Airport Police Demanded An Activist’s Passwords. He Refused. Now He Faces Prison in the UK.

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It was not the first time Muhammad Rabbani had problems when returning to the United Kingdom from travels overseas. But on this occasion something was different — he was arrested,

After the Storms: Defeating Trumpism, Rebuilding America

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Published on by The present crisis long pre-dates Donald Trump. A political system haunted by racial violence and terror. An economy delivering great wealth for the few amid stagnation and ...

Trudeau says Canada failed Indigenous People

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Indigenous peoples were “victims” of a government that set out to destroy their culture, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday in what are perhaps the most expansive comments ever ...

How Exxon Mobil May Soon Have Greater Sway Over Science Used in EPA Policies

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Exxon Mobil may soon have a greater hand in shaping the science used to develop major environmental regulations. The published list of potential names for the Science Advisory Board and ...

Taser Wants to Build an Army of Smartphone Informants

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Axon, the world’s largest vendor of police-worn body cameras, is moving into the business of capturing video taken by the public. In a survey emailed to law enforcement officials last ...

Trumpcare’s ‘Alaska Bribe’ has a big constitutional problem

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In one of the more surreal chapters in the ongoing Trumpcare saga, the Independent Journal Review’s Haley Byrd reports that some of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) Republican colleagues hope to ...

Bhopal disaster victims may never get compensation following Dow-DuPont merger, fears UN official

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The UN’s special rapporteur on hazardous substances and wastes has said that he is “deeply concerned” the merger between Dow Chemical and DuPont may erase any remaining possibility of the ...

Puerto Rico's Power Outage Could Be A Death Sentence For Many

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Puerto Rico is facing the possibility of months without power after Hurricane Maria slammed into the U.S. territory as a Category 4 storm Wednesday morning. The storm has passed, but ...

Saudi Arabia accidentally makes textbook with King Faisal sitting next to Yoda

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Did you know that Jedi master Yoda had a major role in the 1945 United Nations Charter?No? Maybe you should brush up on your history.A mysterious image has reportedly cropped ...

Florida governor under fire over nursing home voicemails left during hurricane

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Donald Trump North Korea Russia Hispanic Heritage Month By John Bowden - Don't miss a brief. Sign up for our daily email. The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 ...

ALEC's Corporate Board Leads in Federal Violations

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INDEPENDENT MEDIA NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT As a nonprofit publication, Truthout depends almost entirely on reader donations. It takes only seconds to show your support for bold, uncompromising journalism. font size ...

Why We Need a Universal Basic Income

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Tenants Push Back Against Corporate Landlords During ''Renter Week of Action''

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More Than 130 UC Berkeley Faculty Cancel Classes Next Week Because of Far-Right Events

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click to enlarge More than 130 faculty members at UC Berkeley have canceled all classes this coming week in a boycott of the far-right “Free Speech Week,” which is scheduled ...

How To Help The Victims Of The Central Mexico Earthquake

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First responders and residents began digging through the rubble on Tuesday afternoon after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City. The violent shaking toppled dozens of buildings throughout the country’s ...

Flint’s lead-poisoned water had a ‘horrifyingly large’ effect on fetal deaths, study finds

favicon Washington Post
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The fertility rate in Flint, Mich., dropped precipitously after the city decided to switch to lead-poisoned Flint River water in 2014, according to a new working paper. That decline was ...

NAFTA Renegotiations through the Eyes of Mexico (Spanish Subtitles)

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Find out why Loading... The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please ...

Chile to have 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2040, vows leading presidential candidate

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All electricity in Chile should come from renewable energy by 2040, a leading candidate in the country’s presidential elections has said. Sebastian Piñera, of the centre-right National Renewal party, was ...

Medicaid directors issue warning on new ObamaCare repeal bill

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Donald Trump North Korea Russia Hispanic Heritage Month By Jessie Hellmann - Don't miss a brief. Sign up for our daily email. The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 ...

Price traveled by private plane at least 24 times

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Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has taken at least 24 flights on private charter planes at taxpayers’ expense since early May, according to people with knowledge of his ...

In spectacular fail, Adobe security team posts private PGP key on blog

favicon Ars Technica
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Having some transparency about security problems with software is great, but Adobe's Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) took that transparency a little too far today when a member of ...

Flint Water Crisis Likely Increased Fetal Deaths, Study Shows

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The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, may have reduced fertility rates and increased miscarriages and fetal deaths, according to new research exploring one impact of lead poisoning on the population.

The worst decision you can ever make is to have a child, according to science

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This may spell bad news for new parents, but research has shown that having a kid is not paticularly beneficial to you. If you've noticed that your friends are starting ...

A woman who has spent half a century studying primates has a theory about Donad Trump

favicon The Independent
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World-renowned primatologist Dame Jane Goodall has likened Donald Trump's behaviour to that of a chimpanzee. The British conservationist first gained international recognition for studying chimps in what is now Tanzania ...

Oklahoma City police officer fatally shoots deaf man as neighbors scream at them to stop

favicon thinkprogress.org
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A Oklahoma City police officer gunned down a man in front of his home, despite neighbors desperately screaming at police that he was deaf and could not understand their commands ...

Trump Poised to Drop Some Limits on Drone Strikes and Commando Raids

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The policy, while containing significant changes, also preserves a key structure of President Barack Obama’s approach to counterterrorism: dividing the world into war zones and places where higher protections for ...

