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Tennessee GOP bill says children born through artificial insemination are not ‘legitimate’

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A bill filed by a Tennessee Republican aims to make children born through artificial insemination illegitimate. WMC reported that state House Representative Terry Lynn Weaver is sponsoring HB 1406 to ...

Pope appears to back anti-Trump protests in letter condemning populism

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Pope Francis has offered his unequivocal support to grassroots organisers and activists who are fighting for social justice, migrants, and environmentalism, saying he “reaffirms” their choice to fight against tyranny ...

Vague Rules Let ICE Deport Undocumented Immigrants as Gang Members

favicon The Intercept
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Of the more than 680 people swept up during last week’s nationwide raids by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, none has attracted more attention than 23-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina. Although he ...

The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious

favicon The Intercept
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President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, was forced to resign on Monday night as a result of getting caught lying about whether he discussed sanctions in a December ...

ORTV LIVE! Not My President Day Protests Nationwide

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Anti-Muslim conspiracists escalate campaign to crush Muslim Civil Society organizations

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This article originally appeared on AlterNet. A new initiative advanced by right-wing Republicans in Congress and reportedly backed by the Trump administration puts American Muslim civil society groups in the ...

Nationwide General Strike: State-by-State List of Events for Today

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A nationwide, general strike is happening today, Friday, February 17. Tens of thousands of people are planning to participate in almost every state across the country. They plan to skip ...

Donald Trump’s white nationalist “genius bar”: Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Michael “Decius” Anton and beyond

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Donald Trump’s administration is built around a brain trust of white nationalists. To deny that fact is to ignore a crucial element of this national crisis: America’s “greatest generation” defeated ...

Paris rally over alleged police rape descends into riot

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A peaceful rally in a Paris suburb has descended into violence amid anger over the case of a black youth worker who was allegedly raped with a police baton. Police ...

Leaders of union drive among those laid off at Slate

favicon Columbia Journalism Review
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Slate laid off five staffers last week, two of whom were leaders of a unionization effort at the left-leaning news operation. Those affected by the layoffs include politics editor Tommy ...

Strike4Democracy: 100 Strikes Planned Nationwide

favicon The Indypendent
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One hundred coordinated work stoppages are expected to take place across the United States on Friday, Feb. 17. The strikes, planned through a loose federation of labor groups and individual ...

'I Am a Muslim Too': Why Russell Simmons is headlining unity march

favicon NBC News
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Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is feeling "zen" about a multifaith and multiethnic unity rally he's headlining Sunday — organized in response to the uncertainty and anxiety that was created by ...

Donald Trump's Indonesian business partner brags about his access

favicon Mother Jones
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Donald Trump's Indonesian business partner is touting his relationship with the president, telling a Jakarta-based magazine that he still has ready access to the man in the Oval Office. In ...

Swedish embassy trolls Trump: We’d be happy to explain our immigration policies to you

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The Swedish embassy in Washington zinged Pres. Donald Trump on Sunday after he admitted that he mistook a Fox News report condemning Sweden’s immigration policies for a news report about ...

48 Questions the FBI Uses to Determine if Someone Is a Likely Terrorist

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For the past year and a half, the FBI has been using a secret scoring system to judge the likelihood that someone will carry out a violent attack. The survey,

The For-Profit Presidency, Month One

favicon Common Dreams
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Published on by Common Dreams One month into the Trump administration, and it’s clear that there has been a wholesale corporate takeover of the government A day-by-day review of the ...

I’m A Proud Republican And I’m Joining The Resistance

favicon The Huffington Post
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This column originally appeared on Crosscut. On Saturday morning over coffee I read a summary of Donald Trump’s executive order regarding refugees and immigrants. Then I read the order itself.

Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber

favicon Susan J. Fowler
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As most of you know, I left Uber in December and joined Stripe in January. I've gotten a lot of questions over the past couple of months about why I ...

Army Veterans Return to Standing Rock to Form a Human Shield Against Police

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Army Veterans Return to Standing Rock to Form a Human Shield Against Police This article originally appeared on The Guardian U.S. veterans are returning to Standing Rock and pledging to ...

