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The Trump Administration Could Provoke Yet Another Mideast War

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On May 23, as President Donald Trump flew from Tel Aviv to Rome, one of his advisers boasted to reporters accompanying Trump on Air Force One of the success of ...

The Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Not Over. Here’s How You Can Join

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Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline celebrated a win this week when a federal judge ordered the US Army Corp of Engineers to reconsider its environmental review of the DAPL,

Karen Handel Has a Long History of Suppressing Votes

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In early May, a federal judge extended the voter registration deadline for the special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District by two months, from March 20 to May 21. That ...

A Major Global Foundation Just Pledged $1 Million to the Standing Rock Sioux

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For many Americans, the protests at Standing Rock were an isolated event—one indigenous community, on one swath of land in South Dakota, fighting for environmental justice. Yet, as Sioux Tribal ...

On Trump, the Media’s Malpractice Continues

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One of the great ironies of the political moment is that President Trump’s sworn enemy has become, if not exactly an ally, an enabler of his agenda. For all of ...

Trumpcare Is the Most Unpopular Legislation in History

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Only 17 percent of Americans approve of Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare; George Zornick says maybe that explains the secrecy of Senate Republicans in drafting their bill. Also: ...

Judge’s Ruling on Standing Rock Is a Chance to Return to Rule of Law—and Respect

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Remember the “rule of law” invoked at Standing Rock? That was the phrase used over and over by law enforcement from the state of North Dakota and Morton County. It ...