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Hookers turning Airbnb apartments into temporary brothels

favicon New York Post
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Hookers are using the controversial Airbnb home-sharing Web site to turn prime Manhattan apartments into temporary brothels, The Post has learned. One escort service is even saving a bundle by…

What’s killing New York’s great old stores?

favicon New York Post
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The magnificent Rizzoli Bookstore on 57th Street closed Friday, part of a painful wave of shutdowns. To make sense of it, let’s go back a few years, to a Tower…

Population Growth in Dense U.S. Cities: Short-Term Correction or Long-Term Trend?

favicon The Atlantic Cities
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People are moving to city centers in record numbers, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a permanent change in where Americans want to live.  

The myth of Chicago’s “shadow budget”

favicon Reuters
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The Chicago TIF program is far from being a âsecret slush fund.â Chicagoâs problems wonât be untangled by wild claims of mayoral wrongdoing.

Let them eat McMansions! The 1 percent, income inequality, and new-fashioned American excess

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We have sprawl, wars over cheap gas, stagnant wages and longer hours because your boss wants this awful, ugly house

'Retronauting': why we can't stop sharing old photographs

favicon the Guardian
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Jonathan Jones: Vintage pictures shared online by accounts such as Retronaut, HistoryInPix and IndiaHistoryPic capture moments gone for ever, but as vividly as the here-and-now. It's a heady mix of nostalgia and history

GE: 'Ohio was the most attractive'

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GE will add 1,400 jobs in Greater Cincy as it builds new offices for finance and IT. The company expects to break ground this summer, location TBD.

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Cranley freezes Central Parkway bikeway project

favicon Cincinnati Business Courier
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Mayor John Cranley directed the city administration not to award a contract for the Central Parkway bikeway project, drawing criticism from Councilman Chris Seelbach, who says the mayor has overstepped his authority under Cincinnati’s charter.

Who’s who of pols as job references on Metra clout cards

favicon Early & Often
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A former governor who went to prison. The chief judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County. A U.S. senator who ran for president. A who’s who of Illinois politicians — from folks since shrouded in shame to names chiseled on the side of government buildings — were ...

East End tunnel construction out of sight, but advances

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Tunnel construction for the eastern bridge near Prospect is expected to continue until the end of bridge construction in late 2016. As for blasting, it will continue along the Snyder toward I-71, beyond Wolf Pen Branch Road, through early 2016.

These Detroit Bus Stop Benches Are Made From Demolished Homes

favicon The Atlantic Cities
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An effort to turn neglected spaces into pleasant zones for taking a load off.

Majority of Pensions Headed for Bankruptcy

favicon The Feed
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Eighty-five percent of public pension funds are on track to go bankrupt within 30 years, according to a new stress test of pension plans.

Tennessee Passes Mind-Boggling Ban on Bus Rapid Transit

favicon WIRED
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Tennessee lawmakers have approved a bill banning the construction of bus rapid transit anywhere in the state.

Peak Urbanization: The End of Urban Hierarchy

favicon Pacific Standard
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Is it just you or is everyone hatching plans to move somewhere less expensive?

How segregated is New York City?

favicon City Notes
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Update: I wrote this in the comments, but several people have asked about it and not everyone makes it down there: this post focuses on white-black segregation because that, for various social and ...

Seattle Is Dying: Boeing Looks Outside Washington for Cheap Talent

favicon Pacific Standard
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With a diversified employment base, the Emerald City will survive as Boeing starts looking for new talent outside of Washington State.

Gentrification’s quiet tragedy: How sweetheart deals are brutalizing the public

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Private companies are tricking public officials into bonanzas that line the companies' pockets -- at a big expense

The rise and fall (and nascent revival?) of Detroit – in pictures

favicon the Guardian
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Once-booming car factories are eerie ruins and neighbourhoods that were home to vibrant communities are in danger of vanishing completely – but not all is lost

Sriracha Hot Sauce Officially Declared a Public Nuisance in California

favicon The Atlantic Cities
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But there's no "srirachapocalypse" just yet.

Human Transit: Is USDOT about to stop the growth of commuter rail?

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It's much too soon to panic, but I did send this inquiry to the US Federal Railroad Administration. Dear FRA, Your 4/9 press release says: "WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) today announced its intention to issue a proposed rule requiring two-person train ...

New Bay Bridge shows signs of rust in critical areas

favicon The Sacramento Bee
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Some of the most vulnerable and integral cable sections and rods on the new $6.5 billion Bay Bridge are rusting. A Sacramento Bee investigation found corroded cable strands and anchor rods inside supposedly sealed chambers that protect attachments for the main suspension span cable to the bridge deck ...

Front Porch Sittin’ Time

favicon The Black Urbanist
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I think it is safe to say, that at least in North Carolina, spring has arrived in earnest. It will shock me, but not by much, if we have one more hard freeze before May arrives. Yet, cold wa...

The Meteoric Political Rise ofmPalestinian Immigrant Raed Saleh

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With Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit facing his political Waterloo, all eyes have turned to Raed Saleh, who could become the first mayor of a major German city with foreign roots. The German capital's changing demographics could help him.