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Donald Trump might pardon his buddy, a sheriff known for treating immigrants terribly.

favicon Mother Jones
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Ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday, there is speculation that Trump might use the speech as an opportunity to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe ...

Donald Trump's pick to oversee worker protections promoted sweatshops on remote US islands

favicon Mother Jones
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There’s lobbying, and then there’s working with Jack Abramoff to promote the sweatshop economy on remote Pacific islands. If you want to know about that kind of lobbying, you can ...

Russia’s Attacks on Democracy Aren’t Only a Problem for America

favicon The Nation
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Virtually all of the debates over the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia waged a multifaceted campaign to influence the 2016 election look at the issue through a prism of US ...

Trump Finally Changed His Mind on Something and It’s Neverending War

favicon Mother Jones
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During a primetime address to the nation this evening from Fort Myer military base in Virginia, President Trump finally offered his long-awaited strategic plan for the war in Afghanistan.The speech ...

Trump just killed a study looking into the health effects of coal in Central Appalachia

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions22 hours ago
The Trump administration has told the National Academy of Sciences to stop working on a study about the potential health risks for people living near mountaintop coal-removing sites in Central ...

Pakistani Campaigner for the ‘Disappeared’ Himself Goes Missing

favicon Human Rights Watch
2 mentions4 hours ago
It was only last month when Punhal Sario marched from the Pakistani cities of Hyderabad to Karachi to demand the return of fellow activists who had gone “missing,” a Pakistani ...

Of Course Donald Trump Looked Directly Into the Eclipse

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions23 hours ago
President Donald Trump went to the Truman balcony of the White House with First Lady Melania and their son Barron on Monday to join millions across the country to witness ...

This Trump official once praised a defender of Holocaust deniers

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions1 day ago
Earlier this year, President Donald Trump appointed Teresa Manning, a leading anti-abortion activist, to be a deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services. The pick was ...

The Latest Predatory Banking Practice You Haven’t Heard About: Auto Loans

favicon The Nation
5 mentions3 hours ago
After evicting hundreds of thousands of families from their homes during the recession, Wall Street is now chasing debtors onto the curb they got kicked to by going after their ...

It’s Not Hysterical to Recognize the Threat Trump Poses

favicon The Nation
2 mentions18 hours ago
Talk about bad timing. Even as white supremacists and neo-Nazis massed in Charlottesville, complete with torches, shields, MAGA hats, sticks, and guns, even as one participant allegedly ran his car ...

The Deported

favicon Human Rights Watch
3 mentions18 hours ago
Army Veteran Deported After Struggling with Drug Dependency Green Card Holder Deported for Over Decade-Old Minor Crimes Father of 3 Deported from US After 20 Years Young Utah Man Desperate ...

The Boy Scouts’ slow crawl into the 21st century

2 mentions42 minutes ago
Thirty seven years after being kicked out of scouting for being “homosexual” during his freshman year of college, Tim Curran still gets choked up remembering his 17-year-old legal battle to ...

Charlottesville and the Effort to Downplay Racism in America

favicon The New Yorker
5 mentions53 minutes ago
Charlottesville, Virginia, feels enough like Eden that it’s always been easy to hide a certain amount of blood. The town is small—fifty thousand residents, without the college population factored in—and ...

Tens of thousands of people just showed Nazis (and Donald Trump) what really makes America great

favicon Mother Jones
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One week after a bitterly violent protest in Charlottesville, Va., that left one woman dead and 19 injured, tens of thousands of counter-protesters marched in at least 30 cities, including ...

White NFL Players and the Politics of Solidarity

favicon The Nation
3 mentions5 hours ago
2016 was a banner year for political athletes. Some of the most celebrated people in sports used their hyper-exalted, brought-to-you-by-Cialis platforms to speak out about a crisis-ridden world. But there ...

'Dirty Dancing' Led the Way in Depicting Abortion—If Only Other Media Would Follow

favicon Rewire
3 mentions15 hours ago
Thirty years ago, a low-budget film with no major stars came out in theaters. Despite many producers calling it a “negligible piece of junk,” that film became a huge hit.

Steve Bannon Readies His Revenge

favicon The Hive
6 mentions20 hours ago
On the morning he was being ousted as Donald Trump’s chief strategist last Friday, Steve Bannon had already turned the page. “Why do you sound unfazed?” a friend asked Bannon ...

