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Walmart Wild Oats: America’s largest grocer is rolling out a line of cheap organic food products.

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Walmart is about to become a little bit more like Whole Foods, but at a fraction of the price. Starting this month, Walmart will offer organic food products from Wild Oats at a price point that beats other national organic brands by 25 percent or more, the company ...

Farmers count the cost of cyclone Ita

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Preliminary damage bill has been estimated at $1bn since the category four storm hit the Queensland coast

Annual Fermentation Festival Opens Up the World of Ferments

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The Portland fermentation festival offers beginners the experience to taste first-hand a variety of fermented foods under one roof. This video gives a peek.

Out-of-State Money Pours Into Local Fight Against GE Crop Ban

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This current legislative fight encapsulates the uphill funding battle that anti-GE activists face when organizing state and local

Growing Vegetables Indoors for Transplanting

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Oregon State University Extension Service Urban Horticulturist Weston Miller Weston demonstrates the following 'cut & come again' vegetables to begin growing...

Where's the Grass-Fed Beef? These Days, Not in Argentina

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A look at Argentina's disappearing grass-fed beef with a video shot by world travelers the Perennial Plate.

Annual Fermentation Festival Opens Up the World of Ferments

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The annual fall fermentation festival in Portland, Oregon celebrates the culinary wonders of fermented foods. This event brings home fermenters, professional...

Money Saving Tips for Keeping Backyard Chickens

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If you are anything like me, having fresh free-range eggs daily seems like a dream. That’s why I am in the midst of planning my chicken coop to have backyard chickens early this summer. Even though the end result of eggs is appealing, there is a lot to ...

[Letter from Bolivia]

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Who owns the world’s greatest superfood?

Owning a Family Milk Cow: Your Questions Answered!

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});I’ll admit it… I’m totally prejudiced. Try as I might to get all excited over green beans and squash, I’d much rather talk about milk cows and home dairying. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the gardening aspect of my homestead, but ...

Easy Homemade Soap

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Turn household items from duds to suds.

Organic food: it's not just for yuppies anymore

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Tracie McMillan: Walmart's new organic products line can debunk the myth that the poor choose Nikes over fancy grapes. Because they don't

Why We Got Fatter During The Fat-Free Food Boom

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In the 1970s, the U.S. Dietary Goals advised Americans to cut back on fat and eat more carbs to lower the risk of heart disease. But some experts say this high-carb, low-fat diet helped fuel obesity.

Trash Fish: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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4 top chefs team up for a trash fish dinner to raise public awareness of overfishing, and create demand for alternative fish species that are not presently a...

Amanda Cohen on Chefs, PR, and 'Smoke and Mirrors' in the Restaurant World

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This is Dispatches from Dirt Candy, a new column from New York City chef Amanda Cohen's that explores the realities of working in the restaurant industry. In today's installment, Cohen...

Britain's honeybee colony deaths among worst in...

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Landmark research shows 29% of honeybee colonies died in winter of 2012-13, with summer losses also high at 9.7%

Raffi Khatchadourian: Can an Audacious Plan to Create a New Energy Resource Help Save the Planet?

favicon The New Yorker
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No one knows ITER’s true cost, which may be incalculable, but estimates have been rising steadily, and a conservative figure rests at twenty billion dollars, a sum which makes ITER the most expensive scientific instrument on Earth. But if it is truly possible to bottle up a star,

10 Weird Things to Do With Peeps So You Don't Have to Eat Them

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Weird things you can do with your Easter Peeps.

Edible Weeds In Australia with Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland

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Australian's Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland, take us on a culinary tour highlighting some of the edible weeds they like to harvest.

Winter Greenhouse Farming

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Rick Steffen could be thought of as a small farmer for all seasons. That's because he grows a variety of crops, some unusual like his fruit orchards—inside a...

Top 10 Gardening Posts

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I’m so excited! This week I’m part of a blogging round-up (of sorts) for Garden Week!I’m joining up with several other bloggers to bring you some great gardening info – just in time for your spring gardens! I thought… Read more ›

The Future Of Clean, Green Fish Farming Could Be Indoor Factories

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Aquaculture in the U.S. has lagged because of opposition from environmentalists and people living on the coast. But entrepreneurs say they've found a way to produce fish on land with little pollution.

Sustainability Lexicon Explores Seed Banks, Seed Swaps and Food Rights

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The Lexicon of Sustainability‘s Douglas Gayeton explores seed banks, seed swaps and the “seed sovereignty” movement. From Bay Area Bites, KQED Blog.

A Conversation with Gene Logsdon

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From Chelsea Green Author Gene Logsdon appears to be picking up steam as he rolls into his ninth decade. He has developed a prolific body of work as a writer, novelist, and journalist on topics ran...