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Anxiety Reduction: Exploring the Role of Cannabinoid Receptors

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Relief of anxiety and stress is one of the most common reasons that people give for using marijuana [1]. But the scientific evidence is rather sparse about whether there’s a biological explanation ...

The Future of Prosthetics Could Be This Brain-Controlled Bionic Leg

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“This person has essentially been rewired,” explains Dr. Levi Hargrove.

Brains in Boston: Weekend Recap of Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s Annual Meeting

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Greetings from Boston where the 21st annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society is underway.Saturday and Sunday were packed with symposia, lectures and more than ...

Unique Features of the Human Brainstem and Cerebellum

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The cerebral cortex is greatly expanded in the human brain. There is a parallel expansion of the cerebellum, which is interconnected with the cerebral cortex. We have asked if there are accompanyin...

Sperm RNA carries marks of trauma

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Stress alters the expression of small RNAs in male mice and leads to depressive behaviours in later generations.

How to Fix Rehab: Expert Who Lost Son to Addiction Has a Plan

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Editor's note: This story is part of a series, Hooked: America's Heroin Epidemic, that will be featured on NBC News from April 7-9. The call came on a Saturd...

A Documentary Feature Film by SALTY Features

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The truth is, we all lie - and by "we," we mean everyone!

Stress alters children's genomes

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Poverty and unstable family environments shorten chromosome-protecting telomeres in nine-year-olds.

EDAB Inaugurates Neuroscience Outreach Program Awards

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The European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB), in collaboration with the Federation for European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), established two prizes to reward public outreach projects and speci...

NIH Stem-Cell Program Closes

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The director of the agency's Center for Regenerative Medicine resigned on March 28 after just one clinical-trial award had been made

Research Topics

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Neurodegeneration | Research Topics publishes articles on the most outstanding discoveries across the research spectrum of Neurodegeneration | Research Topics.

Man With World's Strongest Memory Crusades Against Alzheimer's

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Three-time U.S. memory champion Nelson Dellis reveals his not-so-secret training regimen and the motivations behind his incredible mnemonic feats.

New Studies Show Promise for Brain Training in Improving Fluid Intelligence

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Though not definitive, new research points to short- and long-term real-world benefits of playing brain-training games.

Brain Scans: Don't Throw Out The Baby With The Dead Salmon - Neuroskeptic

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Is neuro-skepticism in danger of going too far? Is it time to take a critical look at critiques of neuroscience? Martha Farah of the University of Pennsylv

Amnesia patient KC was Kent Cochrane: The hippocampus makes memories personal.

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Kent Cochrane, the amnesiac known throughout the world of neuroscience and psychology as K.C., died last week at age 62 in his nursing home in Toronto, probably of a stroke or heart attack. Although not as celebrated as the late American amnesiac H.M., for my money K.C. taught ...

No, the "love hormone" oxytocin won't stop your spouse from cheating

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Oxytocin won't stop your spouse from cheating on you and hasn't cured autism

Helping Scientists Translate Their Work for the Lay Public

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Since the 1980s, the Dana Foundation has actively promoted and participated in communicating science to the lay public. Helping to lead those efforts was Jane Nevins, Dana Press editor-in-chief eme...