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Antarctic Scientists Go Chasing Waterfalls

favicon The Atlantic
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January 29, 1912, was a beautiful day in Antarctica. A group of British explorers, led by a 37-year-old Victor Campbell, were on a cheerful journey across what we now call ...

How a Scientist Who Studies Marches Sees the March for Science

favicon The Atlantic
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On April 22, scientists and science enthusiasts will gather in Washington, D.C. and 480 other cities to march for science. Their numbers will likely be large and their signs will ...

Oh This Old Thing? It's Just a Three-Foot-Long Shipworm

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The shells of a mysterious, three-foot-long shipworm species were first documented in the late 1700s, but the worm always managed to stay more or less out of the spotlight, and ...

Marching Scientists Will Have A Lot In Common With Angry ’70s Farmers

favicon FiveThirtyEight
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Scientists and science fans will converge on Washington on Saturday for a march aimed at defending the role of science, highlighting the importance of evidence and expertise in policymaking and ...