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Global Warming Had Key Role in California Drought, Eastern Cold: Study

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Global warming may have strengthened the unusual weather pattern that gave rise to the California drought and East Coast cold, a new study found.

Too Apocalyptic? Experts Weigh Impact of Climate Risk Report

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Too alarmist, or too conservative? Both questions are being asked about a U.N. report on climate change that warns of impacts ranging from flooded coastlines...

Why COSMIC-2 is a lot more than ‘nice to have’

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Last week Sen. Richard Shelby remarked that observations from the satellite constellation COSMIC-2are only ânice to have.â Nothing could be further from the truth.

UN IPCC climate report: Averting global warming disaster is affordable.

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The United Nations has released its long-awaited report on what can be done to prevent climate change and it includes one depressing conclusion after another. The report, which was produced by 1,250 international experts and approved by 194 governments, says the amount of greenhouse gases around the world ...

Can we turn climate change consequences into opportunity?

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Judy Woodruff talks to two contributors of a UN report on the global implications of climate change.