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Biologists help solve fungi mysteries

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( —A new genetic analysis revealing the previously unknown biodiversity and distribution of thousands of fungi in North America might also reveal a previously underappreciated contributor to climate change.

Weekend wildlife break in West Cork 23-25 May

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Join the Ireland's Wildlife team on a fantastic Discover Wildlife Weekend in West Cork this spring and experience Irish wildlife at its best!

Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture of the State of Florida for period beginning Jan. 1, 1897 and ending Dec. 31,1898

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Florida Commissioner of Agriculture's 5th. biennial report covers public lands, immigration, fertilizers, agriculture, climate, and state prisons. Reports of...

Wildlife Fences Alter Ecosystems and Lead to Disappearance of Certain Species

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Wildlife fences are constructed to protect wildlife from poachers, to prevent the spread of disease and lower the threat of human-wildlife conflict. Despite these conservation benefits construction of fences should be considered as the last resort, according to a new finding.

Harvey Wasserman: Fighting Our Fossil-Nuke Extinction

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How petro-pollution and nuclear fallout interact remains largely unstudied, but the answers can’t be good. And it’s clearer than ever that we won’t survive without ridding our planet of both.- 2014/04/08

Reef fish arrived in two waves

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( —The world's reefs are hotbeds of biological diversity, including over 4,500 species of fish. A new study shows that the ancestors of these fish colonized reefs in two distinct waves, before and after the mass extinction event about 66 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Invitation to Wetland Mapping Consortium Webinar, April 16, 3PM EST

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Wetland Mapping Consortium Members, Our next WMC webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. eastern, 2:00 p.m. central, 1:00 p.m...

Opération dans l'est de l'Ukraine

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Le ministre de l'intérieur, Arsène Avakov, évoque « des morts et des blessés » parmi « les séparatistes » dans la ville de Slaviansk.

Study tests theory that life originated at deep sea vents

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One of the greatest mysteries facing humans is how life originated on Earth. Scientists have determined approximately when life began (roughly 3.8 billion years ago), but there is still intense debate about exactly how life began. One possibility - that simple metabolic reactions emerged near ancient ...

Eat the Invaders Program Is Working in Jamaica

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KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Jamaica is reporting a big decline in sightings of lionfish, the voracious invasive species that has been wreaking havoc on regional reefs for years and wolfing down native juvenile fish and crustaceans....

Les chenilles processionnaires font leurs premières victimes

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Des habitants de la route de Saint-Cergue se plaignent d'une invasion de ces insectes.

A Non Earth directed CME at 2014-04-08 23:12:00 UTC

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This Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), or plasma cloud, could be directed at Earth or be a backside event. Because these pictures/videos are taken from one vantag...

Prehistoric 'Tasmanian Tiger' was a Tiny Killer

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An extinct marsupial hunter only the size of a fox may have hunted prey larger than itself.


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La prolifération des crapauds épineux a fait parler de lui de Toamasina à Vatomandry en passant par Brickaville depuis deux semaines. Les nouvelles ont vite passé de bouche à oreille créant la panique chez les populations des sites concernés car il s’agit d’une espèce de crapaud venimeux.

Endangered butterfly defies climate change with new diet and habitat

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Quino checkerspot, native to Mexico and California, shifts to higher altitude and chooses new species of plant for laying eggs

Legendary Stradivarius Loses to New Violins in Blind Tests

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Despite myths about original Strads and Guarneri violins, expert soloists pick new instruments more often in blind tests. The study suggests that perception may cloud listeners' senses in the debate between old and new.


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L'écrevisse de Louisiane menace la biodiversité d'un étang de ce village villeneuvois. Un appel aux bénévoles est lancé pour les pêcher

Invasive Pests on Moving Firewood

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Vin Vasive speaks out on one of his favorite ways of getting around -- people moving firewood. Learn more at

Secret dinosaur footprints unearthed in WA's north

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A research group is conducting the first detailed study of dinosaur trackways in WA's Kimberley region.

Invasive plants aren’t just for teaching science

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So near the 271st anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's April 13 birthday, I wanted to take a few moments to thank him for exhorting his countrymen to deluge the new nation with new types of veg...

USA TODAY: Latest World and US News -

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The Nation's Newspaper provides you with up-to-date coverage of US and international news, weather, entertainment, finance, and more.

Invasive species hitchhike on water sports kit

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Invasive species could be hitching a ride on canoeists' and anglers' kit as they move between waterways, say scientists.

MPR: Farmers irrigating without permits as groundwater levels drop

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An in-depth new MPR News investigation reveals that Minnesota farmers in many cases are sucking up valuable public water for crop irrigation without state

America's Help Needed to Squash the Spread of USDA's Targeted 'Hungry Pests'

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Digital Journal is a digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries around the world. Join us!

Putin Says Further Violations by Ukraine Will Compel Russia to Cut Off Gas

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Russian energy giant Gazprom will be compelled to switch over to prepaid gas deliveries to Ukraine or completely cut off natural gas supplies, should the country further violate its terms of payment, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote Thursday in an open letter to 18 European leaders.