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So now it's seven a day? Here's my easy alternative: just stop eating rubbish

favicon the Guardian
1 week ago 1 week ago
Alex Renton: Nanny Britain's fruit and veg regime will never work while the list includes fruitcake and sugar-laden drinks

Soda Sales On The Decline For Ninth Straight Year

favicon Earth Eats - Indiana Public Media
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
As soda sales drop for a ninth straight year, diet soda sees a particularly large plummet amid health concerns.

Scientists Condemn New FDA Study Saying BPA Is Safe: "It Borders on Scientific Misconduct"

favicon Mother Jones
1 week ago 1 week ago
Researchers working on a joint NIH-FDA program to better regulate harmful chemicals accuse the agency of undermining their research with a flawed and deceptive study.

Frozen food makers plan PR push as sales slip

favicon The Big Story
1 week ago 1 week ago
NEW YORK (AP) — Frozen foods are about to get some badly needed image therapy.

Leaders of Teaching Hospitals Have Close Ties to Drug Companies, Study Shows

favicon Truthout
1 week ago 1 week ago
Pharmaceutical company payments to doctors extend far beyond rank-and-file clinicians and deep into the leadership of America's teaching hospitals.

The Ins and Outs of Processed Food with Andy Bellatti

favicon Sarah Stanley
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Every Thursday at 8pm EST #wellnesschat happens. It's a live conversation with a guest and a vibrant community of people all seeking to live healthier, informed lives. Come join us some evening! The first Thursday of every month Andy Bellatti is guest. Here's the recap from Thursday, April ...

POLITICO Morning Agriculture

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7 days ago 7 days ago
A daily briefing on agriculture and food policy. Exclusive editions available to POLITICO Pro subscribers

Costco to dump $2.6m of peanut butter in New Mexico landfill

favicon the Guardian
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Nearly 1m jars to be dumped in landfill and 'covered with dirt' to help expedite sale of bankrupt peanut-processing

Politics, Political News

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2 days ago 2 days ago
POLITICO covers political news with a focus on national politics, Congress, Capitol Hill, lobbying, advocacy, and more.POLITICO's in-depth coverage includes video features, regular blogs, photo galleries, cartoons, and political forums.

How a PepsiCo flavor partner fooled Wall Street and the press

favicon Al Jazeera America
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
The food and beverage giant's new sweetener causes confusion with claims of FDA approval

NCAA Confiscates Reporter's Cat Mug

favicon Deadspin
5 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
This may shock you, given its mission as a nonprofit devoted to the needs of its student-athletes, but the NCAA will fucking cut you if you threaten its corporate sponsorships. Those extend even to the drinking vessels used by media sitting courtside for tournament games. One intrepid Wall ...

Fast Food Workers Will Protest Again Today. Here's What They're Up Against.

favicon Mother Jones
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
A new report sheds light on the influence of the restaurant industry lobby in the fight against a higher minimum wage.

The Atlantic — News and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international, and life

favicon The Atlantic
1 week ago 1 week ago
Leading scientists recently identified a dozen chemicals as being responsible for widespread behavioral and cognitive problems. But the scope of the chemical dangers in our environment is likely even greater. Why children and the poor are most susceptible to neurotoxic exposure that may be costing the U.S. billions ...

How the meat industry killed the free market

11 mentions3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
Reporter Christopher Leonard reveals the truth about poultry giant Tyson's exploitative monopoly

Voluntary vs. Mandatory GMO Labeling: Apples and Oranges

favicon Center for Food Safety
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
We often hear that there’s no reason to label genetically engineered foods because companies can already voluntarily label whether or not their products contain GMOs. This disingenuous claim was parroted by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg just this week in front of the House Appropriations ...

Restaurants to foodies: Enough about food. What about the people?

favicon the Guardian
21 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
New York City restaurants challenge foodies to think beyond what's on their plate to who's in the kitchen

How ''Extreme Levels'' of Monsanto's Herbicide Roundup in Food Became the Industry Norm

favicon Truthout
3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago
Food and feed quality are crucial to human and animal health. Surprisingly, almost no data exist in the scientific literature on herbicide residues in GMO plants, even after nearly 20 years on the market.

ASUC bill urges support for citywide soda tax to promote healthier community

favicon The Daily Californian
4 weeks ago 4 weeks ago
The passage of the bill reflects the Senate’s support of a soda-tax on the city’s ballot in November while promoting health education on campus through ongoing conversations with the university. The proposed soda tax, which the bill recommends that the campus implement, would tax sugar-sweetened beverage distributors, theoretically ...

Almost 90% of Fast Food Workers Say They've Experienced Wage Theft

favicon Gawker
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Last month, fast food workers across America filed several class action lawsuits alleging illegal wage theft by their employers. If you think that's a far-fetched problem, take a look at these new poll results.

Chicago Public Schools says chicken nuggets in school lunch program are made with chicken nuggets

favicon WBEZ 91.5 Chicago
2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
The school district turns over documents to WBEZ that make true ingredients impossible to know.

There Are Too Many White People In Clinical Trials, And It's A Bigger Problem Than You Think

favicon ThinkProgress
7 days ago 7 days ago
Research into cancer among minority groups is stalling at the same time as non-white Americans are bearing more of the country's cancer burden.