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NoMa Plans To Transform Underpasses Into Public Art Spaces: DCist

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The NoMa Parks Foundation is seeking an artist, team, designer or architect to transform four underpasses into

Why one-way roads are (usually) a bad idea (#11)

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This is the street on which I live. This particular block is fairly residential, and features a school bus stop, the farmers' market, a church, and several p...

UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster

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'Triple or quadruple renewables', say experts, as pressure grows for UK to deliver on eco priorities

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

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The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today's Silicon Valley. This was..

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Interactive and Resources

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The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Interactive provides users with access to IRS data on federal individual income tax filers. Information on all tax filers and on filers who claim the EITC are available for all ZIP codes, cities, counties, metropolitan areas, states, state legislative districts, and congressional ...

Health, Transportation, and the Power of Prevention: Reinventing Los Angeles for the Next Generation

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3 days ago 3 days ago
Transportation -- the way we walk, bike, ride and move between neighborhoods and whether we're able to do it conveniently, affordably and safely -- can have profound impacts on health.

Vacant Lots Are Hazardous to Your Health

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Low-income neighborhoods often have little, if any, safe public spaces. But a South LA organization has found a way to transform trash-strewn vacant lots into vibrant community spaces.

Concentration of Poverty: An Update

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Americans increasingly live in high-poverty neighborhoods, according to an analysis released by TCF fellow Paul Jargowsky last December. And now, new data shows high-poverty neighborhoods are getting worse--quickly.

The Rise of OpenStreetMap

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om·ni·pres·ent adjective -zənt : present in all places at all times This definition of omnipresent sums up many facets of society. Fast food chains? Ever

Tennessee Passes Mind-Boggling Ban on Bus Rapid Transit

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3 days ago 3 days ago
Tennessee lawmakers have approved a bill banning the construction of bus rapid transit anywhere in the state.

Toronto condo sales soar despite concerns of a crash

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Despite warnings of a market correction, sales of new units reach record levels, more than double the year-earlier period

11 Reasons the UN Should Make Cities the Focus of Its Forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals

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Cities stand at the very center of each and every one of the biggest challenges the world now faces. 

Why We’re in a New Gilded Age by Paul Krugman

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Thomas Piketty isn’t a household name, although that may change with the English-language publication of his magnificent, sweeping meditation on inequality, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. This is a book that will change both the way we think about society and the way we do economics.

New study paints national picture of environmental injustice

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A large new national study calculates the "environmental injustice" of nitrogen dioxide exposure for every state and city.

Infographic: On and Off the Street Grid

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Unlike like Emperor Kuzco, I was actually born with an innate sense of direction.If you’re like me, and you use the Sun to navigate, you probably appreciate cities with gridded street plans that are oriented in the cardinal directions. If you know that your destination is due west,

A Kale of Two Cities: Cultivating Social Justice

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2 days ago 2 days ago
For some farmers and gardeners, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods, urban agriculture is a means to a more ambitious end: an attack on racial, gender and class disparities and political disempowerment....

The eastern United States: A lonely cold pocket on a feverish planet

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The wave after wave of bitter cold that has walloped the eastern U.S. since January has truly been an anomaly set against the temperature pattern around the globe.

Cities Turn to Streetcars to Spur Economic Development

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9 hours ago 9 hours ago
Two dozen U.S. cities run streetcars or light rail. Plenty more cities plan to join them, as they try to stimulate their local economies.

5 Takeaways On Wealth and Inequality From Piketty

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French economist Thomas Piketty has caused an international stir recently with his book about disparities in international wealth and income, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.The widening gap between the very rich and everyone else, he said Monday, has returned to late 19th century levels, and is unlikely to ...

New Condo Towers Are Racing Skyward in Midtown Manhattan

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6 days ago 6 days ago
Paul Goldberger looks at the construction, architecture, and marketing of these super-luxury aeries, gauging their effect on the city’s future.

Lit Review: Scarcity and Character

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Richard Reeves and Kimberly Howard discuss research on how people behave differently when faced with scarce resources. Reeves and Howard explain how these findings affect social mobility: Low-resource individuals have a harder climb up the income ladder because their cognitive abilities and impulse resistance are regularly taxed by ...

In Crime and Economics, Even the Data Have a Bias

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How we talk about numbers is important—it determines the numbers we ask for, and the ones we're given.