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Arduino developers get extra support as Codeanywhere acquires Codebender

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Codeanywhere, a cross platform cloud IDE for creating web apps and sites has acquired Codebender, another cloud IDE that enables users to develop for Arduino devices. This is Codeanywhere’s first ...

Tesla hires deep learning expert Andrej Karpathy to lead Autopilot vision

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Tesla has hired deep learning and computer vision expert Andrej Karpathy in a key Autopilot role, Karpathy most recently held a role as a researcher at OpenAI, the artificial intelligence ...

Justin Kan confirms $10.5 million in funding for his legal tech startup Atrium LTS

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4 mentions2 weeks ago
In April we reported that founder and Y Combinator alum Justin Kan had assembled a team to “disrupt the legal industry” and was raising $10 million to do so.

SmellPGH lets you report weird smells in Pittsburgh

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Today in odd apps I present SmellPGH, an app that lets you report weird smells in Pittsburgh. Why would you do this, you ask? Well hold on. “If you smell ...

Verizon closes $4.5B acquisition of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer resigns [Memo]

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It’s now official. After shareholder approval last week, Verizon today announced that it has finally closed its acquisition of Yahoo, which it plans to combine with its AOL assets into ...

Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on and return clothes free

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Amazon’s latest perk for Prime members could make us more stylish by letting us buy everything that catches our eye and return what doesn’t fit. Today Amazon revealed Amazon Prime ...

Snapchat acquires social map app Zenly for $250M to $350M

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Snapchat’s newest feature Snap Map is based on its latest acquisition, social mapping startup Zenly. TechCrunch has learned that Snapchat has bought Zenly for between $250 million and $350 million ...