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Yemen: assisted spontaneous returns for Somali refugees begins

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In the first UNHCR-assisted spontaneous return movement for Somali refugees from Yemen, 133 refugees departed yesterday for Somalia. Given the current life-threatening conditions in Yemen for many civilians, including refugees,

UNHCR: First group of Rohingya refugees moves to new emergency shelters

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In southeast Bangladesh, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has been continuing to ramp up operations. This is in light of further arrivals of Rohingya refugees and our very grave concern ...

Left Behind

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*Under UNHCR’s mandate *Under UNHCR’s mandate This report tells the stories of some of the world’s 6.4 million refugee children and adolescents under UNHCR’s mandate who are of primary and ...

Syrian Refugees Respond To Hurricane Irma By Cooking Feasts For Evacuees

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Abeer and Nora al-Sheikh Bakri are sisters from Douma, Syria. They fled their homeland in 2012 after their country’s civil war engulfed the city. They spent four years in Egypt ...

Malala: Refugee children must not be left behind

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Student, activist and Malala Fund founder Malala Yousafzai urges world leaders to help refugee children reach for their dreams. More children than ever before spend their school years as refugees.