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Dirty Projectors' Nat Baldwin explores sound, space in a new video

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Dirty Projectors bassist Nat Baldwin has struck out on his own a couple of times, including on 2011’s People Changes. His latest album, In The Hollows, hits stores April 29. The titular track is propulsive and arty, as is the accompanying clip The A.V. Club is premiering below.

Before He Was Famous, Andy Warhol Designed Album Covers

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You’re more than likely already aware of Andy Warhol’s connections to the music world, after all he created two of

Got a Little Free Time This Spring? Maybe Go Check Out Pittsburgh (Yes, Really)

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Today's Pittsburgh is slightly less mighty. Still, of all the faded rust belt cities, none come even close to wearing diminished status quite so well. Pittsburgh is the master of keeping up appearances....


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The post below originally appeared on to provide comprehensive background on Big Brother Watch v. UK, the surveillance suit currently before the European Court on Human Rights in which PEN and CDT have recently signaled their intent to intervene.In September 2013 a group of non-governmental organizations and ...

Museums make you happier and less lonely, studies find

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Photo by neiljs on Flickr One of the greatest things about freelancing is that although we’re often very busy, we can choose to be “off” during 9-5 hours. This means that we can visit uncrowded museums and attend other midday events, which are often hellish on the weekends. Here are 6 ...

The Warhol: 20th Anniversary

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The Warhol is turning 20 and we've got some fun lined up this year.

David Letterman

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Making their network TV debut, Future Islands performed "Seasons (Waiting On You)" from their album, "Singles."