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Why lowering hiring standards for border agents erodes trust, puts public safety at risk

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Donald Trump James Comey ObamaCare By Manuel Rodriguez, Opinion Contributor - Don't miss a brief. Sign up for our daily email. The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 Washington ...

Bill to penalize 'sanctuary cities' fails in Louisiana House

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BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Taking aim at New Orleans, the Republican-controlled Louisiana House fell six votes short of advancing a bill to penalize so-called "sanctuary cities" that limit cooperation ...

Immigration arrests up 38% nationwide under Trump

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In the 100 days since President Trump signed an executive order to enhance immigration enforcement, the arrests of undocumented immigrants is up 38% from the same time period in 2016,

Supreme Court leaves in place a ruling that struck down N.C.'s voter ID law

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The Supreme Court is leaving in place a ruling that struck down North Carolina's voter identification law as unconstitutional because it was intended to suppress the votes of African Americans.

What right-wing populism? Polls reveal that it’s liberalism that’s surging.

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For liberals, one of most disturbing things about the 2016 election was that it seemed to indicate a massive lurch to the right in a country they thought was getting ...

Jeanette Vizguerra, Colorado's most famous undocumented immigrant, has been granted a stay of deportation

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Fearing that she would be detained and deported at a regular check-in with immigration authorities, Jeanette Vizguerra has been living in Denver’s First Unitarian Society since Feb. 15, 2017. On ...

"No place is safe": This is what happens to kids when an undocumented parent is detained

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In a small stucco home in San Leandro, California, eight-year-old Kevin is playing Minecraft at his kitchen table when the phone rings. His little sister hands the phone to their ...