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If El Niño Comes This Year, It Could Be a Monster

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Attention weather superfans: El Niño might be coming back. And this time, we could be in for a big one.

Science Graphic of the Week: Capturing a Super Energetic Neutrino Named Big Bird

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You're looking at a neutrino named Big Bird. This particle, which has an energy 1,000 times that of the protons smashed together at the LHC, traveled across the universe before hitting an atom at the South Pole and being recorded at an enormous underground observatory named IceCube.

What It’s Like to Spend 20 Years Listening to Psychopaths for Science

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Kent Kiehl has been interviewing psychopaths for more than 20 years. More recently he's acquired a mobile MRI scanner and permission to scan the brains of New Mexico state prison inmates. He talked with WIRED about what's different in the brains of psychopaths and why he views psychopathy ...

New Exoplanet Could Be Earth’s Cousin

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Astronomers are one step closer to discovering Earth Two. They have found an exoplanet slightly larger than our own, orbiting a star at a distance where it could have liquid water on its surface.

Absurd Creature of the Week: World’s Most Badass Ant Skydives, Uses Own Head as a Shield

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With a range stretching from Argentina all the way up into the southern U.S., this incredible genus of ants has also mastered the art of rainforest skydiving, leaping from the canopy to avoid predators, only to steer themselves mid-flight right back onto the trunk of their home tree.

Smoking Bed Bugs Will Not Get You High

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Really? REALLY? Next you'll tell me people smoke roaches. Oh, wait....

Solar Power Satellites: A Visual Introduction

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Imagine a fleet of 60 six-mile-long satellites beaming 300 gigawatts of electricity to Earth. It sounds like sci-fi, but NASA and the Department of Energy looked into just such a system in the heady post-Apollo, pre-Shuttle days of the 1970s.

Watch How Fruit Flies Avoid Attack by Banking Like Fighter Jets

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Researchers have recorded a remarkable flight behavior in the fruit fly species Drosophila hydei, they report today in Science. When threatened by a predator, the spry critters can change course in just one one-hundredth of a second, rolling on their sides and banking hard. Normally flapping their wings ...

Inside the Galapagos Islands’ Giant Tortoise Rehab Effort

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Galapagos Islands' Giant Tortoises are iconic species that have been decimated by pests introduced by people. Here, we take a look inside the breeding effort to revive these vulnerable creatures.

Genetic Tricks Could Make Bionic Ears Hear Better

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Scientists have devised a strategy they hope will one day make bionic ears even sharper. The idea is to make neurons inside the cochlea sprout new branches and become more sensitive to signals from a cochlear implant.

Science Graphic of the Week: 5.3 Million Years of Sea Level Change on One Cliff Face

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It's not often that we think about deep time. Lucky to live for a century, humans flitter like mayflies across Earth's surface, our own epoch an eyeblink in a planetary history that's largely hidden from everyday consciousness.Every now and then, though, that history punches right through into the ...

Animation Shows the Shocking Speed of the Washington Landslide

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Scientists say it was the speed with which the landslide flowed downhill into the town of Oso, Washington in March that made it so deadly. This animation shows the slide's terrifyingly fast spread.

Cassini Spies Mysterious Object Named ‘Peggy’ at Edge of Saturn’s Rings

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SAN FRANCISCO — NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted an object located right at the edge of Saturn's A ring that is confounding scientists. Its name? Peggy.

People Like Their Music Served Medium Funky

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For all but the shyest of wallflowers, moving to music is a natural human response. But what is it about a catchy tune that makes us groove? Scientists think they've figured out at least part of the recipe: just the right mix of regular rhythms and unexpected beats.

Award-Winning Microscope Images Come to Life in Extraordinary Videos

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The Nikon Small World photomicrography competition was expanded to include video three years ago, and the result has been an incredible look into living things on the microscopic scale. This year's winning video is a three-dimensional look through a 10-day-old quail embryo growing inside its egg.

A Map of Every Nuke-Scale Asteroid Strike From the Last Decade

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Though dinosaur-killing impacts are rare, large asteroids routinely hit the Earth. In the visualization above, you can see the location of 26 space rocks that slammed into our planet between 2000 and 2013, each releasing the energy of our most powerful nuclear weapons.

Use Science and Tech to Build the Ultimate Automated Garden

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Let people who love sore backs and dirty fingernails painstakingly tend their gardenias. Today’s backyard should be a maximized, automated, hyperefficient system of caloric production. With a little science—and some engineering prowess—you can keep your plot tidy, pest-free, and healthy while barely lifting a finger. So kick back ...

Sexual Healing: Bonobos Use Sex to De-Stress

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Bonobos have earned a reputation as a "sexy" ape. Sexual activity — in many creative forms — plays a large role in bonobo society. Sexual contacts occur often, in virtually all partner combinations and in a slew of different positions. One of the main functions of this behavior,

Neuroscientists Conduct the Most Frustrating Brain Scanning Study Ever

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Neuroscientists devised an experiment specifically meant to induce frustration in participants, in order to scan their brains and understand frustration. But the final conclusions of the study are very frustrating themselves. In other words: HULK FRUSTRATED BY FRUSTRATING BRAIN SCAN STUDY.

Scientists Discover Bugs With Sex-Reversed Genitalia Doing It for 70 Hours

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Writing today in Current Biology, researchers for the first time describe a critter that has traded sex organs. Females are equipped with a penis-like structure called a gynosome, which “deeply penetrates” the duct leading to the male’s sperm storage organ.

18 Maps From When the World Thought California Was an Island

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Glen McLaughlin wandered into a London map shop in 1971 and discovered something strange. On a map from 1663 he noticed something he'd never seen before: California was floating like a big green carrot, untethered to the west coast of North America. He bought the map and hung ...

How Flesh-Eating Strep Bacteria Evolved Into an Epidemic

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A new study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, details the evolution of a flesh-eating bacteria, group A Streptococcus. By charting its evolution, scientists hope to gain invaluable insights into tackling subsequent generations of these menaces, and to begin to better understand the ...

New Exoplanet Could Be Earth’s Cousin

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Astronomers are one step closer to discovering Earth Two. They have found an exoplanet slightly larger than our own, orbiting a star at a distance where it could have liquid water on its surface.

Absurd Creature of the Week: Cross-Dressing Cuttlefish Puts on World’s Most Spectacular Light Show

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Cuttlefish are far and away nature’s most adept camouflagers, capable of observing their surroundings and perfectly adjusting not only their color but also their skin texture in just 250 milliseconds. And it’s not just about blending in: They can also launch truly bizarre displays of rippling colors to ...

How Asteroid Strikes Preserved Signs of Ancient Life

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When an asteroid plows into the Earth, it destroys pretty much everything in its path. But new research has shown that glass created during a searing asteroid impact can actually trap microscopic signs of life for millions of years, providing scientists with a snapshot of the biology in ...

CDC: Foodborne Illness in the U.S. Not Getting Better

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A new report from the CDC and Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network shows that incidents of food-related bacterial illness are increasing in the U.S. Even worse, it's getting harder to identify exactly which strain is causing more and more of these infections.