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The difference between a Not Writer and a Writer...

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Alex Vance considers the problem of the Not-Writer, a fine addition to our ongoing archive on writing. The daily routines of famous writers should leave little doubt that the single most important...

Why has Tesco suddenly changed nut allergy information on its products?

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The supermarket giant has added warnings to a variety of unlikely foods, from baked beans to pizza. Is the food different now, or is it just the labels?

Neurocomic: A Graphic Novel About How the Brain Works

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From the caves of memory to the castles of deception, by way of naughty neurotransmitters and giddy ganglia.Scientists are only just beg

20 lies parents tell their children

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Tim Lott: Like it or not, lies are a big part of family life – here's my handy guide for children


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Arbejdsglaede – they have it: If Valerie doesn't make you smile, no one will. She is proof that almost no matter what job you have, you can have arbejdsglaede.Arbejdsglaede at NASA after the successful landing of the Curiosity Mars rover.This German DJ may have a little too much arbejdsglaede. In any case, he is beyond …

Missing boy existed only on Facebook

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Woman in custody after boy reported missing on Friday and parents turn out to be a construct of false Facebook accounts

Coma alarm dreams

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Intensive Care Medicine has published a wonderfully written and vivid account from a teenager who spent time brain injured and hallucinating in an intensive care unit. The writer describes how he w...

Run Your Meeting Like a Boss: Lessons from Mayer, Musk, and Jobs

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Bring data, use first principles thinking, and other ways three top technology CEOs run a tight (but effective) meeting.

5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans

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Americans think it's normal to hate their jobs. Let us introduce you to the Danish concept of arbejdsglde. It means happiness at work. Here's how...

Parents still spank their kids for trivial reasons even when researchers are listening in

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Parents who spank their kids apparently aren't bothered by the raging debate.

Human fish and the 10-stone toddler: the weird world of British Pathé

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British Pathé has uploaded 3,500 hours of historic footage to YouTube. Stephen Moss dives into the archive and discovers the mind-boggling strangeness of our recent past

1,000 Customers in a Row at Connecticut Starbucks Pay for Orders of Person Behind Them

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Customers at a Starbucks drive-thru in Newington, Conn. are passing along the holiday cheer this week by paying it forward to the person behind them – in astonishing numbers. It started on the morning of Christmas Eve, when the coffee drinkers began footing the bill for the order ...

1950's LSD Experiment

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This footage accompanied the 'In Case of Emergency Break Glass' gallery presentation. SOURCE:...

South Korea ferry passengers recall moments of bravery from crew

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Public verdict against Sewol crew has been savage and quick but accounts of individual acts of heroism have also emerged

James Mitchell: 'I'm just a guy who got asked to do something for his country'

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Interview: Psychologist who designed CIA's post-9/11 torture program insists he has nothing to apologise for – and attacks 'people with a Jack Bauer mentality who don't understand how intel works'

6 Words You Should Say Today

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Very rarely does one sentence have immediate impact on me. Very rarely does one sentence change the way I interact with my family. But this one did.

How Dads Influence Teens' Happiness

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The influence of fathers on their teenage children has long been overlooked. Now researchers are finding surprising ways in which dads make a difference

Focus on attachment in parenting policy is misplaced

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A recent report from the Sutton Trust is the latest in a line of recommendations for family policy to focus on promoting secure attachment between parents and their children. What puzzles me is why the…

Our Mars Orbiter Looked Down and Saw Our Mars Rover

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From space, the U.S. Curiosity rover looks scarab-like.

Mary Roach discusses Gulp with Jesse Bering

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Mary Roach comes to Strand to celebrate the paperback release of her latest book. Having already explored the strange worlds and weird science behind death (...

Extravagant CEO pay doesn't reflect performance – it's all about status

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Will Hutton: the rise in super-salaries has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with keeping up in a status race

Eco-terrorist sentenced to read Malcolm Gladwell

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Rebecca Rubin ordered to read Gladwell's David and Goliath while she serves five-year sentence for arson offences

The Mail on Sunday food bank backlash exposes a media power struggle

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Roy Greenslade: The Twittersphere now has the power to turn a national press story on its head – but don't expect the papers to change their ways

Do You Walk Enough?

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This is an easy, passive way to find out.

CIA torture architect breaks silence to defend 'enhanced interrogation'

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Exclusive: Psychologist James Mitchell 'highly skeptical' of Senate report on CIA torture and defends program as a success