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House Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate the Only Federal Agency That Makes Sure Voting Machines Can’t Be Hacked

favicon The Nation
18 mentions2 weeks ago
In a little-noticed 6-3 vote today, the House Administration Committee voted along party lines to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission, which helps states run elections and is the only federal ...

Workers allege violations at franchises of the company run by Donald Trump's Labor nominee

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions6 days ago
Fast-food workers across the country find the idea of Andrew Puzder as secretary of Labor pretty unappetizing. Labor nominee Puzder—whose company, CKE Restaurants, controls the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's chains—has ...

Nuclear experts are freaked out by Trump's ignorance of this key treaty

favicon Mother Jones
5 mentions2 weeks ago
President Donald Trump's apparent ignorance and skepticism of a key nuclear arms reduction treaty between the US and Russia have nuclear arms experts concerned about the country's vulnerability on one ...

How Dictators Get Started: HRW Daily Brief

favicon Human Rights Watch
2 mentions1 day ago
How dictators get started. Who's the "enemy of the American people"? Plus: Trump and what (didn't) happen in Sweden; Women tell of torture & rape by ISIS in Iraq; Award ...

The mysterious disappearance of the biggest scandal in Washington

favicon Mother Jones
24 mentions2 weeks ago
The biggest election-related scandal since Watergate occurred last year, and it has largely disappeared from the political-media landscape of Washington. According to the consensus assessment of US intelligence agencies, Russian ...

ICE detains domestic-violence victim in court

favicon El Paso Times
19 mentions5 days ago
AUSTIN – Six federal immigration agents went to the El Paso County Courthouse last week and arrested an undocumented woman who had just received a protective order alleging that she ...

Here's why Michael Flynn still needs to be investigated

favicon Mother Jones
6 mentions1 week ago
With Michael Flynn's resignation, the Flynn story is not done—and neither is the need for an investigation of Flynn and his contacts with Russia. Late on Monday night, Flynn, Donald ...