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Like Meat and Beer? Hate Cancer?

favicon Mother Jones
21 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Has this new study got the grilling tip for you.

Why Flower Bouquets Regularly Show Up In NASA Mission Control

favicon Universe Today
6 mentions4 weeks ago 4 weeks ago
Three red roses and a white one. The flower bouquet sitting in NASA Mission Control right now in Houston is one of a series that has appeared with every single mission since 1988 -- a small gift from a Texas family whose members are long-standing fans of space exploration. The first bouquet showed up on…

Climate change is good for you, says ultra-conservative Heartland Institute

favicon the Guardian
35 mentions4 days ago 4 days ago
New study by thinktank funded by Koch brothers aims to debunk authoritative UN climate change report


favicon SciGuy
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You may have noticed that during the last couple of months I have posted less frequently on my SciGuy blog. It's not that I've gotten lazy, or that I don't love you guys. The fact of the matter is ...

How “no worries” infected American English

favicon Quartz
36 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
The handy Australianism "no worries"—usually used in place of "you're welcome"—has been burrowing deeper into the heart of American English. According to the Corpus of Contemporary American English, a free, 450-million word trove assembled by Brigham Young University's Mark Davies, the phrase has been popping up in stateside ...

14 dead; 176 reports of people missing in mile-wide mudslide

favicon The Seattle Times
47 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
Officials said they have received 176 reports of people missing as rescuers continue to search the debris from a milewide mudslide in Snohomish County.

What It's Like to Be Right About the Big Bang: Genesis of a Viral Video

favicon Atlantic Mobile
3 mentions4 weeks ago 4 weeks ago
What's it like to learn that your decades' worth of work have paid off? Now we know.

SpaceX to Attempt Daring Reusable Rocket Test During Dragon Launch Today

2 mentions3 days ago 3 days ago
It's an audacious plan, the odds of success are low, but SpaceX is going to do it anyway: The private spaceflight company founded by billionaire Elon Musk will launch a rocket with landing legs into orbit today, then try to bring part of it back to Earth.

The House of Representatives Committee on Science is turning into a national embarrassment

favicon The Curious Wavefunction, Scientific American Blog...
34 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
A few days back I wrote a post explaining why I am all for private support of basic science, especially in an age when government funding ...

Prominent environmentalist on climate change: ‘We’re definitely still losing’

favicon SciGuy
3 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
This has been a busy week for climate change news. On Monday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a report on how climate change will affect human society, and the report concluded ...

Fraud Found In Study Claiming Fast, Easy Stem Cells : Shots

6 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
The lead author of a recent "breakthrough study" fabricated the data and is guilty of scientific misconduct, according to a Japanese research panel. The scientist says she will appeal the judgment.

Yes, American teachers are underpaid, at least among wealthy countries

favicon Quartz
12 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
American teacher pay is always politicized, not the least of which is because teachers' unions are part of the bedrock of the Democratic party's political base. But America's chalk-dusted corps of educators doesn't look especially over-paid by international standards. In fact, according to this dataset from the OECD,

Idea For The Astrodome: Convert It Into Deep Space Nine

favicon Dave's Geeky Ideas
3 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Right now the folks in Houston are trying to figure out what to do with the Astrodome, which has been sitting vacant for several years. Many plans for the dome have fallen by the wayside, including...

Four Ebola cases confirmed in Guinea's capital

favicon CIDRAP
4 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
The number of suspected and confirmed cases in the nation climbed from 86 to 103.

The scientist who just might cure cancer

favicon Houston Chronicle
3 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Decked out in black tie, Jim Allison stood on the red carpet in Silicon Valley. It was unfamiliar territory for the small town boy from South Texas who'd become a scientist and spent his research career on what many considered a lost cause, the study of the immune system's cancer-fighting potential. But he always believed that's where the action would be, and now here was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying Allison's breakthrough "will change lives for generations to come." For that, late night television host Conan O'Brien handed him the ...

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Timelapse // April 15, 2014

favicon YouTube
3 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
I spent four hours straight filming this timelapse on some friend's property northwest of Dallas near Keller. This was by far the clearest eclipse I have eve...

Shuttle aircraft to make one final voyage next month

favicon Houston Chronicle
2 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
The wing belongs to NASA 905, a jumbo jet that ferried dozens of space shuttles from landing sites in California and New Mexico back to Florida.An "Aircraft on Ground" team from Boeing is carefully removing parts and the bolts that attach them, and storing them for reassembly.Working with ...

Astronomers find most distant member of the solar system

favicon SciGuy
1 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
When most people think about the solar system, they consider the Sun, the eight planets, and Pluto. But although space is, indeed, mostly empty the solar system is a rather complex place. And today...

Scientists drilling the universe to uncover its history

11 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
WA scientists are using telescopes to drill holes in the universe to unlock how galaxies have evolved.

The National Margherita Pizza Price Index

favicon Eater National
17 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
How much does pizza price vary across the US? In order to answer that question, Eater looked at the margherita pie at every single VPN-certified restaurant in the country...

Wake-Up Weather: A perfect first day of spring; rain likely this weekend

favicon Weather
1 mentions4 weeks ago 4 weeks ago
Your sunrise summary of everything you need to know about weather in H-town. 4cast·in·5seconds In a word: gorgeous. run·down The first day of spring will have near perfect weather, with lots of sun...

El Nino 2014-2015: Forecasts show it could grow into a monster.

favicon Slate Magazine
76 mentions3 days ago 3 days ago
The odds are increasing that an El Niño is in the works for 2014—and recent forecasts show it might be a big one. As we learned from Chris Farley, El Niños can boost the odds of extreme weather (droughts, typhoons, heat waves) across much of the planet. But ...

Images From NASA Mars Rover Include Bright Spots

favicon NASA
10 mentions7 days ago 7 days ago
Images taken by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover last week include bright spots. Such spots, not unusual in images from the rover, have multiple possible explanations.

The lunar eclipse, from Houston

favicon SciGuy
3 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
After a cold front moved through Houston on Monday skies cleared enough to provide great views of the lunar eclipse early on Tuesday. The total eclipse, which lasted for 1 hour and 18 minutes, caus...

So long, Monarch butterflies?

favicon SciGuy
1 mentions4 weeks ago 4 weeks ago
Every spring Monarch butterflies fly north from Mexico, and many of them travel through Texas on their 2,000 mile journey to the central and northern United States and Canada. With luck, their gran...

Breaking News: Proposal Seeks End To Atlas V

favicon AmericaSpace
7 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
The following authorization language, which sources say was written, if not wholly then very nearly so, by SpaceX and promoted by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin, has been making the rounds on Capitol Hill for the last several days. In addition...

Project Morpheus Free Flight 10

favicon YouTube
5 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
The Morpheus team successfully completed Free Flight 10 (FF10) the KSC SLF on Wednesday, April 2, 2014. This was the first free flight with ALHAT running in ...


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