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“Without women the Global Goals won’t see the light of day”

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It was October 1989 and Alaa’s mother had just gone into labour. Alaa’s father was in town, working, and couldn’t be reached. Her three-year-old sister had called the ambulance, but ...

Spotlight on Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

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Date : 05 July 2017 Gender equality and women’s empowerment is integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This thematic spotlight is part of a series showcasing where women ...

In Albania, elections herald historic increase in number of women MPs

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In the recently concluded national elections, Albania has reached a new milestone with 28 per cent of women parliamentarians. Women candidates benefited from the gender quota and public forums organized ...

How Princeton Is Trying to Get More Women to Be Student Leaders

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In the fall of 2009, there were nine candidates for president of Princeton’s freshman class. All nine were white men. Concerned by this fact, a group of Princeton faculty and ...

Ending AIDS: progress towards the 90–90–90 targets

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Sexual harassment in tech: Women tell their stories

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Dad Has Beautiful Response To Wife's Negative Comment About Her Body

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After giving birth to her two children, blogger Laura Mazza struggled with body image issues. The Australian mother, who blogs at Mum on the Run, saw her figure change after ...

Behind The Campaign To Achieve Gender Parity In Politics By 2030

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She Should Run works to recruit and train women for political office ― and the nonpartisan group’s new campaign aims to do just that.On Tuesday, the group announced 250Kby2030, a ...