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Wall Street can't keep a straight face on Bill Ackman's Botox deal

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Heidi Moore: Billionaire hedge fund manager the driving force behind Valeant's $47.5bn hostile takeover offer for its rival Allergan

Why the Housing Market Has Slowed

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A look at the strength of the housing recovery.

Can the IRS tap citizen power to police tax-evading corporations?

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Slovak system would reward citizens for tracking businesses, and could serve as an example for a struggling IRS

What questions do you have for Bryan Cranston of 'Breaking Bad' fame?

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On Thursday, PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown will sit down for an interview with actor Bryan Cranston, currently starring in “All the Way” on Broadway in New York City. In his debut on-stage role, Cranston portrays President Lyndon B. Johnson during … Continue reading →

No-fly list used by FBI to coerce Muslims into informing, lawsuit claims

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Case highlights plight of people wrongfully added to database who face lengthy, secretive process to clear their names

WSJ Poised to Hire Quartz’s Mims as Tech Columnist, After Manjoo Departure to Times

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The Journal talked to at a range of writers for the high-profile slot.

Prince George ‘grew an extra fat roll’ on vacation

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Gorgeous Prince George has grown “an extra fat roll” during his tour of Australia and New Zealand, says his mom, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duchess made the comment about the…

5 former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders sue over pay

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Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders on Tuesday sued the team over a pay system they say had them working hundreds of hours for free at games and at mandatory public appearances at which they were subjected to groping and sexual comments, and one said they had to take ...

Is David Einhorn Right About the Tech Bust?

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Activist investor David Einhorn is betting that the "tech bubble" will burst. He is not, however, a perfect judge of timing.

Barclays May Cut 7,500 at Investment Bank, Bernstein Says

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Barclays Plc, the U.K.’s second- largest bank by assets, could eliminate 7,500 jobs at its investment bank to improve returns at its securities unit, according to a report by Sanford C. Bernstein.

Christopher Mims Named New WSJ Tech Columnist

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Christopher Mims is joining The Wall Street Journal and as the new technology columnist.

Financial Times targets younger readers with new digital advertising campaign

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She added: âAlmost half of traffic now comes from mobile devices. This campaign effectively reinforces the Financial Timesâ relevance to an audience which is increasingly time-poor and accesses news on the go. We remind readers that the FT keeps them informedâwhatever their location and preferred reading habits âwith the latest international business, finance, economic and political news and analysis.â Kristina Eriksson | FT | t: 020 7873 4961 | e: Lorette Nettar | Essence | t: +44 (0) 7968 521 684 | e: Read more

Paws for thought: pioneering surgery puts cat back on his feet

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Oscar the cat can put a collision with a combine harvester behind him as custom-made implants provide new back paws

1 in 10 in a survey think HTML is an STD

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If you're talking tech with Americans, you may want to avoid using any jargon.

To The Bubble Deniers

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Yesterday David Einhorn made news by writing, "we are witnessing our second tech bubble in 15 years." Almost immediately folks started attacking the idea on the grounds that, 'individual investors ...

To Create Change, Leadership Is More Important Than Authority

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And you can't rely on the facts to make your case, either.

Bill Ackman’s Secret $$ Deal for Herbalife Whistleblower

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In his year-long campaign against the embattled Herbalife company, Wall Street hedge fund manager Bill Ackman secretly promised a disgruntled former company executive as much as $3.6 million over 10 years if he lost his job after providing information to government investigators and the media.

The Brian Lehrer Show: The Upshot: Our Middle Class is in Trouble

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New York Times reporter and editor David Leonhardt explains the recent data that show the U.S. middle class is no longer the wealthiest in the world.

Markets await Apple and Facebook earnings amid tech bubble warning

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Tech giants expected to report strong quarterly figures but investorsskeptical that companies can grow profits further

Sandy Hook victim's grandfather launches smart gun campaign

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The grandfather of 6-year old Sandy Hook shooting victim Ben Wheeler has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance an idea he hopes will make guns safer.

Senior Technology Reporter

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You can submit your resume by visiting this link. If you know anyone who would be a great fit for this position, please pass the link along. Thanks!

The female 'confidence gap' is a sham

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Jessica Valenti: Women's lack of confidence could be just a keen understanding of just how littlesociety values them

Why I’m joining Fusion

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I’m leaving Reuters and joining Fusion. Which I’m sure was not at the top of anybody’s list of the most likely places fo…

5 awesome Richard Turley Businessweek covers

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Departing creative director Richard Turley's best Businessweek covers

No-fly list used by FBI to coerce Muslims into informing, lawsuit claims

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Case highlights plight of people wrongfully added to database who face lengthy, secretive process to clear their names

Apple Should Have Read The Lyrics Before Putting This Song In An Ad

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During the primetime broadcast of "The Voice" and the NBA playoffs Tuesday night, Apple unveiled a new, lengthy advert for the iPhone 5S, its high-end smartphone.It's a fun spot, featuring several musicians covering the opening to t...

No Twitter, no cats: How to be a modern gentleman

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The gentleman is alive and well - and thriving in modern-day Britain, according to Country Life magazine.

Why Apple has stopped growing

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Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer predicted in January that Apple will generate the same amount of revenue this past quarter—the company releases its financials today—as it did a year ago. Analysts agree with him. Apple generated more revenue than ever in the the first fiscal quarter of 2014, which ...

Tony Blair: west must take sides against growing threat of radical Islam

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In keynote speech on Middle East, former PM blames Islamic extremism for failures of western intervention in region

The Faulkner Truthers

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"I am the best in America, by God," William Faulkner wrote to his editor in 1939, and history has only confirmed that he was not deceived as to the quality of h

Numericable Poised for Record. Here Are Stats From the Junkyard

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With French cable operator Numericable Group SA poised to complete the largest junk-bond offering on record Wednesday, it’s worth a reminder of the key stats on this booming market segment.