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My Turn: My transgender daughter was forced to leave her school

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My daughter is lucky. At 5, she’s a new kindergartner and has headed back to school like millions of kids around the state. In the first three weeks of school,


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Whether you are at home, at work or in the pub, there are countless ways we can all Come Out for LGBT. Watch and share our campaign film. Stonewall videos

With DACA Gone, Black Immigrants Find Themselves in the Cross Hairs

favicon The Nation
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Her first memory of being in the United States is the taxi ride from the airport to her new home in Maryland. It was 2002 and Mwewa Sumbwe was 4 ...

Trump judicial nominee said transgender children are part of 'Satan's plan', defended 'conversion therapy'

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Jeff Mateer has described transgender children as evidence of "Satan's plan." If confirmed by the US Senate, he will serve on the US District Court for the Eastern District of ...

Where Trump’s Hands-Off Approach to Governing Does Not Apply

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Greg Baylor, a senior lawyer with the group, which has been among those privately advising the Justice Department, called Mr. Sessions’ remarks “very encouraging.” In addition to Mr. Sessions, a ...

Arizona Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LGBTQ Parents

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In a major decision this week, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality for LGBTQ parents. In the case, which involved a divorced lesbian couple, the justices affirmed ...

Young Leaders 2017: The Next Generation Of Trans Activists

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While young people across the country return to class this week, many LGBT students will find themselves in environments of exclusion and harassment, not learning. This is especially true for ...

LGBTQ 'dreamers' are particularly vulnerable as DACA winds down. Here's why.

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As a teenager living in Phoenix, Arizona, Jerssay Arredondo felt he had to choose between being undocumented and queer. Arredondo, who came with his parents to the United States from ...

Ellen DeGeneres on Overcoming Sexism and Homophobia in Comedy

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Ellen DeGeneres is part of TIME Firstsa multimedia project featuring 46 groundbreaking women. Watch the rest of the videos at the book at the TIME Shop Ellen DeGeneres remembers ...

GOP bill to block-grant major parts of the ACA unveiled

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With just 17 days left for Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act on a party-line vote, a quartet of GOP senators on Wednesday rolled out a plan to devolve ...