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Sea Ice Retreat Could Lead to Rapid Overfishing in the Arctic

favicon The Atlantic
7 mentions2 weeks ago
The Arctic Ocean has long been the least accessible of the world’s major oceans. But as climate change warms the Arctic twice as fast as anywhere else, the thick sea ...

All the Ways Trump’s Budget Cuts Science Funding

favicon The Atlantic
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President Trump’s budget blueprint, released Thursday morning, is supposed to lay out the administration priorities, and science is clearly not among them. It deals sweeping cuts to science and health ...

The GOP’s New Bill Would be a Disaster For Genetics Research

favicon The Atlantic
4 mentions2 weeks ago
In 2007, two senators—one Democrat and one Republican—proposed a bill to accelerate research in human genetics. The young Democrat, a relative unknown named Barack Obama, saw a future in which ...

EXCLUSIVE: Nazi-Allied Group Claims Top Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka As Sworn Member

favicon The Forward
33 mentions2 weeks ago
Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s top counter-terrorism adviser, is a formal member of a Hungarian far-right group that is listed by the U.S. State Department as having been “under the direction ...

The New Twitter @-Replies Are Giving Me an Ulcer

favicon Motherboard
2 mentions4 hours ago
Twitter has rolled out its new @-replies to me about three or four times now, ambushing me with its unspeakable badness on the iPhone app or web Twitter. Today it ...

Operation London Bridge: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

favicon the Guardian
13 mentions2 weeks ago
In the plans that exist for the death of the Queen – and there are many versions, held by Buckingham Palace, the government and the BBC – most envisage that ...

After 130 Years, the Dinosaur Family Tree Gets Dramatically Redrawn

favicon The Atlantic
7 mentions1 week ago
When I first read Matthew Baron’s new dinosaur study, I actually gasped. For most of my life, I’ve believed that the dinosaurs fell into two major groups: the lizard-hipped saurischians,

US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians

favicon CNN
57 mentions1 week ago
Washington (CNN)The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign, US ...

Trump’s big new executive order to tear up Obama’s climate policies, explained

favicon Vox
3 mentions2 days ago
This is it. The battle over the future of US climate policy kicks off in earnest Tuesday. In a sweeping new executive order, President Trump will order his Cabinet to ...

Large Sections of Australia’s Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find

7 mentions2 weeks ago
But an Australian government study released last week found that over all, last year brought “the highest sea surface temperatures across the Great Barrier Reef on record.” Only 9 percent ...

Lamar Smith, unbound, lays out political strategy at climate doubters’ conference

favicon Science | AAAS
5 mentions1 day ago
Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX) rarely expresses his true feelings in public. But speaking yesterday to a like-minded crowd of climate change doubters and skeptics, the chairman of the science committee ...

A groundbreaking study on the dangers of 'microplastics' may be unraveling

favicon Science | AAAS
5 mentions1 week ago
GOTLAND, SWEDEN—It's a cold, dreary day in early March, and Josefin Sundin is standing in one of the two aquarium rooms at the Ar Research Station on a remote corner ...

Scientists Brace for a Lost Generation in American Research

favicon The Atlantic
13 mentions2 weeks ago
The work of a scientist is often unglamorous. Behind every headline-making, cork-popping, blockbuster discovery, there are many lifetimes of work. And that work is often mundane. We’re talking drips-of-solution-into-a-Petri-dish mundane,

Trump's Giant Climate Executive Order Is Here

favicon The Atlantic
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In the final days of the Obama administration, scholars and journalists took stock of all that he had done to combat the dangerous rise of climate change. Barack Obama, they ...

No, We Can’t Say Whether Cancer Is Mostly Bad Luck

favicon The Atlantic
3 mentions2 days ago
Two years ago, Time wrongly reported that “Most cancer is beyond your control.” The Guardian incorrectly wrote: “Two-thirds of adult cancers largely ‘down to bad luck’ rather than genes.” And ...

The Republican Health-Care Bill Is On the Verge of Failure

favicon The Atlantic
18 mentions3 days ago
To a man and woman, nearly every one of the 237 Republicans elected to the House last November made the same promise to the voters: Give us control of Congress ...

Donald and Angela's Awkward Adventure

favicon The Atlantic
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Early Friday afternoon, President Trump and German Chancellor Merkel held one of the more awkward photo ops in recent memory. Merkel sat, looking like she was trying hard to appear ...

This Is Almost Certainly James Comey’s Twitter Account

favicon Gizmodo
17 mentions48 minutes ago
Digital security and its discontents—from Hillary Clinton’s emails to ransomware to Tor hacks—is in many ways one of the chief concerns of the contemporary FBI. So it makes sense that ...

Science march on Washington plagued by organizational turmoil

favicon STAT
4 mentions1 week ago
I t may be the largest rally in support of science ever. Hundreds of thousands of people have joined the Facebook group for the upcoming March for Science, and tens ...

What Exactly Are People Marching for When They March for Science?

favicon The Atlantic
6 mentions2 weeks ago
The March for Science began unceremoniously on January 25, with vague ambitions, a hastily designed logo, and a Facebook page inspired by a throwaway Reddit comment. Six weeks later, and ...