'We've Got Your Back': 40,000 People in Boston Reject Racism, Shut Down 'Free Speech' Rally

favicon Rewire
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In a resounding rebuke of white supremacy and the racist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, 40,000 people converged on the Boston Common Saturday, shutting down a so-called free speech rally that ...

White-supremacy threat demands its own beat reporters

favicon Columbia Journalism Review
2 mentions27 minutes ago
America’s most dangerous terrorists aren’t always imported or foreign; many are homegrown. But that’s a reality not yet reflected in the coverage priorities of mainstream news outlets. The ugly events ...

Dick Gregory In His Own Words: Remembering the Pioneering Comedian and Civil Rights Activist

favicon Democracy Now!
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ListenMedia OptionsListenMedia OptionsDownload Audio Get CD / DVD Other Formats Media OptionsDownload Audio Get CD / DVD Other Formats This is viewer supported news. Please do your part today. DonateDonateMedia ...

Who Has the Skills to Build Community? We All Do

favicon YES! Magazine
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More than 20 years after co-founding YES!, I am launching a new project. The idea came to me when I was on the road trip that resulted in my new ...

‘It’s a hard problem’: Inside Trump’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan

favicon Washington Post
5 mentions1 hour ago
President Trump was frustrated and fuming. Again and again, in the windowless Situation Room at the White House, he lashed out at his national security team over the Afghanistan war,

Charlottesville and the Attacks on Affirmative Action Are Linked

favicon Rewire
2 mentions1 day ago
Last Friday, a group of white supremacists marched on the University of Virginia (UVA), spreading a message of hatred and igniting the spark for what would turn into a weekend ...

In Gaza, We Get Four Hours of Electricity a Day

favicon Human Rights Watch
2 mentions1 day ago
Some friends threw me a surprise birthday party last month. They placed a chocolate cake lit with candles before me and told me to make a wish for the year ...

California: Your #DistrictAttorney is powerful, elected & accountable to you. Who's your DA? Find out & #SayHeyDA!

favicon Meet your District Attorney in California - A Proj...
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District attorneys in California have tremendous power to impact the lives of millions of people, their families, and entire communities. If someone is accused of committing a crime, it is ...

In Charlottesville and elsewhere, U.S. journalists are being assaulted while covering the news

favicon Poynter
2 mentions5 hours ago
Taylor Lorenz, a reporter for The Hill, was walking down a Charlottesville sidewalk on Aug. 12 when she heard a loud thumping sound. She turned and saw a gray Dodge ...

Key figure behind million-dollar Trump 'dossier' to face questions

favicon ABC News
2 mentions2 hours ago
A key figure behind the so-called “dossier” featuring uncorroborated and salacious allegations about then-candidate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia will be questioned by investigators from the Senate Judiciary Committee today ...

Ellen Pao: This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley

favicon The Cut
9 mentions38 minutes ago
In December 2010, Sheryl Sandberg gave a talk about women’s leadership in which she mentioned “sitting at the table.” Women, she said, have to pull up a chair and sit ...

A Most American Terrorist: The Making Of Dylann Roof

favicon GQ
4 mentions32 minutes ago
Crime“What are you?” a member of the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston asked at the trial of the white man who killed eight of her fellow black parishioners and ...

Report: Secret Service can't pay agents for Trump and his family

favicon CNN
2 mentions1 hour ago
More than 1,000 agents have reportedly hit the federally mandated caps for salary and overtime allowances CNN has reached out to the White House for comment Washington (CNN)The Secret Service ...

Stop the execution of Marcellus Williams

2 mentions7 hours ago
A punishment should fit the crime. That’s how our justice system should work. In reality, our system reflects the time we live in: America is a nation that has only ...

Georgia Election Officials Change Course on Voter Roll Purge Process

favicon Rewire
2 mentions14 hours ago
Georgia election officials confirmed last week that the state will reverse course on parts of its process of purging citizens from voter rolls. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday that “Georgia ...

Will the U.S. War in Afghanistan Ever End? A Discussion with Kathy Kelly & Jodi Vittori

favicon Democracy Now!
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ListenMedia OptionsListenMedia OptionsDownload Audio Media OptionsDownload Audio This is viewer supported news. Please do your part today. DonateDonateMedia OptionsDownload Audio RelatedTopics Guests Transcript TopicsAfghanistan GuestsKathy Kellyco-coordinator of Voices for Creative ...

