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Here's Why Chelsea Clinton's Baby Is Going to Be the Worst Media Story of 2016

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In one astonishing Morning Joe segment.

Blacamán the Good, Vendor of Miracles

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Nobel laureate novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In honor of his death, we have published this Esquire short story of his online for the first time.

Exclusive: Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware

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The sportswear company has decided that only software has a future in Nike’s technology vision. That means cutting the FuelBand, including a slimmer version planned for the fall.

The Slate Quiz with quizmaster Ken Jennings and contestant Peter Sagal: Play the news quiz for the week of April 18.

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Welcome back to Slate’s weekly news quiz. I’m your host, 74-time Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings. Every Friday I’ll be testing your knowledge with 12 challenging questions on the week’s news events, big and small, including happenings in science, sports, politics, and culture both high and low. The questions ...

Tragedy Atop The World: Everest Avalanche Kills At Least 12

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The death toll surpasses what had been the single deadliest day on the world's tallest mountain. Officials say all of those killed were Sherpa guides.

6 Ways to Be More Confident

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You have two choices: change your way of thinking, or fake it until you make it.

The week in wildlife - in pictures

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A hare on hind legs, technicolour savannahs and rare snow leopards are among the pick of this week's images from the natural world

Nina Totenberg: What It Was Like To Be the Only Woman In the Newsroom

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“It’s really simple. They just ignored me”

What kind of jewelry goes with a tattoo?

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Millennials, born between 1982 and 2004, are growing up. And marketers are starting to pay attention.

The Dangers of Policy Drift

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The annual spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank signaled yet another wasted opportunity for enlightened and aggressive policy leadership at a time when the global economy desperately needs better steering.

This Wily Gatecrasher at the White House Is a Red Fox

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An elusive red fox has been seen on the White House grounds.

David Cameron stung by jellyfish

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PM's encounter with sea creature while on holiday in Lanzarote is not the first time that a jellyfish has caused him pain

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014)

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Timely notes from The New Yorker's archive.

Vladimir Putin must be called to account on surveillance just like Obama

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I questioned the Russian president live on TV to get his answer on the record, not to whitewash him

Police respond to report of possible gunman at L.A. Times Building

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Police were called to Los Angeles Times late Friday evening after someone made the report of a gunman in the building.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley post better-than-expected earnings

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America’s two largest former investment banks report positive results but both firms express caution over economic recovery

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

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No one said building a company was easy. But it's time to be honest about how brutal it really is--and the price so many founders secretly pay.

James Mitchell: 'I'm just a guy who got asked to do something for his country'

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Interview: Psychologist who designed CIA's post-9/11 torture program insists he has nothing to apologise for – and attacks 'people with a Jack Bauer mentality who don't understand how intel works'

The Brian Lehrer Show: We Can Do It!

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The trick behind urging women to develop confidence, even overconfidence, in their abilities to compete in the professional marketplace.

Baby Squirrel Wears Cast For Broken Ankle

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A baby squirrel is being nursed back to health after she fell 75-feet from her nest onto the concrete sidewalk. The cute critter suffered a bloody nose, a broken tooth, and a broken ankle., according to City Wildlife, awildlife rehabilitation center in Washington, D.C. that is helping nurse the baby animal back to health. As part of her recovery, the squirrel has been wearing a tiny cast on her ankle and gets examined by a veterinarian every three days, City Wildlife wrote on its Facebook page. Thankfully, the six and ...

Food riots and revolution: Grain prices predict political instability.

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People may vote with their pocketbooks, but more often than not, they revolt with their bellies. If you want to predict where political instability, revolution, coups d’etat, or interstate warfare will occur, the best factor to keep an eye on is not GDP, the human development index, or ...

RadioShack dropping 16 GB iPhone 5s to $99 Friday, free if you trade in an iPhone 4s

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2 days ago 2 days ago
RadioShack is planning a new iPhone promotion starting tomorrow that will let new or upgrading users get an iPhone 5s at a significant discount. The 16 GB model of Apple's latest smartphone will be...

CIA torture architect breaks silence to defend 'enhanced interrogation'

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Exclusive: Psychologist James Mitchell 'highly skeptical' of Senate report on CIA torture and defends program as a success

Ed Miliband signs up top Obama adviser David Axelrod for UK election

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US president's right-hand man, who masterminded back-to-back election wins, to sharpen Labour party focus on inequality

What Gillette’s new FlexBall razor and duck genitalia have in common

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Evolution can sometimes produce some rather weird results. Gillette is releasing a new razor at the end of this month called the ProGlide FlexBall, reports the Wall Street Journal (paywall). The blade itself is mounted on a large, ball-like armature that swivels to let it follow the curves ...

Monica Lewinsky E-Mail Omitted From Latest Batch of Clinton Documents

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Monica Lewinsky during the Opening Night Party for Nigel Parry's 'Blunt Exhibition' Hosted by Men's Health, Dec. 5, 2006 at MILK Studios in New York. Image credit: RJ Capak/Getty Images An email from Monica Lewinsky was omitted from the Clinton library’s latest document dump for privacy reasons. Every ...

Food stamps: why recipients are haunted by stigmas and misconceptions

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Jana Kasperkevic: One in seven Americans receive food stamps, but misconceptions abound. We ask Snap workers in Alabama and Texas about the challenges they face, and the most popular misconceptions

Money Talking: As Job Growth Lags, CEO Pay Reaches New Heights

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It's been seven years since the financial meltdown, and more than 10 million people are still out of work across the country. Money Talking asks why CEO pay continues to rise as the economy limps along.