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‘A Soulless Coward’: Coach Gregg Popovich Responds to Trump

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We’ve all seen San Antonio Spurs’ future Hall of Fame coach Gregg Popovich in a state of exasperation on the sidelines, or in post-game news conferences. Many of us have ...

Danny Meyer Has a Few ‘Tips’ of His Own

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It was 1983, the night before the LSAT, when Danny Meyer decided to ditch the law and follow his passion: food. He got a job at a seafood restaurant in ...

High School Student Activists Have More Rights Than You Might Think

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It seemed to me in high school, as it does now, that the Pledge of Allegiance is patently untrue. We are not a nation “with liberty and justice for all.” ...

Fight Against Gun Violence and Demand More Aid for Puerto Rico

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As we grieve and struggle to process the magnitude of the destruction and loss of life from Puerto Rico to Las Vegas, we are not helpless. There are specific public ...