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8 Portraits Of Refugees That Will Help You Understand The Refugee Experience

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What happens after you come to the United States if you’re a refugee? How do you assimilate? Photographer Brandon Hill attempts to answer those questions through his new photo series ...

Bread and Roses: helping refugee women blossom

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“The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too.” So said Rose Schneiderman, a prominent trade union leader of the early 1900s. That’s the motto of Bread and ...

As street fighting rages in Mosul, residents run for safety

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HASANSHAM, Iraq – Slipping out of west Mosul under cover of darkness, Safa gashed her foot on a jagged metal spike placed at the roadside by extremists to puncture the ...

Refugee-turned-lawyer helps others start the path in Portland

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*** 2 p.m. *** She came to the airport as a lawyer. She soon became a ringmaster, a one-stop welcome committee, legal representative and menu-planner. Chanpone Sinlapasai ushered the TV ...

These letters from American children to Syrians show incredible humanity and love

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You are loved in a million places. This is the message that fourth-grader Zola Pierce Heartman of Boise wrote in her letter to Syrian children — kids whose childhoods have been spent ...