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‘A Soulless Coward’: Coach Gregg Popovich Responds to Trump

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We’ve all seen San Antonio Spurs’ future Hall of Fame coach Gregg Popovich in a state of exasperation on the sidelines, or in post-game news conferences. Many of us have ...

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic by Targeting Big Pharma’s Bottom Line

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Opioids now kill over 100 Americans every day. In a single year, opioids kill more Americans than died in the entire Vietnam and Iraq Wars. And while the underground drug ...

Pregnant Immigrants Say They've Been Denied Medical Care in Detention Centers

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According to Jennye Pagoada López, when she arrived on July 23 at the US-Mexico border, she was four months pregnant and bleeding. Seeking political asylum, Pagoada hoped to finally put ...

High School Student Activists Have More Rights Than You Might Think

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It seemed to me in high school, as it does now, that the Pledge of Allegiance is patently untrue. We are not a nation “with liberty and justice for all.” ...

After Harvey, Texas Inmates Were Left in Flooded Prisons Without Adequate Water or Food

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During and after Hurricane Harvey’s slow and catastrophic crawl over the Gulf states at the end of August, inmates in multiple prisons in Texas were left to suffer in horrifying,

The Color of Terrorism and the Whiteness of the Lone Wolf

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Here we are again: one man, a cache of assault weapons, innocent victims. This time it happened in Las Vegas, where a 64-year-old gambler broke through the windows of his ...

Is Trump Slashing Healthcare Subsidies for the Poor to Decimate Obamacare & Cut Taxes for the Rich?

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ListenMedia OptionsListenMedia OptionsDownload Audio Get CD / DVD Other Formats Media OptionsDownload Audio Get CD / DVD Other Formats This is viewer supported news. Please do your part today. DonateDonateMedia ...

The Death of Che Guevara Declassified

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About 10 years ago, I traveled with the producers of the Hollywood film on Che Guevara—starring the actor Benicio del Toro and directed by Steven Soderbergh—to Miami to obtain further ...

Despite ‘Sanctuary City’ Status, Chicago Police Feed Trump’s Deportation Machine

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While immigrant-friendly cities states have spent the last year pushing back against President Donald Trump and his anti-immigration policies, a group of activists in Chicago took a different tack this ...