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Karl Rove’s “social welfare” joke: Why it’s so hard to fix shady donor rules

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The hidden problem with shady "dark money" behemoths: How to crack down on them without hurting honest non-profits

A horrifying disease is threatening to destroy the world’s bananas

10 mentions9 hours ago 9 hours ago
The U.N. is warning of the "massive destruction" of the world's banana crop

Saved by Obamacare

3 mentions2 hours ago 2 hours ago
I was beat down by insurance and rarely saw doctors. But under a new plan, I made a call that proved life-changing

Christie-clearing law firm donated $10K to Christie-led group before releasing Christie-exonerating report

3 mentions5 hours ago 5 hours ago
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher gave to the Republican Governors Association less than two weeks before unveiling its report

Finland rolls out amazing, slightly NSFW stamp collection

5 mentions12 hours ago 12 hours ago
Country's postal service will begin selling stamps that feature the "proud homoeroticism" of Tom of Finland

David Foster Wallace was right: Irony is ruining our culture

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David Foster Wallace long ago warned about the cultural snark that now defines popular culture. It's time to listen

Vermont is set to make history as the first state to require GMO labeling

7 mentions26 minutes ago 26 minutes ago
The state Senate passed a bill mandating labels on all processed foods containing GM ingredients

Your cellphone is killing you: What people don’t want you to know about electromagnetic fields

5 mentions4 days ago 4 days ago
The industry doesn't want to admit it, but the science is becoming clearer: Sustained EMF exposure is dangerous

5 reasons why anxiety is so hard to manage (and what you can do to cope)

18 mentions15 hours ago 15 hours ago
If we aren't careful, we can makes things worse. Here are some effective ways to keep your emotions under control

Susana Martinez’s administration sounds familiar

3 mentions50 minutes ago 50 minutes ago
Vindictiveness, politicization of state business and undue influence of operatives aren't unique to New Mexico

Scientists: Australian prime minister is engineering an “environmental train wreck”

6 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
Destructive policies include culling sharks, dumping near the Great Barrier Reef and so much worse

Must-see video: These adorable kids have absolutely no clue what a Walkman is

4 mentions9 hours ago 9 hours ago
Get ready to feel old: In the latest episode of "Kids React," kids discover cassette tapes, and 1970s technology VIDEO

Bill O’Reilly asks John Calipari how he coaches all those crazy black kids

8 mentions13 hours ago 13 hours ago
The Fox News host can't understand how the college basketball coach handles (certain) kids these day VIDEO

Pennsylvania’s natural gas wells are leaking up to 1,000 times more methane than EPA estimates

6 mentions8 hours ago 8 hours ago
More evidence that natural gas drilling, as practiced, is a significant contributor to climate change

GoDaddy gives away blogger’s personal information — and things get really creepy

3 mentions37 minutes ago 37 minutes ago
Three years ago, a writer reported a spam website to GoDaddy. It responded in the worst way possible

ABC News’ rightward lurch

4 mentions1 day ago 1 day ago
Within the last few months, ABC's hired Bill Kristol, Laura Ingraham and Ray Kelly. Why?

“Awesome in its evilness”: How to make GOP pay for its Medicaid nightmare

5 mentions13 hours ago 13 hours ago
Obamacare used to be Democrats’ debacle -- but now it’s time to go on offense. Here’s where Republicans are exposed

Why do we fumble over athletes and rape accusations?

3 mentions5 hours ago 5 hours ago
A New York Times investigation reveals yet another bungled case of sports and alleged abuse

“You’re leaving? Are you effing kidding?” An anti-gay bigot gets humiliated

7 mentions14 hours ago 14 hours ago
Peter LaBarbera came to my college to "expose" the "gay agenda." He wasn't expecting what would happen instead

Jimmy Carter takes a stance against Keystone XL

5 mentions27 minutes ago 27 minutes ago
The former president and a group of Nobel laureates urged Obama to reject the pipeline

O’Reilly’s racial fear-mongering: How a dangerous, tired shtick got worse

7 mentions4 hours ago 4 hours ago
He hectors a basketball coach about the horrors of players raised on “hip-hop stuff.” The coach sets him straight

Colbert’s move to “The Late Show” is about to claim its biggest victim

4 mentions40 minutes ago 40 minutes ago
As Colbert completes his ascendance to the late-night pantheon, one person is bracing for a fall VIDEO

Leo DiCaprio’s biggest secret: He is deeply uncool

7 mentions24 hours ago 24 hours ago
The cargo shorts, the dad sneakers, the lame goatee -- Leo lives his life like an extended middle-age crisis VIDEO

20 remarkable facts you never knew about Stephen Colbert

14 mentions2 hours ago 2 hours ago
Did you know that Colbert originally had a southern accent? Neither did we! VIDEO

Chris Christie update: Guv wants to scrap campaign donation limits

4 mentions12 hours ago 12 hours ago
A few weeks after schmoozing with a profligate billionaire, Christie argues that donation caps are wrong

Domino’s just replaced its pizza crust with fried chicken

9 mentions1 day ago 1 day ago
Presenting the latest fast food atrocity

When sex wouldn’t stop hurting

2 mentions14 hours ago 14 hours ago
For years, I gritted my teeth through life's most "pleasurable" experience. And it's more common than you may think

What’s hot at Tribeca: James Franco, Joss Whedon, eco-terror

2 mentions7 hours ago 7 hours ago
New York's spring film fest launches with urgent political docs, riveting crime films and a brand-new Coppola

Kathie Lee Gifford is a Trojan horse for conservatism

4 mentions17 minutes ago 17 minutes ago
If you thought the "Today" host was just a fun-loving, freewheeling daytime gabber, think again VIDEO

How to deal with jerks (and worse)

6 mentions1 day ago 1 day ago
There is now an academic definition of an a**hole, and knowing it will help you interact with them VIDEO

Paul Ryan’s phony existential drama: How a P.R. stunt took on a life of its own

5 mentions2 hours ago 2 hours ago
Stop saying there's a "new" Paul Ryan. It's all part of a big con that he's pulled before. And we know how it ends

Phyllis Schlafly Claims Women Paid The Same As Men Won't Find Husbands

favicon The Huffington Post
4 mentions11 hours ago 11 hours ago
Days after Senate Republicans unanimously blocked a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, Phyllis Schlafly, founder of "pro-family" organization Eagle Forum, claimed that providing women with equal pay for equal work would deter their chances ...

Glenn Beck: “I feel like I’m wasting my life”

3 mentions8 hours ago 8 hours ago
The right-wing media mogul wants to make movies, says, "I hate politics"

Scalia’s gay nightmare arrives: How an Ohio ruling is driving haters crazy

5 mentions12 hours ago 12 hours ago
With gay marriage bans "tumbling down" across the U.S., expert tells Salon SCOTUS could tackle issue again in 2015

Paul Krugman slams “Obamacare truther” Joe Scarborough for “vile” accusations

5 mentions2 hours ago 2 hours ago
The Times columnist is not amused with the MSNBC host's claim that the White House is trying to "cook the books"

John Yoo’s despicable return: We must stop giving war criminals a platform

5 mentions7 hours ago 7 hours ago
Author of infamous memo authorizing torture is back with more obnoxious opinions. Can't these guys finally go away?


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