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In Interview, Trump Expresses Anger at Sessions and Comey, and Warns Mueller

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“I don’t think we’re under investigation,” he said. “I’m not under investigation. For what? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Describing a newly disclosed informal conversation he had with President Vladimir ...

In Minneapolis, Unusual Police Killing Raises an Old Outcry: Why?

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The events of the next few minutes will be anatomized and argued over and, maybe, at some point, contested in court. But this much is established: As the squad car ...

Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Mueller’s Investigators

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Mr. Trump also said Mr. Mueller would be going outside his mandate if he begins investigating matters unrelated to Russia, like the president’s personal finances. Mr. Trump repeatedly declined to ...

Obamacare’s Future Now Depends on an Unhappy White House

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But the Trump administration, rather than working to solve those problems, has mostly described them as failures of the previous administration. The White House has declined to say whether it ...

These Americans Hated the Health Law. Until the Idea of Repeal Sank In.

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“I can’t even remember why I opposed it,” said Patrick Murphy, who owns Bagel Barrel, on a quaint and bustling street near Mr. Brahin’s law office here in Doylestown. He ...