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Exclusive: U.S. arrests Mexican immigrant in Seattle covered by Obama program

favicon Reuters
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SAN FRANCISCO U.S. authorities have arrested an immigrant from Mexico who was brought to the United States illegally as a child and later given a work permit during the Obama ...

US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier

favicon CNN
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Washington (CNN)For the first time, US investigators say they have corroborated some of the communications detailed in a 35-page dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent, multiple current and ...

A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone

favicon The Verge
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Two weeks ago, Sidd Bikkannavar flew back into the United States after spending a few weeks abroad in South America. An employee of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Bikkannavar had ...

Conservatives sure love progressives and radicals

favicon Salon
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Sen. Mitch McConnell’s ill-advised silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the debate over confirming Jeff Sessions as attorney general read as a blatant act of sexism from a man who ...

Federal agents conduct sweeping immigration enforcement raids in at least 6 states

favicon Washington Post
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U.S. immigration authorities launched a series of raids, traffic stops and checkpoints in at least half a dozen states across the country on Thursday and Friday, sweeping up an unknown ...

Inside the Fall of Obama’s Grassroots Army

favicon New Republic
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On July 20, 2008, Mitch Kapor, the creator of Lotus 1-2-3 and a longtime denizen of Silicon Valley’s intellectual elite, dialed in to a conference call hosted by Christopher Edley ...

Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber

favicon Susan J. Fowler
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As most of you know, I left Uber in December and joined Stripe in January. I've gotten a lot of questions over the past couple of months about why I ...

More Bomb Threats Close Jewish Community Centers Across The Nation

favicon The Huffington Post
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Jewish Community Centers were shaken by another wave of bomb threats, forcing evacuations in nine states Monday. Eleven Jewish Community Centers received threatening calls Monday, said Marla Cohen, communications manager ...