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Shift Side and Coffee Table by Oato.

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Shift is a minimalist side and coffee table that are laser cut then folded by hand to form the overlapping surfaces that create a double triangle structure.

5 Car Technologies That Will Forever Change How We Drive

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Cool car tech innovations of the future will alter how we interact and connect with our cars, from laser headlights, LCD car key displays, to V2V systems.

Is it a Toy, a Sculpture, or a Radiator?

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The Kangeri Nomadic Radiator might look like a sculptural object for your home but the portable, energy saving device will keep you warm all winter.

Pretty in Pink: An Inspired Nail Salon in Osaka, Japan: Remodelista

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Kolimo+LIM is likely the world's most beautiful place to get a manicure.

Georgian Townhouse Gets A Modern Makeover

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A London flat in is located in a Georgian townhouse and despite keeping many of the classic details, it was refurbished it to look clean and contemporary.

Carpenter who cut off his fingers makes 'Robohand' with 3-D printer

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A South African carpenter lost his fingers in an accident -- now he's making mechanical fingers and hands for others.

12 Inspiring Ways To Hang Art in the Kitchen

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The kitchen is a room often overlooked when it comes to hanging fine art. For inspiration, have a look at how art is displayed in these 12 modern kitchens.

Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition in Milan

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In its 5th year, the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition in Milan doesn't disappoint with works from Todd Bracher, Raw Edges, Scholten & Baijings + more!

Milan Design Week 2014 Highlights Video

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Lots of happenings in Milan this year during Milan Design Week and we were there with CraneTV to capture it all.

Where Furniture Meets Art: Caramel by Yasmin Muller

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Black metal objects that resemble furniture with their functionality stripped away and only the form remains.

A Parasol that Inflates When the Sun is Shining

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Studio Toer does it again with a cloud-like parasol that inflates when the sun is shining with the help of solar panels and deflates when the sun sets.

Fresh From The Dairy: Pops of Pink

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Roundup of Society6 artist-designed pillows, iphone cases and artwork with pops of pink for more sunny and springy times.

Outdoor Party Cart Makes Entertaining Easy

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This outdoor trolley is a minimalist cart and storage system that rolls on four wheels and becomes the perfect serving accessory for your outdoor parties.

Lexus Design Award 2014 Winners

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Explore the winners of the Lexus Design Award 2014 winners and their conceptual designs where curiosity was the theme that challenged the designers.

Transforming Apartment Maximizes Small Space

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With 60 square meters to work with, Vlad Mishin designed this apartment which contains transforming elements hidden within a massive, sculptural wall.

3D-Printed Lamps with Color-Changing Bulbs

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Philips is expanding their smart hue line, where they meld light, art, and intuitive technology, with new 3D printed light fixtures that enhance the bulbs.

Escape to Ibiza to the Award-Winning Villa Terramar

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This ultra-modern, two-building residence is split over several floor-like layers and sits within the natural habitat that surrounds it in Ibiza, Spain.

For Lennart Van Uffelen, There's No Fun in Functionality

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"Functionality Kills the Fun" is a new line of "broken" furniture by Lennart Van Uffelen, inspired by his philosophy "Functionality is overrated!"

A Modern, Black & White Apartment in Poland

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Designed with a single man in mind, this modern, black & white apartment was designed with striking and masculine details, along with hints of bright green.

Abstract Landscapes of Joe Van Wetering

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Need color inspiration? We paired vibrant palettes with three punchy landscapes by Joe Van Wetering that are contrasting visions of pop culture and nature.

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT Means No More Wet Tea Bags

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8 mentions1 day ago 1 day ago
The Tea Cup SlingsHOT is a cup that squeezes every last drop from your used tea bag and stores it while you sip your tea helping to prevent messy drips.

Talking To Chen Chen & Kai Williams + A Giveaway!

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9 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
Chen Chen and Kai Williams talk about their creative process, moving into a new space and exploring how materials want to be formed.

Fulton & Roark's Traveler's Square Solid Cologne

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Fulton & Roark's ultra-compact and TSA container traveler-friendly concentrated solid men's cologne are housed inside all-metal shatterproof designs.

Tiles Inspired by Japanese Textile Dying Techniques

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Deborah Osburn of clé has designed a dreamy tile collection inspired by Japanese textile dying techniques resulting in ethereal watermark like patterns.

MOS: A Simple, Magnetic Cable Organizer

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MOS Magnetic Organization System magnetically holds the ends of your charging cables in place on your desk so you never have to go hunting for them again.

A Dental Office That Feels Like Home

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Designed by Fieldwork Design, this homey dental office was once an old wood shop so the designers wanted to honor the industrial character the building had.

The Stamberg Aferiat House in New York by Stamberg Aferiat

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When I cuddled up before bed last week with my copy of October's Architectural Digest, the front cover featured a rustic stone residence with climbing ivy

Wearable Tech Light That Works with Any Wardrobe

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Whether you're a cyclist, a jogger, or just walking around at night, you can protect yourself with this stylish light device that keeps you seen.

A Stunning Stockholm Apartment

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A stunning Stockholm apartment that's filled with classic parquet flooring and period details, along with a combination of modern and traditional finds.

Him: The Website

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Bjorn Johansson's new interactive project, inspired by Spike Jonze's "Her"