Why the ‘Moonlight’ Oscar Upset Was Even Wilder If You Were in the Room

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Three days before the craziest surprise ending in Oscar history, “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins was hanging out at a party in West Hollywood and musing on the days ahead. “So,” ...

The Reichstag Warning

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On February 27, 1933 the German Parliament building burned, Adolf Hitler rejoiced, and the Nazi era began. Hitler, who had just been named head of a government that was legally ...

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

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Just over a week ago, Donald Trump gathered members of the world’s press before him and told them they were liars. “The press, honestly, is out of control,” he said.

Slain SEAL’s dad wants answers: ‘Don’t hide behind my son’s death’

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When they brought William “Ryan” Owens home, the Navy SEAL was carried from a C-17 military plane in a flag-draped casket, onto the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base, as ...

Can Customs and Border Protection Agents Demand to See Your ID on a Domestic Trip?

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American citizens had their introduction to the Trump-era immigration machine Wednesday, when Customs and Border Protection agents met an airliner that had just landed at New York’s JFK airport after ...

Sean Spicer targets own staff in leak crackdown

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Press Secretary Sean Spicer is cracking down on leaks coming out of the West Wing, with increased security measures including phone checks for White House staffers overseen by White House ...

Barry Jenkins’ ‘Moonlight’ Journey: How the Year’s Great Discovery Became an American Cinema Milestone

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Barry Jenkins is about to become the next big thing, but he’s been here before. “Moonlight,” which wrote and directed, has been celebrated as the year’s major discovery and the ...

The Radical Argument of the New Oxford Shakespeare

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In 1989, a young professor named Gary Taylor published “Reinventing Shakespeare,” in which he argued that Shakespeare’s unrivalled literary status derives less from the sheer greatness of his plays than ...

Immigration Agents Discover New Freedom to Deport Under Trump

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“Before, we used to be told, ‘You can’t arrest those people,’ and we’d be disciplined for being insubordinate if we did,” said a 10-year veteran of the agency who took ...

Did the Oscars Just Prove That We Are Living in a Computer Simulation?

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Last night’s Oscar bizarreness was not just bizarre but bizarre in a way that is typical of this entirely bizarre time. The rhythm of the yes-they-won-oh-my-God-no-they-didn’t event, with “La La ...

Bill Paxton: 15 of His Most Memorable Roles

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02.26.17 | 12:40PM PT

John Steinbeck, The Art of Fiction No. 45

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EDITOR’S NOTE: John Steinbeck had agreed to a Paris Review interview late in his life. He had earlier been coy about it, but then wanted the interview very much. He ...

Future Is Releasing Another Album This Week, According To The Ellen Show

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I can Neva missa lost.Hndrxx A post shared by Future Hendrix (@future) on Feb 24, 2017 at 1:09pm PST Future will visit The Ellen Show for the first time on ...

Deported With A Valid U.S. Visa, Jordanian Says Message Is 'You're Not Welcome'

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Yahya Abu Romman, a 22-year-old languages major, had just graduated from university. To celebrate, he planned a six-week trip to the U.S., where his brother, uncles and aunts and more ...

What’s the one great movie in this year’s Oscar race? It has a hairy Bulgarian monster, and you haven’t seen it

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All the movies nominated for Oscars this year were made before You Know Who became president of the United States, but in that curious cultural kismet that so often pertains,

Nine Modern Literary Letter Collections for the Curious Reader

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The emails between Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran Foer will soon be forgotten, while other correspondence is here to stay. Let’s go back to the days where writing letters was ...

New Yorkers! Come see Edward Snowden and me onstage at the NYPL on the Walkaway tour!

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I'm touring 20 US cities (plus dates in Canada and the UK!) with my forthcoming novel Walkaway; the full tour hasn't been announced yet, but I'm delighted to reveal that ...

Oscar Winners 2017

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These are the winners of the 89th annual Academy Awards. Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali, “Moonlight” Costume Design: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Documentary Feature: “O.J.: Made in America” ...

Cormac McCarthy Explains Why He Worked Hard at Not Working: How 9-to-5 Jobs Limit Your Creative Potential Open Culture

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Last summer, a rumor circulated that Cormac McCarthy, one of America’s most beloved living writers, had passed away. In the midst of a devastating year for famous artists and their ...

New Directors/New Films

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Celebrating its 45th edition in 2016, New Directors/New Films introduces New York audiences to the work of emerging filmmakers from around the world. Throughout its rich history, New Directors has ...

Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War

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On April 12, 1982, Yuri Andropov, the chairman of the K.G.B., ordered foreign-intelligence operatives to carry out “active measures”—aktivniye meropriyatiya—against the reëlection campaign of President Ronald Reagan. Unlike classic espionage,

“Moonlight” Undoes Our Expectations

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Did I ever imagine, during my anxious, closeted childhood, that I’d live long enough to see a movie like “Moonlight,” Barry Jenkins’s brilliant, achingly alive new work about black queerness?

Bill Paxton, Versatile 'Big Love,' 'Twister' Actor, Dead at 61

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Bill Paxton, the veteran actor who starred in Big Love and appeared in films like Aliens, Twister and Apollo 13, died Saturday following complications from surgery. He was 61. "It ...

BREAKING: Bill Paxton Dead at 61

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February 26, 2017 | 07:33AM PT Bill Paxton, the versatile actor who appeared in films incuding “Aliens” and “Titanic” and starred on TV in “Big Love,” has died. He died ...

