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A fruit fly is not a mammal, and other revelations from the museum

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There's been a lot of discussion in the past day about a new paper published in Science. The paper is an opinion piece about an argument that's played out many times in the past, namely: should sci...

PNAS special feature on domestication surfaces

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Those of you looking for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences big special feature on “The Modern View of Domestication” won’t find it at the URL we previously cited. Twice. You will, however, find it here. I smell

[Special Feature]

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Photographs from the birthplace of quinoa

Urban Food Security +SocialGood

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Across the developing world, millions of poor and vulnerable people living in cities are food insecure. With few options to grow their own food, a

An essential green investment

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Kew Gardens – the Royal Botanic Gardens – is an extraordinary combination of public pleasure garden, historic institution, architectural marvel and world-class research centre. Right now its youngest visitors can take part in an Easter egg hunt and assorted cocoa–related activities linked to the anniversary of Roald Dahl’s ...

Ancient DNA: Barnyard chickens living just a few hundred years ago looked far different from today's chickens

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Ancient DNA adds a twist to the story of how barnyard chickens came to be. Analyzing DNA from the bones of chickens that lived 200-2,300 years ago in Europe, researchers report that some of the traits we associate with modern domestic chickens -- such as their yellowish skin ...

Nutrition and the new sustainable development goals

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Multi-stakeholder partnerships should be a cornerstone of the post-2015 development framework if we are to tackle malnutrition globally

Rural ‘environmental income’ on par with crop income, study finds

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Natural forests and wildlands across 58 tropical research sites provide 28 percent of total household income — nearly as much as crops — according to a new study.The study is the product of the Poverty and Environment Network (PEN) (, a collaborative effort led by the Center for ...

Biodiversity Survives Extinctions For Now

favicon Scientific American
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A meta-analysis of ecosystems finds that species losses in any given place do not yet translate to large changes in the number of different species in that place. David Biello reports.  

Want to reboot civilization? What you’ll need

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When you’re looking down the barrel of a civilization-erasing event, you have to plan for a world where humanity has lost everything. Canned goods might be nice, but you’d better have brought along a can opener—or know how to make one. What information should we leave survivors? And ...

(Re)affirming the specimen gold standard

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A recent opinion paper in Science by a group of authors more concerned with human ethics than with science and biodiversity used a rather broad brush to paint scientific collecting in a negative li...

Forests Asia

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This story was originally published on the website of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), which will host a session titled Governance: Governing access and securing rights to land and resources at the Forests Asia Summit in Jakarta, May 5 to 6, 2014. Follow ICRAF on Twitter. Our suffering ...

Jackfruit heralded as 'miracle' food crop

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Researchers say the large, smelly fruit grown could be a replacement for staple crops under threat from climate change• Climate change 'already affecting food supply' – UN • Teff poised to become next big super grain

Kenyan government rolls out ICT Masterplan

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The Kenyan government through the ICT Authority yesterday launched its National ICT Masterplan, setting the agenda for the ICT industry in Kenya for the next four years.

Rising demand for herbal medicine can increase cultivation of medicinal trees

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Formalizing trade in herbal medicinal products has the potential to increase the demand for on-farm grown raw material and raise the level of cultivation of medicinal tree species in smallholder farms.

Mushrooms Can Mine the Gold From Your Old Cellphones

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Crack open your dumb old phone, and you'll find lots of circuits and no lack of precious metals. "In 100,000 cell phones, it's estimated that there is 2.4 kilograms of gold, more than 900 kilograms of copper, 25 kilograms of silver, and more," according to Motherboard. Could a ...

Saffron: the brightly coloured spice from crocus flowers

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Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice by weight. Its vibrant orange-red colour means that as well as being used for flavouring food, it can also be used to dye fabric. Saffron comes from the ...

Overfishing: Are there really plenty of fish in the sea?

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Decades of overfishing sent many U.S. fisheries into free fall last century. Can a new focus on sustainability save fish and fishermen from going extinct?