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The FCC just sold out the Internet

6 mentions13 hours ago 13 hours ago
A new government proposal abandons the principle of "net neutrality," invites Comcast to start charging tolls

Dem congressman slams Paul Ryan for endorsing Charles Murray’s “racist sewage”

3 mentions14 hours ago 14 hours ago
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver remains seriously disturbed by Ryan's endorsing the controversial "Bell Curve" author VIDEO

Why is no one talking about how unflattering Stephen Colbert’s glasses are?

3 mentions10 hours ago 10 hours ago
Stephen Colbert, call your stylist

What your organic market doesn’t want you to know: The dark truth about quinoa

3 mentions22 minutes ago 22 minutes ago
As the gluten-free food grows in popularity, some are raising questions about the human costs of its production

Massive new fraud coverup: How banks are pillaging homes

favicon while the government watches
7 mentions20 hours ago 20 hours ago
When financial crimes go unpunished, the root problem of fraud never gets fixed -- and these are the consequences

Jodie Foster weds artist Alexandra Hedison

3 mentions7 hours ago 7 hours ago
Jodie Foster weds artist Alexandra Hedison

Missouri GOPers are still trying to impeach Dem Gov. Jay Nixon

2 mentions21 hours ago 21 hours ago
Observers say their chances of success are close to nil, but these state Republicans are doing it anyway

How Netflix is turning viewers into puppets

4 mentions54 minutes ago 54 minutes ago
"House of Cards" gives viewers exactly what Big Data says we want. This won't end well

Bill O’Reilly to Cliven Bundy supporter: What makes you different from Occupy Wall Street?

2 mentions14 hours ago 14 hours ago
The Fox News host grills a member of the militia movement on why it's OK for Bundy to break the law but not OWS VIDEO

The insane lie about slavery that Christian conservatives are spreading

6 mentions21 hours ago 21 hours ago
The religious right's anti-government zeal has led it to assert some glaringly inaccurate things about abolition

Researchers: Monsanto’s GM soy comes with a dose of herbicides

3 mentions11 hours ago 11 hours ago
Samples of the genetically modified crop had "extreme" levels of chemical residues

Harvard economist: Gender is at the root of the pay gap

favicon not jobs
6 mentions18 hours ago 18 hours ago
The GOP needs to stop claiming that women are paid less because they "choose" low pay

Tea Party’s Woodstock fantasy: Cliven Bundy as the wingnuts’ latest ’60s-style protest hero

3 mentions23 hours ago 23 hours ago
Conservative baby boomers finally have their very own anti-establishment festivals. The latest will crack you up

This totally creepy art project will make you think twice about NSA mass surveillance

4 mentions12 hours ago 12 hours ago
The project, installed around New York City, records public conversations and then tweets them as @Conversnitch VIDEO

“Princeton Mom” gets schooled at her alma mater

5 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
A recent panel reveals just how tenuous the "Marry Smart" author's grasp of marriage data really is

Noam Chomsky was right: Why the Koch brothers are obscuring the real enemy

3 mentions21 hours ago 21 hours ago
From Wall Street excess to DC lobbying scandals, we must remember it's institutions -- not people -- that are evil

Sickened family awarded $3 million in landmark fracking case

7 mentions10 hours ago 10 hours ago
"The first fracking verdict in U.S. history” holds the industry responsible for health and property damage

More work, no pay: Why I detest “Literary Citizenship”

3 mentions18 hours ago 18 hours ago
Yes, it's important for writers to be community-oriented. But we also need structures that support paying people

Republican monsters duke it out: The coming “Plutocrats vs. Tea Party” cage match

3 mentions1 hour ago 1 hour ago
Suddenly, suburban GOP donors are coming to a realization: Their party's base is the heartland. Where've they been?

Why Facebook’s new plan to blow up Facebook will fail

3 mentions19 hours ago 19 hours ago
Mark Zuckerberg's plan to push mobile users out of the core Facebook app is doomed

Texas air quality program calls out the oil and gas industry, promptly loses its funding

4 mentions14 hours ago 14 hours ago
Don't mess with Texas?

Chris Christie update: Still more subpoenas

3 mentions21 hours ago 21 hours ago
Christie's spokesman as well as a high-ranking figure at the Port Authority are among those served

Chris Christie, crummy father: Outrageous award suggests out-of-touch GOP still wants gov

3 mentions22 hours ago 22 hours ago
Laugh-out-loud award for the embattled governor proves some don't realize the conservative/liberal parenting divide

Sean Hannity will have blood on his hands: Fox News promotes Cliven Bundy’s war

6 mentions14 hours ago 14 hours ago
Cliven Bundy's "range war" is only getting more tense -- and Fox News seems determined to touch off the tinderbox