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UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster

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'Triple or quadruple renewables', say experts, as pressure grows for UK to deliver on eco priorities

Thunderclap: #CleanRevolution

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I just supported #CleanRevolution on @ThunderclapIt // @ClimateGroup

Walmart Commits To Massive LED Lighting Rollout

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After a successful pilot test of the all-LED concept in Ohio, Walmart is investing in General Electric (GE) LED ceiling light fixtures across dozens of new and existing stores, and supercenters in the United States, Asia, Latin America and the United Kingdom. The main sales-floor fixtures involved in ...

Thunderclap: #CleanRevolution

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I just supported #CleanRevolution on @ThunderclapIt // @ClimateGroup

Thunderclap: #CleanRevolution

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I just supported #CleanRevolution on @ThunderclapIt // @ClimateGroup

We need an apartheid-style boycott to save the planet

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Desmond Tutu: We must stop climate change. And we can, if we use the tactics that worked in South Africa against the worst carbon emitters

Thunder Bay Generating Station stops burning coal

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Ontario has stopped using coal to generate electricity, becoming the first jurisdiction in North America to phase out coal as a power source.

Fighting climate change, one contest at a time

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At MIT's Climate CoLab, competitors battle for the ultimate prize: a sustainable future

Solar plane bids to fly around the world without fuel

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Makers unveil bigger, redesigned version of a solar-powered plane that flew from coast-to-coast in the US last year

Reports: China poised to beef up national Environmental Protection Law

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Reuters' reports suggest reforms to national environmental law will provide officials with sweeping new powers to tackle polluters

How green is the internet? Greenpeace ranks the big online players from best to worst

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As marvellous an invention as the internet is, it can be made better by reducing the amount of pollution generated from running it.

Global solar dominance in sight as science trumps fossil fuels

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Solar power will slowly squeeze the revenues of petro-rentier regimes inRussia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. They will have to find a new businessmodel, or fade into decline

Myths and realities of clean technologies

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Don’t be fooled by high-profile setbacks. The cleantech sector is gaining steam—with less and less regulatory assistance. A McKinsey & Company article.

Corporate lobbying on climate change: silence is not neutrality

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For companies to be transparent on their position on climate change, they must be clear, consistent, and constructive

Thunderclap: Cut CO2 Pollution on #EarthDay

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I just supported Cut CO2 Pollution on #EarthDay on @ThunderclapIt // @ClimateReality

Floating wind turbines could provide cheap energy in far-flung corners of the world

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A new sort of inflatable wind turbine that floats thousands of feet above the ground could be a powerful source of sustainable, low cost energy say engineers.

The 3 Most Sobering Graphics From The U.N.'s New Climate Report

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Though the charts themselves are very complex, they provide a way to visualize increases in human-caused greenhouse gases, where those gases come from, and what they could do to our climate.

Business lobbying on climate change is 'a murmur and not a message'

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A coalition including IKEA, Mars and eBay is lobbying US government for regulation to curb climate change. But for Washington to listen, businesses must make it a core issue


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