Bush breaks with Trump, calls media 'indispensable to democracy'

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Former President George W. Bush said Monday that the media is “indispensable to democracy,” a break from the position of his fellow Republican, President Donald Trump, who has called the ...

Another Oscars Gaffe: In Memoriam Video Included Photo of Living Woman

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February 26, 2017 | 11:56PM PT The best picture gaffe wasn’t the only mistake during the Oscar telecast. During the show’s In Memoriam segment, a photo of a living woman ...

Oscars 2017 live updates: Stars get red carpet ready, but you won't see Natalie Portman tonight

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The 89th Academy Awards take off tonight, but first the city of stars must primp and practice for the red carpet. Follow us all day to find out what happened ...

Hate in the Age of Trump: A Photo Essay

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We are forced to confront many things in the images that photographer Johnny Milano spent five years capturing. The ceremonial burning of a cross and a swastika in an open ...

Dozens of headstones broken at Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia

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A Jewish cemetery in Philidelphia apparently became the victim of vandalism Sunday, when police were alerted that dozens, perhaps hundreds, of headstones had been broken and toppled over. According to ...

Required Reading: Comics for 3/1/2017

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It’s hard to get hyped for anything this week quite as much as we are for America #1, the cosmic Latinx lesbian’s debut solo series. Demand was so vocal for ...

A New Documentary Explores The Troubled, Brilliant Life Of Pianist Bill Evans

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Bill Evans was a genius: The jazz world, which can be roiled by factions and jealousies, usually agrees on that. He was a composer and pianist with a light, lyrical ...

Most people clueless on U.S. foreign aid spending

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Secretary of State John Kerry aired an old complaint about the public and foreign aid. In a speech before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Kerry bemoaned a persistent misconception ...

Inside the Strange Saga of a Cairo Novelist Imprisoned for Obscenity

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Before it was published, censors approved Ahmed Naji's subversive novel 'Using Life' – so how did he end up in jail for what he wrote? On a scorching Saturday morning ...

Exclusive: Spicer arranged CIA, GOP intelligence push-back

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The rise of nationalism and right-wing populism is the story of the decade in America and across Europe. The global movement delivered Donald Trump the presidency and formed the core ...

Oscars 2017: Every crazy thing we saw backstage

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Not all of the suspense plays out onstage at the Academy Awards. USA TODAY watched the evening unfold from the wings of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, where Hollywood ...

Plan a Protest, Lose Your House: Arizona Senate Passes SB 1142 Charging 'Provocateurs' With Racketeering

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Ray Stern A A The Arizona Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow the government to seize the property of people who help plan a demonstration that turns ...

The World’s Most Important Workout

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In the early hours of Nov. 9, as stock markets began to rally on the news of Donald Trump’s upset win, there was another dramatic spike afoot. Interest in the ...

SpaceX to Send Privately Crewed Dragon Spacecraft Beyond the Moon Next Year

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We are excited to announce that SpaceX has been approached to fly two private citizens on a trip around the moon late next year. They have already paid a significant ...

The Uses of Outrage

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Are you angry about the white nationalist takeover of the U.S. government? If so, you are definitely not alone. The first few weeks of the Trump administration have been marked ...

Trump: NYT ‘Intent Is so Evil and so Bad,’ ‘They Write Lies’

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SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER “If you read the New York Times, if you read the New York Times, it’s—the intent is so evil and so bad,” President Trump said ...

Infographic: How To Make Every Coffee Drink You Ever Wanted

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The folks at PopChartLab have already tackled breweries, cocktails, and pies with their eye-pleasing infographics, each one meticulously researched and gorgeously rendered. It’s a process[/url ] that undoubtedly involves a ...

Bernie Sanders: Trump's failure to condemn anti-Semitism is troubling

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Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders called on U.S. President Donald Trump to condemn "all forms of bigotry" in the United States and across the world. Sanders took issue with Trump for ...

Meryl Streep and Karl Lagerfeld Battle Over Oscars Dress

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An unlikely pair has found themselves at odds in the lead-up to the Oscars: On Thursday, Mr. Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, told Women’s Wear Daily that after requesting ...

Leading French academic threatened with deportation at Houston airport

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A prominent French historian has said he was detained for more than 10 hours in Houston and threatened with deportation, in the latest of several examples of high-profile individuals being ...

'La La Land' Spotted on Brisk Morning Hike in Chappaqua

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7 Guys You Won’t Date Because They Have the Same Name as Your Dad

Fight back.

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We knew it would be bad. But it’s even worse than we thought. On Friday, Trump issued an illegal executive order banning all refugees and millions of Muslims from entering ...

The Trump-Putin Fallacy

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In the earlier months of the Donald Trump campaign, many people I knew asked me to comment on the similarities between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Recently I have ...

Selected Shorts: A Celebration of Clarice Lispector at Symphony Space

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Selected Shorts: A Celebration of Clarice Lispector tickets Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space Expected Run Time is 120 minutes buy now $30Member $2730 and Under (with I.D.) $15 ...

HOW Design Live 2017 Speakers

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All Branding & Packaging Design & Creativity Keynote Marketing & Strategy Tools & Resources

International scholar visiting Texas A&M "mistakenly detained" by customs officials

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Posted 21 hours ago A visiting scholar to Texas A&M was detained by customs officials in Houston this week while on his way to speak at a symposium in Aggieland,

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