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Heartbleed security flaw may not be as dangerous as thought

favicon The Verge
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After this week's massive Heartbleed bug, one of the biggest concerns was that the bug might leak a website's private SSL keys, the key to the green lock that secures data sent to users. It's...

Big food: Michael Pollan thinks Wall Street has way too much influence over what we eat

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Michael Pollan explains what studying the food system taught him about capitalism, and more

Obamacare Enrollment Hits 8 Million, Age Mix Looks Like Massachusetts

favicon New Republic
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A very, very good day for the Affordable Care Act, the officials who fought for it, and the people benefiting from it.

Climate benefit of biofuels from corn residue: Researchers cast doubt

favicon ScienceDaily
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Biofuels made from corn stover -- stalks, leaves and cobs that remain after harvest -- appear to emit more carbon dioxide over their life cycle than federal standards allow, according to new research. The findings cast doubt on whether corn residue can be used to meet federal mandates ...

White House: 8 million people signed up for Obamacare

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The number comes after's botched rollout, which led to few sign-ups in the fall.

Our health spending problem is all about prices

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Understand the News

Don't worry, soda. America still loves you.

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Despite recent trends, Americans still drink a lot more soda than their peers around the world.

EPA Orders Withdrawal of Nanotechnology Food Packaging from Market

favicon Center for Food Safety
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Major step for consumer protection lauded by Center for Food SafetyCenter for Food Safety (CFS) today commended Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for ordering Pathway Corporation to stop selling plastic food containers containing nano silver.“This is the first time a nanotechnology-based product used on food has been withdrawn from ...

The Dirt: Food & Farming News and Views

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Food, agriculture and environmental health news by FERN

You Will Eat Your Peas Now as Big Food Binges on Protein

favicon Bloomberg
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Deep inside the General Mills Inc. research lab in Golden Valley, Minnesota, food technician Faith Perry mixes up the company’s new Larabar with a special ingredient that’s several thousand years old.

No, this study doesn't show marijuana wrecks your brain

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A new study found casual marijuana use correlates with differences in a person's brain structure, but the findings don't show the drug will wreck your brain.

What independent coffee shops say about where we live

favicon Washington Post
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Mapping the "positive markers of a living community" in San Francisco, Portland and New York.

Before Game of Thrones, no one named babies "Khaleesi." In 2012, it beat the name "Betsy."

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Game of Thrones fans are using Daenerys Targaryen's royal title as a baby name — and it isn't even a name!

Felix Salmon is leaving Reuters for the Fusion network because the future of media is “post text”

favicon Gigaom
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Financial and media blogger Felix Salmon says he is leaving Reuters to join Fusion, a cable channel co-owned by ABC and Univision, because the future of storytelling and communication is not in text but in video, animation and other digital experiments

It's not just Kansas City: anti-Semitic violence is on the rise globally

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The Kansas City attack is part of a rising global trend of violent attacks targeting Jews.

Tumbleweeds Reclaim West Amid Drought, Blocking Roads And Canals

favicon The Huffington Post
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ORDWAY, Colo. (AP) — Mini-storms of tumbleweed have invaded the drought-stricken prairie of southern Colorado, blocking rural roads and irrigation canals, and briefly barricading homes and an elementary school. Firefighters even had to cut a p...

Soldiering on an Empty Stomach

favicon The American Prospect
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Since the start of the Recession, the dollar amount of food stamps used at military commissaries, special stores that can be used by active-duty, retired, and some veterans of the armed forces has qua

Writing to the End

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Seven tips to help complete a project

California drought: How water crisis is worse for almonds

favicon SFGate
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Atwater, -- Merced County - A huge shift away from annual crops to nut trees has transformed the California farm belt over the past two decades and left farmers perilously vulnerable to the severe drought that is currently gripping the state.California farmers have spent past years busily ripping ...

Biofuels Might Hold Back Progress Combating Climate Change

favicon Scientific American
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The latest IPCC report notes the risks of devoting cropland to fuel rather than food

We’re almost out of money for roads

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Where we're going, we don't need roads. And it's a good thing too, because the government fund that pays for their construction and repair is going to run out of money this summer.

Big Leaks Found in Pennsylvania Fracking Wells

favicon Scientific American
13 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
Methane escapes from natural gas wells even before fracking, according to new direct measurements from flying over in an airplane

NSA knew about Heartbleed, exploited it for two years

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As predicted, the huge Internet security vulnerability was used by the NSA. We should not be surprised, but furious

Did USDA mislead the public, Congress about injury risks for poultry workers?

favicon Washington Post
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Federal officials are feuding over whether faster poultry processing would cause more injuries to workers.