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California Suffers Astonishingly Fast Snowpack Melt as Drought Intensifies

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Half of California's snowpack melted in just one week in some spots as drought firmed up its hold on the West, Southwest, and Southern Plains.

New Risky Business Report Calculates Economic Cost of Climate Change

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Understanding the economic uncertainty of global warming

Katharine Hayhoe: TIME 100

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An annual list of the artists, leaders, pioneers, titans and icons who are changing the world

EPA director says draft greenhouse rules will give states new tools

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WASHINGTON -- New draft rules limiting greenhouse gases from existing power plants will give states the tools to curtail emissions that drive climate change without shuttering lots of facilities and threatening electric reliability, saidGina McCarthy , the administrator of theEnvironmental Protection Agency , at a panel discussion in ...

House passes “Weather Forecasting Improvement Act of 2014″

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Bill to support enhanced forecasts is first passed by any house of Congress since 1992.

California drought to push produce prices higher

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Drought conditions in California's agricultural fields are going to push prices higher for fruits and vegetables, according to a Arizona State University study.

Climate changes visible by ZIP code with new online tools

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With the click of a computer mouse, the potential risks of rising sea levels will soon be searchable -- by zipcode -- for all U.S. coastal communities.

National Hurricane Center plans new storm surge warnings starting in 2015

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Many residents of hurricane-prone areas use a stormâs category to decide whether to evacuate. Unfortunately, this has led many to make decisions that left them struggling for their lives.

Years of Living Dangerously Premiere Full Episode

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Hollywood celebrities and respected journalists span the globe to explore the issues of climate change and cover intimate stories of human triumph and traged...

Years of Eating Dangerously?

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Years of Living Dangerously airs this Sunday on Showtime. The first episode, which is highly worth your time, investigates different facets of the climate crisis in Texas, Syria, and Indonesia. The Indonesia segment is spearheaded by actor Harrison Ford who journeys deep into the tropical forest not as ...

Environmentalists Doing It Wrong, Again

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Want to see Tom get annoyed? Of course you do. Well then tune in and pull up a chair.

Years of Living Dangerously: Showtime climate change documentary.

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I’ve been saying for a long time that to communicate science effectively, we need to connect with people. Scientists have a habit of just relaying facts to each other, since that’s how nature itself works. But people don’t work that way at all, and just reciting facts doesn’t ...

Kathryn Sullivan: TIME 100

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An annual list of the artists, leaders, pioneers, titans and icons who are changing the world

Here's How You Get A 9-Hour Documentary Series About Climate Change On TV

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David Gelber, co-creator of Showtime's Years of Living Dangerously, talks about enlisting the help of Hollywood heavyweights James Cameron, Jerry...

The 20 Best Cities For Solar Power As America Prepares For An Energy 'Revolution'

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In a speech this week at the University of Hawaii, former Vice President Al Gore called one key factor a "game changer" in the fight against climate change. The exponential growth in photovoltaic solar panels,he said, is "unstoppable...

Oklahoma SB 1456: Why the Tea Party is fighting for solar power.

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Last week, with little fanfare and even less debate, Oklahoma lawmakers quietly voted to reverse a nearly four-decade-old law that had barred utility companies from charging customers who install solar panels on their homes more than those who don’t. The bill, which passed almost unanimously, would have effectively ...