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Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval

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Gallup tracks daily the percentage of Americans who approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as president. Daily results are based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,500 ...

Six People Have Resigned From Trump's HIV/AIDS Advisory Council Because He "Doesn't Care"

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Six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) have resigned, furious at what they say is the new administration's regressive health policies and a lack of care from ...

President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List

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Opinion Many Americans have become accustomed to President Trump’s lies. But as regular as they have become, the country should not allow itself to become numb to them. So we ...

Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault

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Pence hires outside counsel to deal with Russia probe inquiries

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Vice President Mike Pence has hired outside legal counsel to help with both congressional committee inquiries and the special counsel investigation into possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.