Make New York’s School-Bus Fleet Eco-Friendly, Union-Staffed, and Cooperatively Run

favicon The Nation
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The pupil-transportation system in New York is, like most of the city’s byzantine public-transit network, a messy tangle of private and public interests, forever veering from one political, financial, or ...

Enforcer or ‘choke point’? Kelly seeks to bring order to chaotic White House.

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White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly has a new evening routine: He periodically strolls the perimeter of the White House grounds late at night, inspecting the compound and ...

Trump aides begin looking for the exits

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A fast-growing number of White House staffers are starting to look for the exits, even though the one-year mark of President Donald Trump’s first term is still months away. Many ...

NFL Stars Erupt In Anger Over Trump's 'Son Of A B***h' Speech

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National Football League stars both past and present have expressed outrage after President Donald Trump used an address in Huntsville, Alabama, on Friday to attack players who protest during the ...

Barrett Brown Explains the Pursuance Project—Sounds Complicated, Makes Sense

favicon Observer
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Small teams of journalists found some shocking behavior inside the ad-selling brains at Google and Facebook over the last couple days. Imagine how much more effectively these companies could be ...

Flint Had a Lead Crisis in Its Water. Now It Has a Fertility Crisis.

favicon Mother Jones
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In the year following the start of its water crisis, Flint, Michigan, saw fewer pregnancies among its residents and higher fetal deaths, according to a working paper published last month.Kansas ...

'To Donald Trump,' by Leland Melvin, former NASA Astronaut and NFL Player

favicon Boing Boing
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Leland Melvin is the astronaut in that fabulous NASA photo with his two dogs. He is an engineer and former NASA education leader, and the author of 'Chasing Space: An ...

After Charlottesville, The American Far Right Is Tearing Itself Apart

favicon The Intercept
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When white nationalist Richard Spencer coined the term “alt-right” nearly a decade ago, his movement was marginal, impotent, and striving for respectability. The phrase was a useful euphemism for his ...

Another potential Mueller honey pot: Spicer's notebooks

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Today's teens aren't as likely to get summer jobs as they used to be. But data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that they're four times as likely to ...

Passwords to Access Over a Half Million Car Tracking Devices Leaked Online

favicon Gizmodo
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We’ve seen a lot of data breaches this year: some big, some small, some that are dangerous, and some that are just embarrassing. But if we were to name one ...

Aides warned Trump not to attack North Korea's leader personally before his fiery U.N. address

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Senior aides to President Trump repeatedly warned him not to deliver a personal attack on North Korea’s leader at the United Nations this week, saying insulting the young despot in ...

The Racial Demagoguery of Trump’s Assaults on Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry

favicon The New Yorker
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Every day, and in countless and unexpected ways, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, finds new ways to divide and demoralize his country and undermine the national interest.

Entire Seattle high school football team kneels during national anthem before game

favicon Q13 FOX News
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SEATTLE — The entire Garfield High School football team, including the coaches, took a knee during the national anthem Friday night before their game against West Seattle High on Friday ...

Border Patrol Arrests Parents While Infant Awaits Serious Operation

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When 2-month-old Isaac Enrique Sanchez was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, a condition that causes vomiting, dehydration and weight loss in infants, his parents were told that their son's condition was ...

Behind New Obamacare Repeal Vote: ‘Furious’ G.O.P. Donors

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This was not what Republicans had envisioned. Preparing for the 2018 midterm elections, they had thought they were in a strong position to maintain or expand their majority. Democrats must ...

Navajo Nation Readies Legal Action if Trump Shrinks Bears Ears National Monument

favicon EcoWatch
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Popular Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke's recommendation to reduce the size of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah could spark a legal battle between the Navajo Nation and the Trump ...

Connect Click&Pledge

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We appreciate your support. Back to Donation Form $0 $10$50$200$500$1000 Other - $0 Automatically repeat this gift every month First Name : * Last Name : * Email : * ...

U.S.-born journalist and her mother, both activists opposing the Assad regime, brutally killed in Turkey

favicon Women in the World in Association with The New Yor...
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Halla Barakat, an American-born journalist, and her mother, Orouba Barakat, were found dead in Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday. The two were activists opposing the Syrian regime and had also been ...

Trump’s Travel Ban to Be Replaced by Restrictions Tailored to Certain Countries

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“The Trump administration will ensure that the people who travel to the United States are properly vetted and those that don’t belong here aren’t allowed to enter,” said Jonathan Hoffman,

Trade for People and Planet!

favicon Fighting NAFTA 2
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Art by Marc Palmer The original NAFTA deal was a disaster for working class people around the continent. It was an attack on unions, it was an attack on family ...

There are 3 types of single-payer 'concern trolls'

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With momentum building for single-payer healthcare among Democratic voters and a growing number of 2020 hopefuls, Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled a “Medicare for All” bill last week. Immediately, a number ...

There is meddling in Germany's election

favicon USA TODAY
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Less than a week before Sunday's vote that is likely to hand German Chancellor Angela Merkel a fourth term, evidence of anticipated Russian meddling has yet to materialize, but U.S.

Most Britons now want to stop Brexit, poll shows

favicon The Independent
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British people have turned their backs on Brexit, according to a new poll released just as Theresa May prepares to give a make-or-break speech on her plans for EU withdrawal.

Syrian Kurds in Rojava Vote for a Democratic System After ISIS

favicon The Globe Post
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(KOBANI, Syria) – The city of Kobani in northern Syria suffered under an Islamic State siege from 2014 until the U.S.-led Coalition decided to back the Syrian Kurds, eventually defeating ...

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