city hopes to attract the next Facebook, Google, Instagram or Twitter. To lure such startups, they follow the same route -- cutting taxes, easing regulations, and in general trying to create a business-friendly climate. But what are entrepreneu...

Every Single Highway In The United States In One Simplified Map

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A Portland-based designer obsessively and impressively maps out the country's intricate network of highways, inspired by the design of subway maps.

Opinion: Want green cities? Lose the cars

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Eric Sanderson says if you really want to strike a blow for the environment and your health on Earth Day, work to get cars out of cities and create alternatives

Catherine Rampell: Americans think owning a home is better for them than it is

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Americans wrongly think that owning a home is a great financial move.

Get Rich, Live Longer: The Ultimate Consequence of Income Inequality

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The income gap meets the longevity gap.

America's Housing Stock Mismatch

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As household sizes continue to fall, the size of our homes keeps getting bigger

The Rich Live Longer: So How Much Money 'Buys' 1 More Year of Life?

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Climbing America's income ladder today is truly a game of life and delayed death—and thousands of dollars are separating the rungs.

An interview with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

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Short summary ofLast Wednesday afternoon, I interviewed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in his office at New Yorkâs City Hall. Here is a transcript of the interview, which is the basis of my Monday column on de Blasio and the city.

Canada’s middle class is doing well? It’s not so simple.

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High-profile study puts us ahead of U.S., but earnings are still rising slowly as confidence wanes.

The Revolt of the Cities

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During the past 20 years, immigrants and young people have transformed the demographics of urban America. Now, they’re transforming its politics and mapping the future of liberalism.

Who Knew? Arts Education Fuels the Economy

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New figures from the federal government point to a value beyond cultural enrichment.

Two Kinds of Migration Drive Urban Growth

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A new post by Richard Florida distinguished between the two different types of migration—domestic and international—driving the influx of residents in urban centers around the country.

11 Reasons the UN Should Make Cities the Focus of Its Forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals

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Cities stand at the very center of each and every one of the biggest challenges the world now faces. 

The Tech Boom Is Raising Rents in New York, Too

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As Silicon Alley expands, Big Apple landlords are squeezing their commercial tenants.

Here's a Thought: 'Abolish the Capitalist Mode of Production'

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William S. Burroughs on Creativity

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"The price an artist pays for doing what he wants is that he has to do it."“What art does … is tell us, make us feel that what we th

There's Basically No Way Not to Be a Gentrifier

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It doesn't matter where you live. You're displacing someone, and making income segregation worse.

Cities Need Nature

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We humans have an intrinsic emotional need to connect with nature. Yet cities also, and fundamentally, need the structure of hardscape urbanism in sufficient density to achieve environmental and economic efficiency and nurture social bonds....

Montreal embraces the circus arts

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MONTREAL — If you want to run off to join the circus, you don’t have to go very far. Montreal has become the circus capital of North America, and right now, circus season is getting into high gear.We’re not talking about the jugglers, fire-eaters, and clowns on unicycles ...

Mapping Trees To Figure Out Just How Good For Us They Are

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OpenTreeMap is helping cities figure out where all the trees are, so they can better judge the environmental and public health impacts of a well...

How Toronto Mayor Rob Ford could win again

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's enduring support and an effectively crafted populist image could carry him through to re-election in October despite a year blighted by scandal, according to political observers.

How Disney Imagined the American Highway of the Future, 50 Years Ago

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A delightful throwback.

Which Cities Sleep in, and Which Get to Work Early

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I’m not a morning person, so I appreciate living in New York. The workday here starts later than in any other American city, and about half an hour later than in the U.S. as a whole. A decade or so...

Most Paid Time Off: Countries

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Austrian and Portuguese workers get 35 paid days off each year, while U.S. workers are guaranteed nothing