I Get Paid to Have Pelvic Exams So Yours Will Be Better

favicon Rewire
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My pelvic exam proceeds as normal. Well, sort of. I use a small mirror to watch the doctor’s hands as she examines me. I give her the speculum and squirt ...

Coal executives find out Trump can’t be trusted

4 mentions2 hours ago
The Trump administration has allegedly backed out of a promise to a group of its biggest supporters. Coal executives say the president pledged to enact an emergency order to protect ...

Steve Mnuchin’s Wife Has A ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Moment On Instagram

favicon HuffPost
3 mentions35 minutes ago
Actress Louise Linton, who married Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in June, posted and then deleted a photo of her and her husband as they walked off an Air Force jet ...


favicon Confederate Statues and ‘Our’ History
4 mentions5 hours ago
This was the law of the land when the Civil War broke out in 1861. This is the tradition that the Southern Confederacy embodied and sought to preserve and that ...

Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban on killer robots

favicon the Guardian
3 mentions1 day ago
Some of the world’s leading robotics and artificial intelligence pioneers are calling on the United Nations to ban the development and use of killer robots. Tesla’s Elon Musk and Google’s ...

Poll: Arizonans oppose Joe Arpaio pardon; ex-sheriff says he hasn't been invited to rally

favicon azcentral
2 mentions38 minutes ago
Half of Arizonans surveyed over the weekend believe that President Donald Trump should not announce a pardon for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a Tuesday rally, compared with ...

Watch a Fox News presenter cry because her co-hosts won't agree there are good nazis

favicon Boing Boing
4 mentions9 hours ago
As taped by Erick Fernandez: "There is nothing any of us can say right now without being judged."

Fran works six days a week in fast food, and yet she's homeless: 'It's economic slavery'

favicon the Guardian
6 mentions2 hours ago
Once a customer has barked their order into the microphone at the Popeyes drive-thru on Prospect Avenue, Kansas City, the clock starts. Staff have a company-mandated 180 seconds to take ...

How Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump have restarted the war on drugs

favicon the Guardian
3 mentions3 hours ago
Shauna Barry-Scott remembers the moment she felt the American fever for mass incarceration break. It was an August morning in 2013, and she was in a federal prison in the ...

Jerry Lewis, Mercurial Comedian and Filmmaker, Dies at 91

2 mentions17 hours ago
After his break with Mr. Martin in 1956, Mr. Lewis went on to a successful solo career, eventually writing, producing and directing many of his own films. As a spokesman ...

Teenagers keep going to town halls and owning Republicans and it's amazing

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago
At another town hall in Colorado Springs on August 12, a girl who introduced herself as Haven argued that solar and wind energy create jobs that can be especially beneficial ...

What to Know Ahead of Trump’s Rally in Arizona

3 mentions3 hours ago
Another rally, Never Again: Jews and Allies Against Hate, was planned by David Schapira, a Tempe city councilman, and State Senator Robert Meza for the State Capitol earlier in the ...

Exclusive: Secret Service out of money to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family

favicon USA TODAY
15 mentions11 hours ago
WASHINGTON — The Secret Service can no longer afford to pay hundreds of agents it needs to carry out an expanded protective mission – in large part due to the ...

The Dos and Dont's of Talking to Kids of Color About White Supremacy

favicon Colorlines
2 mentions4 hours ago
Now that you’re settling into the reality that the images we saw from Charlottesville were from 2017 and not the days of Jim Crow, it’s time to get proactive about ...

Cambridge University Press to back down over China censorship

favicon the Guardian
2 mentions22 hours ago
Cambridge University Press is poised to back down and re-post journal articles to which it blocked online access in China at the request of the Beijing authorities. The blacklisted subjects ...

The Voices for Internet Freedom Coalition Applauds the NAACP's Support for Strong and Enforceable Net Neutrality Rules

favicon Free Press
3 mentions6 hours ago
Contact Info: Timothy Karr, 201-533-8838 WASHINGTON — The Voices for Internet Freedom Coalition, which fights for the digital rights of communities of color, applauds the NAACP for calling on the ...

Trump aides plot a big immigration deal

favicon mcclatchydc
2 mentions2 hours ago
Donald Trump’s top aides are pushing him to protect young people brought into the country illegally as children — and then use the issue as a bargaining chip for a ...

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