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Trump doesn’t support cops. He supports cops who agree with him.

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Back in 1970, Congress passed a couple of bills authorizing the “no-knock raid.” This was an issue that President Richard Nixon had pushed during the 1968 presidential campaign. Prior to ...

Rural Areas Brace for a Shortage of Doctors Due to Visa Policy

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While the Trump administration is fighting, in the courts of justice and public opinion, for its temporary travel ban affecting six countries, the slowdown in the rural doctor pipeline shows ...

Blame game: Trump casts immigrants as dangerous criminals, but the evidence shows otherwise

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The Trump administration is launching a series of steps aimed at publicly spotlighting the alleged dangers posed by illegal immigrants, as it seeks to bolster political support for the need ...

The Last Refugee: Through the closing door

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First in a series of occasional articles on the Syrian refugee families resettling here, and the local people assisting them. It took a moment, when they woke up in a ...