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USDA targets food stamp fraud

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The USDA is going after people who sell food stamps for money.

These 11 graphics show how bad local food insecurity can be in America

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A new report charts the high level of food insecurity in the nation's counties and congressional districts.

Is U.S. sports culture too hung up on coaches?

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USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann recently gave a quote about youth soccer that could be applied to American sports in general. In short, managers and coaches should stop micromanaging every little thing and let the players figure it out for themselves. Words to live by?

Attention Shoppers: Fruit and Vegetable Prices Are Rising

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Shoppers may soon need more green in their wallets to afford their next salad.

Withered California Fruit Seen Raising Food Costs

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The drought that is withering vegetable and fruit crops in California may push up food prices more than the dry spell that ravaged the Corn Belt in 2012, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said.

U.S. Grain Losses Seen Up to $6.3 Billion on China Ban

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China’s rejection of U.S. grain grown with seeds genetically modified by Syngenta AG may cost U.S. growers as much as $6.3 billion in losses through August 2015, a U.S. trade group estimated.

Obama renews support for biotechnology crops, praises Borlaug in letter

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Obama says Borlaug was instrumental in supporting, expanding research in biotechnology

Boehner aide: No change on immigration

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The Speaker reportedly told donors he is "hellbent" on getting legislation done this year.

Poll: McDaniel gaining on Cochran in Miss. primary

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The incumbent takes 52 percent support to McDaniel’s 35 percent, up from 24 percent in Dec.

Texas Cotton ‘Desert’ Boosting Cost for Clothing Makers

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The layer of dust on Jeremy Brown’s cotton fields in west Texas is increasing the chance that Americans will start paying more for underwear or blue jeans.

Grassley worried about methane reduction plan’s impact on farms

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Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wonders if the Obama administration could force farmers to use expensive equipment to break down methane.

From Tex-Mex and pork rinds to fitness and veggies, a change in Obama White House

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Out: Tex-Mex Thursdays and unhealthy vending machine foods. In: Exercise and hummus with veggies.

Adam Posen: This is Japan's chance to lead TPP talks- Nikkei Asian Review

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It is time at last for Japan to play its agricultural card. Right now, we are coming to a critical juncture in the pre-TPP bilateral negotiations betw

Time Is Running Out for Big Bills

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By the time Congress gets back, there will be little appetite for major legislation before the election.

U.S.-Japan squabble over beef threatens Trans-Pacific Partnership

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WASHINGTON— After more than four years and 20 rounds of negotiations, the world's biggest free-trade deal in a generation has come down in good part to this: the United States and Japan squabbling over beef.

Profits increase for cow-calf ranchers

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Cow-calf ranchers may be the last romantics of American agriculture. And these days that romance stands to be profitable — very profitable. Young 550-pound steers on the southern Plains are commanding prices 30 percent higher than a year ago. With corn down almost as much in the same ...

CBO says food stamp costs could drop by $24 billion

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After the buckets of political blood spilled over food stamps this past year, the Congressional Budget Office has quietly lowered its cost estimate for the nutrition program by $24 billion over the next decade. The “technical” adjustment is tucked into a report issued Monday and reflects revisions in ...

GMO bill reignites labeling fight

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Legislation seeks only voluntary labeling regulations for genetically modified food.

Kathleen Sebelius has spent 1,809 days in President Obama’s Cabinet. Five people have served longer.

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President Obama's Cabinet, ranked by days served.

Beef prices hit all-time high in U.S.

2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Come grilling season, expect your sirloin steak to come with a hearty side of sticker shock.

Tax Report: As Tax Day Nears, Where Does Your Money Go?

1 week ago 1 week ago
Three nonprofit, nonpartisan groups help answer that and other questions that may be on the minds of many taxpayers as April 15 approaches.

US orange production hit by disease, juice prices soar

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A citrus disease spread by a tiny insect has devastated Florida's orange crop, which is expected to be the worst in nearly 30 years, and sent juice prices soaring on New York markets. The gnat-sized Asian citrus psyllid, which is infecting citrus trees across the Sunshine State with ...

The 'no sizzle' politician: Why Tom Vilsack is a good Agriculture Secretary, but fizzled as a presidential hopeful

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The Secretary of Agriculture on 2016, why immigration reform is critical to the food supply and the changing face of the American farm

Regulator Without Peer

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The Wall Street Journal reports that by at least one measure, Obama surpasses all of his predecessors.