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Andres Magana Ortiz's Deportation is Indefensible. Help Reverse It.

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Andres Magaña Ortiz is a 43-year old Mexican immigrant who, in his 30 years of living in the United States, worked his way up from a fruit picker to owner ...

The Charlottesville Syllabus

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It was encouraging to read that tens of thousands of people rallied in cities across the United States yesterday to protest deadly violence by a mob of Ku Klux Klan ...

Democrats Have a Problem. Can These Women Can Fix It?

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Carolyn Fiddler likes to call it “the Trump effect”—the sudden surge of new candidates, most of them women, who said to themselves: If that fucking schlub can be president, I ...

Graduate Students on These 7 Campuses Are Fighting for Their Labor Rights

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Over the past academic year, graduate students across the country were busy organizing for better working conditions. Currently, there are 33 officially recognized graduate-student unions; 23 are fighting for university ...

A Mark Zuckerberg Presidency Isn’t Ridiculous—It’s Terrifying

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Mark Zuckerberg is probably going to run for president. Speculation about the Facebook CEO’s political ambitions has been swirling ever since he embarked on a highly publicized “personal” tour in ...