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The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge & Kids' "State Dinner" on

9 mentions4 weeks ago 4 weeks ago, the Department of Education and the White House encourage you and your child to make a healthy, delicious lunch recipe.

Public, Private Partners Key to Local Food Success

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As Food Corps service member Ashley Turk navigates her way through a brand-new greenhouse in the courtyard at Waukon High School in the northeast corner

The 6th Annual White House Kitchen Garden Planting

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The First Lady welcomes local students and FoodCorps leaders on the South Lawn for the sixth-annual planting of the White House Kitchen Garden. This year wil...

1,760 Mayors Celebrate the Impact of National Service (with images, tweets)

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1,760 mayors and city leaders across the country stood together on April 1 to thank AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers during the second annual Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service. Together, these mayors represent more than 110 million people - or one-third of all Americans.

Growing gardeners: Feast Down East employee cultivates healthy habits, life lessons in students

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2 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago is your source for free news and information in the Wilmington area.

Saturday efforts double community garden space at Lockwood School

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Creating what an organizer called “a welcoming educational space for our students and club members” was the goal Saturday morning as students, parents and others who love gardening together gathered

Edible Institute 2014

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#Edible2014 is proudly presented by Edible Communities and Edible Manhattan Mark Bittman • Anna Lappé • Tom Philpott • Gary Paul Nabhan • Jane Black • Danielle Nierenberg • Danielle Gould • Sam Fromartz • Joan Gussow • Brian Halweil • and many more from our food and ...

There Really Is a Food Revolution Taking Place In America

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Gardening brings people from diverse and different backgrounds together -- families, young people, the elderly, neighbors, politicians -- to do something good, not just for your health and body, but for your community....

The Seven Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Beginner Gardeners

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You don't need a green thumb to grow a bounty of fresh vegetables right in your backyard or balcony. Whether you're a gardening novice or just want to start a vegetable garden with the least amount of time and effort, here are the top almost foolproof vegetables to ...

The Sweet Precedent of Flavored Milk

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Students expect these products because we currently make it socially acceptable to consume them. Children learn our cultural norms and preferences, and currently we are telling them that food has to be overwhelmingly sweet, setting them up for a life...

EJ Dionne: AmeriCorps is a program conservatives should love

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Paul Ryan’s budget would end the program.

FoodCorps: Grow With Us

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This short movie helps answer the question "Why FoodCorps?" it addresses the challenges we have identified, and the solutions we propose for connecting kids ...

Alice Waters: TIME 100

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The activist chef who pioneered good food for all

Access to Good Food as Preventive Medicine

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According to a new study, nearly one in three U.S. adults with a chronic disease has problems paying for food, medicine, or both. That doesn't have to be the case.


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We envision a day when young Americans turn to each other and ask, “Where will your year of service be?”

First lady plants White House garden for spring

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Spring has sprung at the White House and soon the vegetables will, too.

Serving Up Healthy Food and a Healthier Next Generation

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The average elementary school student gets just an average of 3.4 hours of nutrition education each year, far less time than spend watching television in a typical day. Studies show that kids exposed to healthy foods early on are more likely to try and like them, so one ...