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Ben Carson Is the Latest in a Long History of Federal Insults to HUD’s Important Work

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On Thursday Dr. Ben Carson, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, will have his Senate confirmation hearing. His ...

Can cities create innovation hubs that work for the entire economy?

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Welcome back to Property Lines, a column by Curbed senior reporter Patrick Sisson that spotlights real estate trends and hot housing markets across the country. Comments, tips, and suggestions on ...

How Much is Urbanization Developing Southeast Asia?

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For those of us who live in the United States or in the advanced nations of Europe or Asia, urbanization has gone hand in hand with greater economic development, and ...

How Putin Played the Far Left

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The Kremlin didn’t just rely on the alt-right to help Trump win. Bernie Bros, Greens, and ‘anti-imperialists’ got had, too.In the aftermath of the U.S. intelligence community’s recent report on ...

Understanding the Power of Invisible Borders

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Throughout this week, CityLab is running a series on borders—both real and imagined—and what draws so many of us to places on the edge. As Donald Trump continues to insist ...

We can end homelessness in Canada

favicon The Globe and Mail
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Alex Himelfarb and Roy Romanow are co-chairs of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness Homelessness has been an issue for so long many view it as a natural fixture of ...

The Positive Reframe: Why Trump’s Inauguration is Not the Beginning of an Era — but the End

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“We are suffering just now from a bad attack of economic pessimism. It is common to hear people say that the epoch of enormous economic progress which characterized the 19th ...

How to Predict Gentrification: Look for Falling Crime

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Everyone has theories for why well-educated, higher-income professionals are moving back into parts of cities shunned by their parents’ generation. Perhaps their living preferences have shifted. Or the demands of ...

CEO: Ford can make money on public transit

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Ford is poised to reshape its business model to capitalize as cities redesign public transportation and urban development in the age of ride-hailing, self-driving cars, CEO Mark Fields said in ...

Ranked: Most Dangerous U.S. Metros for Pedestrians

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Between 2005 and 2014, more than 45,000 people were struck and killed by cars while walking in the United States. In the two years since, walking has only grown more ...

D.C. Dress Shops Dispute Trump’s Claim That They Are ‘Sold-Out’ for Inauguration: ‘There’s Never Been Less Demand’

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Despite what Donald Trump may say, Washington D.C. stores have plenty of formalwear in their inventory ahead of the inauguration. Trump told The New York Times early Monday that D.C.

Donald Trump mocks NYT reporter.

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Right Wing Talk Uploaded at 2016-07-14T08:13:02 Donald Trump mocks NYT reporter. 2852 Loops 0 Likes 0 Revines 0 Comments

The Music Donald Trump Can’t Hear

favicon The New Yorker
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One of the pleasures of music-streaming services is that, day after day, they remind you effortlessly of the almost incredible wealth and beauty of American popular music—from the blues and ...

White America is quietly self-segregating

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There's a small town in Minnesota called Worthington. It's a place that fascinates sociologists. In the 1980s, Worthington was on its way to becoming a ghost town, like many other ...

Madrid Will Ban Cars on Its Gran Vía

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Visit Madrid’s Gran Vía in five years’ time and you won’t find a car in sight. That’s the promise coming from the Mayor Manuela Carmena this week, following a lengthy ...

US mayors raise concerns over threats to municipal bonds

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US mayors have reiterated the importance of federal infrastructure investment and their concerns over the threat of municipal bonds losing their tax-exempt status, as Donald Trump takes office. Three hundred ...

How not to fix housing affordability

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Plans to subsidize renters and homebuyers will likely just fuel housing cost inflation Rising rents and home prices are becoming unbearable–or at least politically unpalatable–in cities around North America.Over the ...

Trump Attacks of U.S. Intelligence on Russia Unnerve Lawmakers

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Updated Jan. 4, 2017 2:05 p.m. ET WASHINGTON—President-elect Donald Trump’s increasingly heated attacks against U.S. intelligence agencies and his continuing praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin have unnerved lawmakers from ...

Watch the Insanity of American School Drop-Off

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This video nicely encapsulates how ridiculous American school transportation has become in the era of parental chauffeurs. It shows an experiment by the North Carolina Department of Transportation to keep ...

Six ways the Maker Movement can help catalyze a manufacturing renaissance

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Amid the hoopla of celebrating a deal to save 800 jobs at a Carrier Corp. factory in Indiana last month, President-elect Donald Trump promised to usher in a “new industrial ...

How to make the Toronto-Waterloo corridor a technology supercluster

favicon The Globe and Mail
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Dan Debow is an entrepreneur and co-founder of John Kelleher is a partner at McKinsey and co-chairman of Next Canada. Iain Klugman is chief executive of Communitech. Kevin Lynch ...

A divided empire: what the urban-rural split means for the future of America

favicon the Guardian
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Sitting in a downtown Cleveland coffee shop in early December, Julie Goulis is still in shock. “Some of the soul-searching I’ve been doing after the election has been about how ...

Paris Pushes Its Car-Free Streets Plan Even Further

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When Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo banned cars from a large section of the River Seine’s quayside last autumn, she met a fierce backlash from pro-car advocates and some suburban mayors.