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Farmers Seeking Heat Relief Signal Brazil Climate Peril

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Brazil may see a mass migration of crops and farm workers from huge swaths of currently tillable lands to more temperate zones as global warming takes hold, according to leading climate experts in the country.

Students Against Peabody Energy

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Find us on Twitter at @WUStopPeabody and Facebook

Solar Jobs Growing at 10 Times the National Average

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Solar jobs provide hope for millions of Americans and veterans currently out of work at all skill levels, education, and experience.

Wash U Sit-In Enters Historic 3rd Week: Peabody Moment of Truth Arrives

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In an emerging public relations nightmare for Washington University officials, the sit-in against Peabody Energy

Texas freezes agency's funding after air pollution data released

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The Alamo Area Council of Governments had its funding frozen after releasing data linking oil and gas drilling to worsening air pollution.

Drought will cause avocado, lettuce prices to spike up to 34%, study says (CHART)

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Here's another way that California's drought is going to affect every day life: We're likely to be paying a lot more for all kinds of produce, from lettuce to tomatoes to avocados. According to a s...

Opinion: Keystone will worsen climate change

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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Rep. Henry Waxman say read deep, and you'll see the federal Keystone pipeline report spells out the pipeline is bad news

Sexton fields student questions at final town hall

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NYU President John Sexton adressed student concerns during town hall.

Why the Great Wash U Sit-in Against Peabody Coal Matters: Which Side Are You on?

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Will other schools, alumni groups -- and investors in Peabody Energy -- follow the lead of the Washington U. students?... Reacts to President Obama's Delay on Keystone Pipeline Decision

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Announcement Comes on Heels of Latino Group Joining Opposition to Project's Pollution Impacts

Canadian government scolds Jimmy Carter over position on Keystone XL pipeline

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WASHINGTON - The Keystone XL pipeline issue has created a tiff between a former U.S. president and the Canadian government.

Earth Day SF Action Parade & Rally

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We are building a grassroots climate movement, working for deep CO2 emission reductions in the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond.

Drunken Trees: Dramatic Signs of Climate Change

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As the permafrost melts in the north, forests no longer grow straight.

Canada becoming launch-pad of a global tar sands and oil shale frenzy

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Martin Lukacs: A worldwide extreme energy boom, modelled after Canada's, is unleashing weapons of mass ecological destruction

Keystone XL cops – incompetent at all levels

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John Abraham: US Department of State report on Keystone XL climate impacts displays shocking incompetence

Why Air Pollution Is A Racial Issue

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Nonwhite Americans are breathing dirtier air than their white counterparts -- putting them at greater risk for long-term health problems.

Drought -- and neighbors -- press Las Vegas to conserve water

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LAS VEGAS — Deep beneath Lake Mead, a 23-foot-tall tunnel-boring machine grinds through stubborn bedrock in a billion-dollar effort to make sure water continues flowing to this thirsty resort city.

Keystone XL pipeline protesters gather in Washington

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Anti-pipeline "Reject and Protect" protesters are gathering in Washington, D.C., this week to pound the Obama administration with a visual demonstration of their opposition to Keystone XL.

Jimmy Carter comes out against Keystone XL pipeline

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Jimmy Carter will urge President Obama Wednesday to block the Keystone XL pipeline