General Strikes, "Not My President's Day" rallies planned in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago

favicon Mic
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In the wake of Trump's election, protests are popping up so spontaneously and frequently that it can be hard to keep up. There are online listings, Facebook groups and newsletters ...

Donald Trump Has Pulled an Epic Bait-and-Switch

favicon The Nation
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President Donald Trump lies. He lies about the size of his inaugural crowd, about millions of supposedly fraudulent votes, the number of jobs he “saved” at Carrier, terrorist incidents that ...

Andrew Puzder expected to withdraw from labor secretary nomination, source says

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Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s pick for labor secretary, is expected to withdraw his name from the nomination, a source close to the restaurant executive tells CBS News’ Major Garrett.The source ...

Alex Jones tells Jennifer Lopez to go get ‘gang-raped’ in Somalia after impassioned Grammy’s speech

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InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was not pleased with singer Jennifer Lopez’s grammy speech on Sunday night. Lopez got political, telling the crowd, “At this particular point in history, our ...

Kmart and Sears drop Trump Home line of products from websites

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Kmart and Sears have joined the parade of retailers and celebrities cutting their ties with the Trump family brand in recent weeks. Business Insider reported that the two companies are ...

A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone

favicon The Verge
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Two weeks ago, Sidd Bikkannavar flew back into the United States after spending a few weeks abroad in South America. An employee of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Bikkannavar had ...

Stop Trump group aims for biggest protests in UK history

favicon the Guardian
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Activists, MPs and trade unions have vowed to hold the biggest demonstrations in UK history, outstripping the Iraq war protests, when Donald Trump makes his state visit later this year,

Trump’s supporters believe a false narrative of white victimhood

favicon Salon
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The right sees its political opposition as #triggered snowflakes who need a “safe space.” In the words of Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon, “They’re either a victim of race. They’re ...

Support for Restaurant Workers Includes Reproductive Freedom

favicon Rewire
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There isn’t a single aspect of the dining experience that isn’t touched by exploited immigrant labor, whether it’s harvesting produce or actual food preparation. Undocumented immigrants—who make up an estimated ...

Exclusive: U.S. arrests Mexican immigrant in Seattle covered by Obama program

favicon Reuters
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SAN FRANCISCO U.S. authorities have arrested an immigrant from Mexico who was brought to the United States illegally as a child and later given a work permit during the Obama ...

Why Do So Many Americans Fear Muslims? Decades of Denial About America’s Role in the World.

favicon The Intercept
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There’s been lots of attention-grabbing opposition to Trump’s “Muslim ban” executive order, from demonstrations to court orders. But polls make it clear public opinion is much more mixed. Standard phone ...

Trump Vineyard Requests Visas For Still More Foreign Workers

favicon The Huffington Post
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While President Donald Trump rails against immigrants and foreign workers taking away American jobs, the Trump Vineyard Estates has filed yet another request for visas for foreign farm workers at ...

Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump

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Why are the liberals completely overreacting to Trump’s unique style of governing? They’re not. He’s a fucking sociopath. And here’s a recipe for raspberry scones: Combine measured flour, 1/4 cup ...

Border Security Overreach Continues: DHS Wants Social Media Login Information

favicon Electronic Frontier Foundation
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Now more than ever, it is apparent that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and its parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), are embarking on a broad campaign ...

Conservatives sure love progressives and radicals

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Sen. Mitch McConnell’s ill-advised silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the debate over confirming Jeff Sessions as attorney general read as a blatant act of sexism from a man who ...

Inside the black bloc militant protest movement as it rises up against Trump

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The movement first made its presence felt in California more than two decades ago, then built its forces amid the protests against the Iraq war. Out of the sea of ...

More Bomb Threats Close Jewish Community Centers Across The Nation

favicon The Huffington Post
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Jewish Community Centers were shaken by another wave of bomb threats, forcing evacuations in nine states Monday. Eleven Jewish Community Centers received threatening calls Monday, said Marla Cohen, communications manager ...