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Digging Up a Medieval Latrine: Photos

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A series of barrels were apparently once used as toilets in Medieval Denmark.

Going Viral in the Nineteenth Century by Rebecca Onion - Roundtable

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The American reader of any nineteenth-century newspaper or magazine would be confronted at end of an article with short pieces of filler that contained odd and compelling little stories to distract from the serious news of the day. Known

100-Year-Old Message In A Bottle Plucked From Baltic Sea

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The beer bottle was tossed into the sea in 1913 and recovered by a fisherman last month. It is thought to be the oldest ever "message in a bottle."

Lapham's Quarterly: Revolution

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Lapham's Quarterly embodies the belief that history is the root of all education, scientific and literary as well as political and economic.

Job Requirements

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The Duties of the Revolutionist to Himself 1. The revolutionist is a person doomed. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed in the single

Most overrated battle?

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Most overrated battle of the Revolutionary War? Why?Saratoga. It wasn't a turning point and the general who theoretically won it, Horatio Gates, was a coward and a fake. -Thomas FlemingNot a battle, but one of the most famous events of the war: Paul Revere’s ride was a brave,

Lapham's Quarterly: the Podcast by Lapham's Quarterly

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