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Looking For Tom Lehrer, Comedy's Mysterious Genius

favicon BuzzFeed
72 mentions6 days ago 6 days ago
Tom Lehrer is considered one of the most influential figures in comedy — despite a body of work consisting of just 37 pitch-black songs and a career that stopped abruptly when the countercult...

Longform Reprints: The Rise and Fall of a Super Freak by Mike Sager

favicon Longform
4 mentions1 day ago 1 day ago
Rick James was one of the biggest names in the music industry—until he discovered freebase cocaine. An interview with the former King of Funk at Folsom Prison leads to a friendship with the author. His autographed copy of this book was found beside his deathbed.

Burkhard Bilger: The Dark and Dangerous World of Extreme Cavers

favicon The New Yorker
7 mentions8 hours ago 8 hours ago
Caving is both the oldest of pastimes and the most uncertain. It’s a game played in the dark or on an invisible field. Deep caving demands what Bill Stone calls siege logistics. It’s not so much a matter of conquering a cave as outlasting it.

It’s Adventure Time

11 mentions1 day ago 1 day ago
The bizarre magic of the world’s greatest kid’s—is it for kids?—television show.

The Dead Zoo Gang

53 mentions5 days ago 5 days ago
A globetrotting saga about international rhino horn thieves.

Longform Archive: Amanda Hess

favicon Longform
2 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago posts great new and classic non-fiction articles, curated from across the web.

What's Wrong With Sentimentality?

favicon The Atlantic
15 mentions3 days ago 3 days ago
A conversation with Leslie Jamison, author of The Empathy Exams

Evaporated in Syria, the World’s Most Dangerous Place for Journalists

favicon Vanity Fair
7 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
James Harkin picks up the trail of two colleagues who vanished in 2012.

The Islamic Sex Cult Supporting Turkey's Prime Minister

favicon Balkanist
1 week ago 1 week ago
Harun Yahya is said to be the messianic leader of an apocalyptic Islamic sex cult. He's also rumored to have ties to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

Karl Ove Knausgaard Interview: A Literary Star Struggles With Regret

favicon New Republic
21 mentions4 days ago 4 days ago
He became the literary star of 2014 by exposing his every secret. Now he hates himself for it.

Just Cheer, Baby

28 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
Fed up with working long hours for meager wages, a Raiderette named LACY T. recently filed a lawsuit in search of fair pay. She might just end up changing the system.

The Talk

13 mentions6 days ago 6 days ago
A new sex ed for boys

A Q&A With A Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

favicon The Awl
2 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Darrell did not cry when the mortgage crisis killed new home construction, putting him out of work. Instead, he packed up his bags and joined his girlfriend in

Pamela Anderson Interview

favicon ELLE
4 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
Has the ultimate babe been one step ahead of us all along?

Who's Behind Newsweek?

favicon Mother Jones
1 week ago 1 week ago
Pastor David Jang hopes that media companies will "rain down blessings" on his Christian sect.

The Early David Letterman 1967-1980 by Kliph Nesteroff

favicon WFMU's Beware of the Blog
3 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
"Every Sunday at my house we had ... dinner early ... and watched The Ed Sullivan Show. Whether we wanted to or not. Whether we enjoyed it or not. That was my first lesson in show business. I don't think...

Birdie Africa: The Lost Boy

favicon Philadelphia Magazine
1 week ago 1 week ago
Almost 30 years ago, 13-year-old Birdie Africa became the face of the West Philadelphia MOVE disaster, the only child to survive the bombing of that infamous Osage Avenue house. Last Fall he drowned in a cruise-ship hot tub, as alone and mysterious in death as he was in ...

Up, and Away

favicon Washingtonian
4 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
He’s sitting on his couch, shirtless, hunched over a hard-earned belly, breathing hard-earned air, in and out, trying to remember. His face droops, and his right side is numb. “Aw, Christ,” he says. “What the hell am I trying to...

US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest

favicon The Big Story
357 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — In July 2010, Joe McSpedon, a U.S.

How a troubled romance fueled a string of nearly 80 arsons in Virginia's rural Accomack County

favicon Washington Post
4 days ago 4 days ago
Love and Fire: In Virginia's rural Accomack County, a troubled romance was behind a string of 77 arsons.

Secrets of the Tax-Prep Business

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions1 day ago 1 day ago
What do refund lenders see when they look at poor neighborhoods?

A Broken Place: The Spectacular Failure Of The Startup That Was Going To Change The World

favicon Fast Company
97 mentions5 days ago 5 days ago
With almost $1billion in funding and ambitions to replace petroleum-based cars with a network of cheap electrics, Shai Agassis Better Place was...

The most trafficked mammal you've never heard of

67 mentions5 days ago 5 days ago
CNN's John Sutter goes undercover in Southeast Asia to learn why this bizarre, scale-covered mammal -- which has been called a walking pinecone and a modern-day dinosaur -- is trafficked by the ton.

Meet the Bag Man: How to buy college football players, in the words of a man who delivers the money

34 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
How some college football players are bought, in the words of a man who delivers the money.

The High Priestess of Fraudulent Finance

favicon Smithsonian
2 mentions1 week ago 1 week ago
Her claim of being

Ryan Lizza: Crossing Chris Christie

favicon The New Yorker
15 mentions3 days ago 3 days ago
What does the bridge scandal say about Chris Christie’s ability to handle New Jersey’s notorious politics? His mentor, former Governor Thomas Kean, says that one of Christie’s flaws “is that he makes enemies and keeps them.”

Haverford Hoops!

favicon Sports Illustrated Longform
5 mentions2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago
In the early 1990s, a team from a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania embarked on a harrowing streak, bringing pain and joy—and bonding a group of men together forever


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